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Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Update

Wow, I have had a great time hanging out with my family! It's been a great holiday. I feel refreshed, and I'm ready to tackle the new year. My family and I flew to Minnesota on December 24th. My wife has a lot of family who lives up north. We had over 30 people at our Christmas dinner. It was a blast hanging out and just relaxing. I NEEDED IT! We are flying home today. I'm ready to get home. A week from the house is just about right for me. Here are a few highlights from our trip.

1. We stayed with my wife's cousin and her family. They have been close since they were little kids. They are youth pastors at her dad's church.

2. A lot of my wife's family are full-time ministers.

3. My kids got so many gifts from their grandparents that we couldn’t bring them all home on the plane. THEY LOVE THEIR GRANDPARENTS. We are going to have to make a trip to Nebraska to pick up all of those gifts (my wife's parents live in Nebraska).

4. I played a bunch of XBOX 360 with Kirby. Kirby is my wife's cousin's husband. We had so much fun playing against one another. We spent hours just goofing off and playing games. By the way, I dominated him in (Madden, Baseball & Hockey).

5. I ate way too much food. I guarantee I picked up 5 pounds. Oh well, I have to hit the gym really hard the next couple of weeks.


7. I'm very excited about what God is getting ready to do at People's Church in 2008!

8. Josh, our Executive Pastor, spoke this weekend, and I know he did a great job!

9. I'm beginning a new series this weekend called The Winning Hand. INVITE EVERYBODY YOU KNOW! LET'S PACK THE HOUSE and WATCH GOD DO HIS THING!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Blog Action

1. This is the only blog I'm doing all week. I'm taking a blogging break and giving my staff the rest of the week off.

2. My staff has worked hard this year. Our church has grown somewhere around 30 to 40 percent this year. They deserve a few days off before we hit the ground running in January.

3. This weekend we were down in attendance because of the snow, sleet and ice we had on Saturday. My family and I actually flew off the interstate on Saturday, but God kept us safe.

4. Some of my drive to church yesterday morning was on ICE. That ice is dangerous stuff.

5. Even with the weather conditions, we still had over 10 people give their hearts to Christ.

6. We had a great communion service in all four services. IT WAS A HOLY MOMENT! If you missed it, YOU MISSED OUT on an awesome experience.

7. I love being your pastor.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Yesterday, my wife and I celebrated our 10-year anniversary. I married an incredible woman. I love her more and more as the days go by. I took my bride to a GREAT restaurant and looked into her eyes and told her how much she means to me! WHAT A LADY!

2. My kids are excited for Christmas. I really love this time of year. It's my favorite time of year.

3. This week has been an incredibly busy week. The next 2 months is going to be a VERY busy season for me and my team at People's Church. It's worth every minute of it to see MORE CHANGED LIVES!

4. I'm tired!

5. I made it into the championship game in one of my fantasy leagues. The championship is two weeks long. My team is 12-2. I have to bring home the championship. GO TEAM GO!

6. Before you leave Oklahoma City to go visit family, be sure to come worship with your church family at one of our four Sunday Christmas services at 8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11:00AM and 12:15PM. I look forward to seeing you there!

7. In January, we are beginning a series that is going to change your life. I'm very excited for what God has in store through this series.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Student Ministries Director

I am looking to hire a Student Ministries Director. Our current Student Ministries Director has done a superb job of building our Youth Ministry. He and his family feel God leading them to be a Senior Pastor. If you are interested in being our Student Ministries Director, please email your resume to erin@peopleschurch.tv or fax it to 405-775-9992. Please no phone calls.

This is what I am looking for:

1. A leader of leaders, not a doer. A great team builder

2. A good communicator and vision caster

3. Works well with a team

4. Thrives in a multi-cultural setting

5. Is called to be in Youth Ministry for the next 5 to 10 years

6. Will fit into our philosophy of ministry (THIS IS HUGE)

7. Is passionate about seeing the People's Church vision coming to pass

8. Works well in a fast paced, rapidly growing and changing environment

9. Has the 3 C's, Character, Chemistry, Competency!

Send this blog to as many people as you know.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guest Blog: Shane Hood

Hello, I am the Community Group Director at People's Church.

I wanted to share today on the importance of community in small groups and the church. To create community, people must have common interests focused around the vision of the church. As small group leaders start to connect with others, they begin to build relationships that promote doing life together, holding each other accountable for their lifestyles and reaching out to others to join in. To continue the momentum of people connecting and starting new groups, the leader of the Small Group Ministry must build a team of leaders around them. In that team of leaders, there must be an inner circle of a few top tier leaders of whom the leader develops and spends extra time with. The inner circle assists in promoting the vision to all the Small Group Leaders and keeps them focused on creating the culture of developing new leaders. As new leaders are developed, community can continue to grow with the church.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why I Blog?

1. I think it's pretty cool to keep a log of what's happening in my mind and heart. I will enjoy looking back over the years and seeing what I was thinking and facing at the time.

2. It allows my church family to get to know me and my family a little better. In a rapidly growing church, it's impossible to have relationship with everybody.

3. It allows me to cast vision and give direction to my church family.

4. It allows me to speak into the lives of other leaders. I get a great deal of satisfaction pouring into the lives of leaders. I feel like one of the callings on my life is to equip, resource and encourage leaders.

5. I can't believe my one year anniversary of blogging is coming up in January. I'm getting in a groove!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Update

1. The weather was much better in Oklahoma this weekend! We actually had sunshine yesterday and today!

2. 11 people surrendered their lives to Christ this weekend. YEA GOD!

3. The four weekend services are going really well.

4. The Dallas Cowboys lost yesterday. I'm mad!

5. One of my fantasy teams didn't make the playoffs and one of them got booted out last week. I still have one team in the playoffs and tonight's football game will decide if my team moves on.

6. Don't miss our special Christmas Eve Services this coming up Sunday! It is going to be a fabulous time!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Guest Blog: Erin Brown Pt. 3

I thought that today I would list some of the things that I do on a weekly basis.

▪ I filter all of his calls, mail and emails that come into the office.
▪ I schedule his appointments.
▪ I assist with any sermon research that he may need. A few of the websites that I find helpful are http://www.sermoncentral.com/ and http://www.bible.org/. Both of these sites have great illustrations, quotes, etc…
▪ I make all of his travel arrangements, such as booking flights, hotels, etc…
▪ I make sure that he has everything he will need for the Sunday services.
▪ Everyday I send an “end of the day” report that has any pertinent information that I feel he needs to know.
▪ On a weekly basis, Herbert meets with Josh Brown, our Director of Operations, and Brian Rush, our Programming Director, in an Executive Meeting. After this meeting, there is a Leadership Staff Meeting the Josh leads. I sit in the staff meetings on Pastor Herbert’s behalf and make note of things that he needs to know.

My task list may differ from week to week, but these are a few of the things that I do on a regular basis. An essential element of being a good assistant is flexibility. Overall, I try to remember that anything, no matter how big or small, I can take off his plate or make easier for him is freeing up more of his time. The more time I can free up for Herbert as his assistant, the more time he can spend doing what he is called to do.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Guest Blog: Erin Brown Pt. 2

A few things:

1. Being an assistant to the pastor is an important job. It is so important that I feel it is my ministry and my calling. I consider it an honor and blessing to serve as an assistant to both Herbert and Tiffany. It is by far the most rewarding job I have ever had.

2. Another aspect of my role is protecting Herbert’s time. I understand how valuable his time is. How do I show this? I try and redirect things that don’t need his attention. I double check and confirm every appointment he has. When he comes in the office, I try and have everything ready for him so that he doesn’t have to wait on me. I have found all of these things to be helpful in my role as an assistant.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Guest Blog: Erin Brown

I have asked my personal assistant, Erin Brown, to share with you for the next 2 or 3 days some of her insights on serving in this role at People’s Church.

There are a few things that I would like to share with you over the next couple of days. I invite all of the pastors reading this to have your assistants read it as well. You never know where you will get something that might be helpful.

One of the most important roles I play as Herbert’s assistant is to be his “filter.” I get many, many calls every week almost all of which want to talk to Herbert. There is no possible way in a church our size that he can take all of the calls and meet all of the needs and still be able to effectively study, pray and deliver the messages that we enjoy every Sunday. Something would suffer. Herbert has built a great team that assists him in carrying this load. I would say that less than 5% of the calls actually get through to Herbert. I have found, that if I stop and ask a few questions to gather some details, most of the time either I can help them or another pastor would be more effective in taking care of their need.

Confidentiality and trust are vital in my role as an assistant. There has to be a level of trust where it is understood that I can be given information and it goes no further. It is extremely important to know that you have people around you that you can trust.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Praying Fervent Prayers

Many Oklahomans are without power. The latest number I've heard is over 500,000. Trees are down everywhere. It's cold and raining. All my blogging family from around the nation please be praying for power to be restored quickly.

Also, be praying for New Life Church in Colorado Springs. By now most of you have heard about the shooting that took place at the mission and at the church. THEY NEED OUR PRAYERS! I'm praying for them and would you join me.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Update

1. The weather in Oklahoma was NOT GOOD at all this weekend. It's even worse today. Saturday night into Sunday, and a good portion of the day on Sunday, Oklahoma got a ton of freezing rain/ice. Many churches cancelled their Sunday services, and ALL the schools are closed today.

2. We didn't cancel church yesterday. We had all 4 services. Of course, the crowds were really low, but the spirit in the place was really high. Those who braved it out in the icy weather were excited to worship God. We had 2 people give their hearts to the Lord yesterday. PRAISE GOD!
3. The church offices are closed today because of the ice storm. I haven't driven on the roads yet, but I've looked outside and the trees are COVERED with ice, so I can only imagine what the roads are like.

4. Many people are without power all across Oklahoma. I'm praying for your power to get restored quickly. Thankfully, our power is still on.

5. I need Drew Brees, quaterback for the Saints, to have a GREAT game tonight if I'm going to advance to the second round of the playoffs in one of my fantasy football leagues. I didn't make it to the playoffs in one of my other leagues. I got crushed yesterday by Brian Rush, the church's Programming Director. I had a bye week in the league where I'm 11-2.

6. It looks like I'll be working from home most of the day. Thank God for technology!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I hope there is no freezing rain this weekend. We are planning on having church no matter what. So, IF IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS (because I don't fully believe it until I see it), drive carefully and come enjoy an inspiring, anointed worship experience with your church family.

2. When you're mad at God, how do you get past those emotions? How do you get over it? Don't miss this weekend because I will be talking about Tis The Season To Stop Being Mad At God.

3. I'm so excited about the future of our church. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT! THE VISION IS BOLD! 2008 is going to be our best year to date. Get on board and get ready for the time of your life! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

4. Ladies, don't forget about the ladies' event called Be INspired @ 6:30PM tonight. It's going to be a fun time!

5. I've made the playoffs in two of my fantasy leagues, and if I win this weekend, I will make the playoffs in all three leagues. I can't believe I won 10 games straight in one league. My records are 11-2, 8-5, 7-6.

6. Our family is hanging in the living room this morning watching cartoons and eating Captain Crunch cereal. I love that cereal! It's healthy for you :).

7. I'm very thankful and humbled by the way the Lord has blessed me. GOD, THANKS FOR BEING SO GOOD TO ME EVEN THOUGH I DON'T DESERVE IT!

8. See you on SUNDAY!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Spiritual Vitality pt. 3

5. Be committed to a small group. At People's Church, we call them Community Groups. If you are going to grow to your full potential in Christ, you must be committed to doing life together with other believers. You must be COMMITTED to growing spiritually, caring, enjoying fellowship and ministry with a small group of believers. You can worship with a crowd, but you can't fellowship with one. You can worship with a crowd, but you can't be held accountable by one. You can worship with a crowd, but you can't be cared for by a crowd. If you're not in a Community Group, get in one ASAP. Don't stunt your spiritual growth by being a lone ranger Christian.

6. Serve in a ministry. Nothing will make you more like Christ than developing a servant's heart. The more you fall in love with Christ and surrender your life to him, the more you WANT to serve others through the local church. You can't be all God wants you to be and be SELFISH! You were created to serve. Serving makes you more like Christ. Christ himself said, "I didn't come to be served but to serve." Get on a ministry team at your local church and start recklessly serving others. You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spiritual Vitality pt. 2

3. Fast on a consistent basis. Fasting is a spiritual discipline, if practiced, that reaps many spiritual benefits in our lives. I know many of you have never fasted for spiritual reasons. Every time I fast, God destroys something in me that shouldn't be in me. Every time I fast, my flesh weakens and becomes more surrendered to the Holy Spirit. Every time I fast, I draw closer to my Heavenly Father. I want to strongly encourage you to fast and seek God's face and just watch what God does in your life.

4. Attend church regularly. If you want to grow into the believer that God desires you to be, it will take attending church regularly. Scripture says in Hebrews 10:25, “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching” (New International Version). We need corporate worship! We must be committed to worshipping, serving, tithing and growing at a local church. This is key to your spiritual vitality.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Spiritual Vitality

If you are going to stay strong spiritually, you must be proactive with your relationship with God. As we are winding down the end of 2007 and looking ahead to 2008, I want to encourage you to set spiritual goals to keep your relationship with Christ vibrant. Here are some things you need to incorporate.

1. Read God's Word daily. You can't make it spiritually on one sermon a week. You need to have daily communion and intimacy with Christ by reading His Word. MAKE IT A HABIT, AND you'll NEVER regret it.

2. Pray continually (daily). Set aside a time to pray and connect with God on a daily basis. These are times you speak to God, worship God and allow God to speak to you. "Herbert, Is it necessary to set aside time to be with the Lord or can I just pray on the fly?" It's very necessary to set aside time to pray. My wife and I have 3 little kids, and we could just regulate our time of communicating with one another to talking on the fly. Though we talk during the day and in the evenings, there's nothing more connecting and refreshing for our relationship than going out on a date without the kids and hanging out and talking. I CHERISH THOSE TIMES WITH MY WIFE. Our relationship stays vibrant because of those times that have been SET ASIDE to spend with one another. Our relationship with Christ needs the same intentionality. You MUST make prayer a daily part of your schedule! YOU MUST BE INTENTIONAL! Little prayer, little power, MUCH PRAYER, MUCH POWER!


Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend Update

1. 16 people gave their hearts to Christ this weekend. I love hearing the stories of how God is continually changing lives. This serving God stuff is so fun and exciting!

2. I had a great meeting with some of the leaders in our church to cast vision about the future of People's Church. The atmosphere was ELECTRIFIED! The future is bright. Our leaders are pumped up. THE BEST IS YET TO COME! HOLD ON FOLKS FOR AN INCREDIBLE RIDE!

3. Our four Sunday services were a huge success. Thanks church family for your passion to do whatever it takes to reach our city with the good news of Christ.

4. The OU Sooners whooped Missouri. My Sooners made it into a BCS bowl game.

5. In one fantasy football league, I won 10 straight games to finish the regular season 11-2. I'm red hot in that league. I will win my division and make the playoffs in another league with a record of 8-5. My other league comes down to tonight. IT'S A MUST WIN!

6. My oldest son turns 4 years old today! I LOVE MY KIDS!

7. Make it a great Monday!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Friend’s Day is this Sunday. God is going to change lives this Sunday. INVITE EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!

2. New service times beginning this Sunday: 8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11:00AM, 12:15PM.

3. This week I had the honor of speaking at a National Church Planters Conference in Phoenix, AZ. I spoke at two sessions. I love hanging out with and investing in church planters.

4. OU Sooners against Missouri Tigers. GO SOONERS!

5. Tis The Season To Forgive. I'm excited about how God is going to use this message this Sunday.

6. I can't believe December 1st is tomorrow. THE YEAR IS FLYING BY!

7. I can't wait to see you this SUNDAY! Have a Super weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Friend's Day

Church family, the Christmas holiday season is a great time to invite a friend, family member or co-worker to church. Many people are more receptive to attend church during the holiday season. Think about it, this could be the Sunday that your loved one, friend, neighbor or co-worker gives their heart to Christ just because you invited them to church. Statistics say that most people would attend a church service if they were ONLY invited. ASK SOMEONE TO ATTEND CHURCH WITH YOU THIS SUNDAY ON OUR FRIEND’S DAY WEEKEND! Here's my promise to you. I am praying for God to radically change lives (that includes the person you are inviting) this Sunday. We will work super hard to make the person you invite feel welcomed and loved. I will present the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a relevant way as we do EVERY single Sunday.

Remember the new service times beginning this weekend: Sundays @ 8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11:00AM & 12:15PM.


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Staying Healthy Pt. 2

4. Go see a doctor for an annual physical. If you ever have a physical problem, it's best to catch it on the front end or beginning stages.

5. Don't eat fast food all the time. Fast food may be good but most of it is full of fat and grease. You're not going to stay healthy if you eat 4 cheeseburgers and fries every week. STOP IT!

6. Quit making excuses about your bad habits that are causing you to have bad health (or you are on your way to having bad health if you keep it up). You have to be proactive. Making excuses never solves the problem. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW! Change your eating habits. YOU can do it. Start exercising. You don't have to have a gym membership to exercise. Go walking or running outside three to four times a week. Go walk in the mall. Buy a treadmill for your home. Do something!

7. Whatever you do take care of your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit. You only have one body and one life, and if you're going to live to the fullest, you must take care of it. START TODAY!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Staying Healthy

So many people neglect their health and suffer for it. Our health matters to God. That's why the Bible says gluttony is a sin because it destroys our body (I did have to repent from gluttony during the Thanksgiving holiday). Let me give you some keys to having and maintaining good health.

1. Exercise 3 to 5 times a week. I go to the gym and lift weights and do cardio work 4 or 5 times a week. Exercise is a major key to getting into shape and maintaining your health.

2. Quit eating so much. You have to limit your portions. You have to quit eating so late at night. You have to quit eating ice cream, cake, pies, cookies and other junk food every single day. Too much of that stuff will kill you.

3. If you are disciplined, you can eat almost anything you want if you will do it in moderation. The problem is most people don't do anything in moderation. You have to learn to eat in moderation.

More tomorrow on this very important subject!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Update

1. Our Student Ministries Director spoke this weekend. He did a great job speaking on the subject Tis The Season To Be Thankful.

2. 18 people surrendered their lives to Christ this weekend. YEA, GOD!

3. I had a great Thanksgiving with my family. MY WIFE THREW DOWN ON SOME FOOD! Man she can cook!

4. OU Sooners won but only moved up one spot in the polls. BUMMER.

5. The Dallas Cowboys won, and my fantasy football teams are on FIRE! My records are 10-2, 8-4, 6-6.

6. I'm excited to speak on the subject Tis The Season To Forgive this coming weekend. Walking in forgiveness is a vital part of living for Christ.

7. This weekend is Friend’s Day, so be sure to INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW! So many of your friends and family need this series so get them to church this weekend!

8. I hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Before I get started with my list of what I'm thankful for, I wanted to let my blogging audience know that I will not be blogging on Thursday and Friday. I'm taking a holiday blogging break.

1. I'm thankful for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Christ has completely changed my life. The Lord has blessed me in so many wonderful ways. His grace, mercy and forgiveness are beyond comprehension.

2. I'm thankful for my wife. I have such a great wife. I'm thankful that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. She's the love of my life.

3. I'm thankful for my kids. Having kids has given me a whole new perspective on life. I just adore all three of my kids. They mean the world to me.

4. I'm thankful for my health. I'm also thankful that my family is healthy. Health is a precious gift that I don't take for granted.

5. I'm thankful that I live in a free country where I can worship, work & enjoy so many other privileges.

6. I'm thankful for my friends. I have some wonderful friends; Tommy Sparger, Lynn Wheeler, Brian Rush and Matt Rustin just to name a few. I laugh, cry, vent and scream with my friends.

7. I'm thankful for my staff. I have a wonderful group of people that I get to work with everyday. They all add so much value to People's Church. I couldn't do what I do without this great team around me. To my team, thank you for all you do. I appreciate your hard work, loyalty, love for God and love for people.

8. I'm thankful for my church family. I love being your pastor. I love teaching God's Word to you each week. I love watching God change your lives. I love being a part of something bigger than myself. Church family, thanks for serving, giving and sacrificing for the cause of Christ.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


1. Being thankful is an attitude of the heart more than it's a set of circumstances.

2. How thankful you are is generally a direct reflection of how much time you're spending with God.

3. Being thankful has a lot to do with being content with where you are and what you have. OUCH!

4. Being thankful has a lot to do with reflecting on how good GOD is!

5. Being thankful is a habit that you practice or you don't................


Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend Update

1. Be sure to apply this weekend’s message to your life. RECKLESSLY SERVE OTHERS!

2. We had around 200 people sign up to get involved in one of the ministries at People's Church. I'm not sure of the final count but I'm totally excited that so many people are going to live beyond themselves.

3. I WANT TO SAY A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! You are such a vital part to seeing the vision come to pass. It's all about CHANGED LIVES! THANKS AGAIN!

4. 20 people made Jesus the Lord of their lives this weekend. I'm thrilled that the Holy Spirit is working in our services and drawing people to Jesus.

5. What happened to my OU SOONERS? BOY, WAS I UPSET!

6. The Dallas Cowboys won again! The New England Patriots look UNSTOPPABLE!

7. Remember that this coming up weekend is our last weekend for Saturday night services. Beginning December 2nd, our new services times will be Sundays at 8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11:00AM & 12:15PM.

8. This weekend we are beginning a new series called Tis The Season. This is going to be a great series. Begin inviting your friends and family to these holiday geared services.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. $10,000 Holiday Giveaway: Click here to nominate a needy family. Don't delay another day!

2. I'm really really excited about this weekend. We are going to be giving you an opportunity to sign up for a ministry. Serving others will transform your life and enhance your walk with Christ. Don't miss this weekend folks!

3. Oregon lost last night! OU SOONERS hold their destiny in their own hands. If my Sooner win the rest of their games, they will play for the national championship. GO SOONERS!

4. My fantasy football teams are going in different directions. My records are 8-2, 6-4, 4-6. Every week one of my star players gets hurt. This week it was Marshawn Lynch. I have him on two of my teams!

5. It's been a very busy week. I had two night meetings this week. All in all, it was a very PRODUCTIVE week.

6. I'm excited about our new series beginning next weekend called Tis The Season. This is a must series to invite your friends and family too. We are going to be covering topics like Tis The Season to be thankful...to forgive.....to stop being mad at God....to dream. It's going to be a series where God does a lot of healing in people's lives.

7. My family day is today, and I'm always thrilled to spend the day with my family!

8. Folks, I love being your pastor! I'm praying for you as I type!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Advice To Emerging Leaders

1. Be very teachable. When I first graduated college, I thought I knew a lot about ministry and being an effective minister. Boy was I wrong! Over the years I have learned the more I know the more I realize I don't know. I don't have all the answers and neither do you; SO QUIT ACTING LIKE YOU DO!

2. Be very humble. For whatever reason, the Lord blessed Tiffany’s and my ministry from the very beginning. We had what many would call immediate success on the evangelistic field. Our calendar stayed booked up; we had doors open that were unbelievable. We saw the power of God move in wonderful ways. I found myself in my early 20's standing on platforms ministering to thousands of people at a time. I THOUGHT I WAS A BIG SHOT! BOY WAS I STUPID! I've grown up a lot since those days. I totally measure success differently today than I did in those early days of ministry. Emerging leaders, BE HUMBLE. You may be gifted, but it's not so you can walk around being arrogant and thinking more highly of yourself than you ought. Don't fall into the trap of thinking YOU'RE ALL THAT AND A BAG OF CHIPS!

3. Listen to mentors. A pet peeve of mine is when an emerging leader schedules an appointment with me because they want to pick my brain about how to start a church or launch an evangelistic ministry and all they do is talk about themselves to try and impress me. Emerging leaders, don't try to impress your mentor, listen and learn from them. Whenever I meet with one of my mentors, I always take a list of questions so that I can maximize my time with them. I realize they have a busy schedule like I do, so I ALWAYS come prepared to meet with them. I don't spend time trying to impress them; I SPEND TIME TRYING TO LEARN ALL I CAN FROM THEM! The greatest leaders are the greatest learners!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Leading Through Change

1. Pray and get clear direction from God.

2. Consider the needs of the people you are leading.

3. Find out what is best for the organization.

4. Get input and wisdom from your key leaders.

5. Make sure your key leaders are unified and understand why the change is occurring.

6. Get wisdom and counsel from mentors and friends.

7. Communicate the vision and direction clearly at all phases of the organization.

8. Be confident and positive about the new direction.

9. Lead strong. Don't be a wishy washy leader. LEAD WITH BOLDNESS AND HUMILITY, MY FRIEND!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Early Christmas Advice

1. Don't go into debt because of Christmas. When January rolls around, you will regret it.

2. Forgive family members of past hurts so that you can enjoy Christmas together.

3. Be generous to others. Click here right now to nominate a needy family for our $10,000 Holiday Giveaway.

4. Don't envy other people's blessings.

5. Be truly thankful for what you have.

6. Establish a budget of what you can afford to spend on Christmas gifts and don't go over it.

7. Have your kids give away some toys to kids who are less fortunate than them.

8. Remember the reason for the season; the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Update

1. Our Student Ministries Director spoke this weekend. He did a great job. I was inspired to be a difference maker in somebody's life. It is great having a team around me that can communicate God's Word.

2. I am already praying for next weekend. I'm believing for many of you to get plugged into ministry at People's Church. It's going to be an exciting weekend.

3. 20 people gave their hearts to the Lord this weekend. I'm sure glad that there is still power in the blood!

4. OU Sooners won again! We have a chance to win the National Title!

5. The Dallas Cowboys are 8-1. They looked really good yesterday.

6. We only have two more weeks of Saturday night services. Don't forget beginning December 2nd, our new services times are 8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11:00AM & 12:15PM.

7. Click here RIGHT NOW to nominate a needy family for our $10,000 Holiday Giveaway. We already have 17 entries. Your procrastination means some family misses out on a Christmas blessing. Don't delay, click here NOW!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. The weather is unbelievable right now. I really love fall.

2. We are shooting some family pictures today.

3. The starter is going out on my wife's vehicle. I think we are going to take it to the shop today.

4. We are going to have a great family day today. I love hanging with my family.

5. I won in all three fantasy leagues this past weekend. My records are 7-2, 5-4, 4-5. My 4-5 team really does have some great potential. I have a good shot at making the playoffs in all three leagues.

6. Go OU and the Dallas Cowboys.

7. Don't miss this weekend. The title is The Difference Maker.

8. I have a great team around me. I really appreciate and value my team.

9. God is always working on me. Thank you Lord for working in my life!

10. I can't believe Thanksgiving is just a couple weeks away. I'm excited!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Things That Get On My Nerves

1. People who drive too slow. I'm always in a rush when I'm in the car :).

2. Having to wait in a long line, short line or any line. As you can tell, I struggle with being patient :).

3. Church hoppers. Some people have been looking for a church for 5 years. Whatever!

4. People who think church is all about them and what they want. Very selfish mentality.

5. When people are disloyal.

6. When leaders won't lead.

7. When people are uncommitted. You just can't count on some people.

8. When people are negative. Life is too short to hang out with negative people.

9. Luke warm coffee. I like my coffee hot. By the way, Starbucks is serving Egg Nog Lattes starting today!!!

10. People who think going deeper with God is just knowing more information. Deeper is doing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Be Generous Because

1. Your heavenly Father is generous

2. It's more blessed to give than receive

3. You could be the answer to somebody's prayer

4. God will bless you

5. It's the biblical thing to do

6. It advances the Kingdom of God

7. It provides for those who are less fortunate

8. It destroys greed and materialism

9. $10,000 Holiday Giveaway: Click here to nominate a needy family.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend Update

1. I made another huge announcement to our church family this weekend. I told them that we are going to buy $10,000 of Christmas gifts for 20 needy families ($500 per family). If you know of a needy family who has kids, please go to www.peopleschurch.tv and click on the graphic $10,000 Holiday Giveaway and READ THE RULES and nominate a family. You don't have to attend People's Church to nominate a family or to win the holiday giveaway.

2. Our church family is so generous. We had $5000 donated this weekend from several people to buy more Christmas gifts for needy families, so now our giveaway is actually $15,000. God has a heart for the poor and needy, and as his followers, we SHOULD have a heart to help those in need. I'M SO EXCITED! GO TO www.peopleschurch.tv RIGHT NOW. You could be the answer to some needy person's prayer!!

3. We had 39 people give their hearts to the Lord this weekend! I knew one of the people who gave their life to Christ. This person has been checking out Christ and the church for several months and decided to become a follower of Christ yesterday. I was so excited when this person raised their hand. GOD YOU AMAZE ME!

4. I taught an entire message this weekend on helping the poor. I was moved by the message. The Bible has a lot to say about Christians helping the poor. I want to encourage you to listen to this message. It should be on our website today or tomorrow.

5. This coming up weekend is The Difference Maker. I know God is going to do a great work in all of our hearts through this message. I CAN'T WAIT!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I'm feeling much better than I was last week at this time. THANK GOD!

2. My in-laws are staying with us until tomorrow. Our kids are having a lot of fun seeing their grandparents. I have great in-laws!

3. My fantasy football team’s records are 6-2, 4-4 and 3-5. I need to get things turned around in the 3-5 league very quickly, or I might not make the playoffs. COME ON TEAM!

4. This weekend's message is titled $10,000 Holiday Giveaway. I'm excited to giveaway $10,000! Church family, don't miss this weekend. Trust me, you are going to be so blessed by what we have planned!

5. Tonight is our Volunteer Banquet, and we are going to party hard with all of our volunteers. I want to say a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to all of you who serve in ministry. You are the real heroes! Thanks for giving your life to advance the Kingdom of God.

6. Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour on Saturday night. I would hate for you to show up one hour early to church. I'm EXCITED to get an extra hour of sleep on Saturday night!

7. Go OU Sooners, and Go Dallas Cowboys.

8. If you're new to People's Church, don't miss our Newcomers’ Luncheon this Sunday at 1:30PM (after the third service). You will eat a free lunch, meet our staff and learn a lot about how to get plugged in to People's Church. If you haven't RSVPed, call the church office RIGHT NOW at 775-9991.

9. I'm excited to see the Colts play the Patriots on Sunday afternoon. Manning versus Brady. It ought to be a great one.

10. I'm so excited about the direction and future of People's Church! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Things To Remember About Vision

1. Many people will forget the vision 1 hour after you share it, so share it again and again and again. Did I say share it again?

2. People are attracted and motivated by a God-size vision.

3. A God-size vision helps unify a church.

4. A God-size vision attracts God-size resources.

5. A God-size vision attracts strong leaders.

6. A God-size vision keeps volunteers fired up.

7. Sharing the God size-vision is one of the most important jobs of the pastor.

8. Listen and learn from other pastors who do a great job at casting vision.

9. People need to see the vision coming to pass.

10. You can't ever share the vision enough.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If Your Church Is Drifting From It's Vision

1. The Senior Pastor needs to pray and fast like crazy for God to ignite/re-ignite the vision in his heart.

2. The Senior Pastor needs to pull the key leaders in and cast the vision to them and get them on board and fired up about the vision.

3. Do a series of messages on the vision that God has ignited in the pastor's heart and get the church jazzed up about the vision.

4. Have faith in God and start taking steps to see the vision come to pass.

5. Stop doing things that aren't accomplishing or moving the church towards seeing the vision fulfilled.

6. Reallocate the church budget to accomplish the vision.

7. Begin to staff the church around the vision.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reinforcing The Vision With Your Staff

1. Reinforce the vision with your staff by doing regular teachings about the vision.

2. Reinforce the vision by publicly and privately rewarding those who are advancing the vision.

3. Reinforce the vision by quickly correcting and/or redirecting those who get off focus.

4. Reinforce the vision by having your entire staff gather together once a month (admin. included) to share testimonies of how they are advancing the vision.

5. Reinforce the vision by celebrating with your team when the organization makes huge strides in accomplishing the vision.

6. Reinforce the vision by dropping by a staff member’s office and just talk to them about life, vision and the direction of the organization.

7. Reinforce the vision by encouraging and equipping your top leaders to keep the rest of the team focused on the vision.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update

1. I wasn't feeling well at all this weekend. I taught the message while sitting on a stool. That was the first time I've ever done that, but I think I could get use to it :).

2. I made a huge announcement this weekend. Beginning December 1st, we are discontinuing our Saturday night services, and on December 2nd, we are adding a fourth Sunday service. Our new service times beginning December 2nd are 8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11AM & 12:15PM.

3. All of you church leaders from across the country may be wondering why we are making the transition from Saturday to a fourth Sunday service. Our attendance on Saturday night has done really well. We have averaged around 350 people and, at times, have had 400 plus, but God is blessing our Sunday services in an incredible way. Here are the stats: Since beginning Saturday nights in January 2007, we have averaged 6 first time guests, and many of those are from other churches who are just checking out what we are doing. Since January of 2007, we have averaged 23 new guests/families every Sunday. A BIG DIFFERENCE! Since beginning Saturday nights, we have seen 162 people give their hearts to the Lord. PRAISE GOD! Since January of 2007, we have seen 1193 people give their hearts to Christ on Sundays. THAT’S A GIGANTIC DIFFERENCE! For whatever reason, God is blessing our Sundays in an incredible way, and we are going to roll with what God is doing. WE'RE EXCITED!

4. Thank you church family for your excitement about the service schedule change. To be honest, I'm not surprised at all. You folks are so kingdom-minded. You are so unselfish. You are so passionate about reaching people who are far away from God. Man, you guys are AWESOME! I love you church family.

5. Please be praying for me to feel 100 percent better!

6. We had 27 people give their hearts to the Lord this weekend. GOD LOVES HIS PRIZE CREATION!

7. The New England Patriots are no joke!

8. This coming up weekend’s message is titled $10,000 Holiday Giveaway. I'm excited to give away $10,000! It's truly more blessed to give than to receive! Don't miss this weekend for anything!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. There was a pastor from Ohio who came to check out People's Church this past Sunday. I got to hang out with him on Monday morning. He pastors a black church but feels like the Lord has called him to pastor a multicultural, diverse church. I spent time talking to him about how to make his church diverse. I LOVE POURING INTO HUNGRY AND HUMBLE LEADERS! I am where I am today because leaders took time to invest in me.

2. The new season of Criminal Minds started several weeks ago. My wife and I love that drama show.

3. My fantasy football teams need some serious help. I'm 5-2, 4-3, 3-4 in my 3 leagues. This has been the weirdest season with all of the injuries and players not performing well. I need Tom Brady on my teams :)


5. The title of the message is Unforgettable Experience. I'm very excited to share this message with you this weekend!

6. I am making a HUGE announcement about the direction of People's Church this weekend. You don't want to miss this!

7. My entire family is relaxing in the living room watching “Handy Manny” right now.

8. We are going on a family date today. It's always fun hanging out with my family.

9. Yesterday, I took my boys outside to play, and then, we grilled out some brats and hot dogs. Those brats were awesome.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

What I Love About My Wife

1. She is the sweetest person I know. Everybody loves my wife.

2. She is more beautiful on the inside than the outside. That's saying a lot because my wife is FINE!

3. She is not stuck up. My wife is very down to earth, and I love that about her.

4. She has always been my biggest fan. She is so supportive of me.

5. She has always made our marriage and family a top priority. I love her for that.

6. She really loves God with her whole heart. She is a godly woman, and that is very sexy to me.

7. She is so fun to be around. We laugh a lot together. We both love to laugh.

8. She is my best friend.

9. She enjoys the ministry. We are in this together. What a woman!

10. She is 100 percent committed to me and our marriage. There is no greater feeling than knowing that I am the only man in her life. I really love my wife. She means so much to me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Toughest Part Of Leadership

1. Having to let go of a bad employee.

2. It's even tougher to let go of a nice employee who's not a fit with the organization.

3. Dealing with criticism. The more your church grows, the bigger the target you are.

4. Being misunderstood but not having the opportunity to explain your heart and motives.

5. Being hurt by people you thought you could trust.

6. Keeping your DNA and core values throughout the entire organization as it rapidly grows.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Don't Quit...Why Not?

1. The darkest hour is right before the dawn.

2. You are closer than you think you are.

3. Success is failure turned inside out.

4. You will never achieve your dream if you quit.

5. You're better than that!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update

1. It never gets old watching people lift their hands and surrendering their lives to Christ. 22 people made Jesus the Lord of their lives this weekend.

2. This weekend I taught about what the Bible has to say about complaining. Man, I was convicted! I'm determined to be like the Apostle Paul, to have a great attitude no matter the situation.

3. The Sooners barely beat IOWA ST! At least we won.

4. Terry from Cushing, this is for you :). Oklahoma State won this weekend too :).

5. By the way, Terry and his wife Terri drive every weekend from Cushing to attend People's Church (I think it's around an hour drive). They don't just attend, but they serve in ministry and lead a Community Group in Cushing. YOU FOLKS ARE COMMITTED AND AMAZING.

6. The Dallas Cowboys got back on track with a win as well.

7. Friend’s Day is this weekend. LET'S PACK OUT THE PLACE AND watch God do only what God can do in people's lives. Invite everybody you know.

8. I am making a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT THIS WEEKEND, so don't miss church for anything!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I feel tired this morning, and I don't know why.

2. I love the fall weather.

3. I have a great family.

4. It's a gorgeous day.

5. The Sooners better win.

6. My fantasy football teams are 4-2, 4-2 and 3-3.

7. The message this weekend is going to help all of us.

8. Dallas Cowboys’ defense needs to play better.

9. I ate a bowl of cereal this morning.

10. I think we are going to grill out hamburgers tonight.

11. I'm living my dream! UNBELIEVABLE!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Keys To Greatness

1. Realize you can't be great at everything.

2. Refuse to be a jack of all trades. People don't pay for average.

3. Identify your dominate gift.

4. Develop and work on your dominate gift.

5. Learn to delegate areas where you are weak, so you can give most of your attention to your dominate gift.

6. Become great at what you are great at.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Before I Started A Church, I Wish I Would Have Understood

6. Casting the vision before the people is a CONSTANT job.

7. Hire slow and fire fast.

8. Not everybody is going to like you or the direction of the church no matter what you do. Get over it AND LEAD.

9. The team you put around you will determine your success.

10. Planting a church would reveal all of my insecurities and weaknesses.

11. Being a pastor is a marathon not a sprint. I pushed myself and my team way too hard in the early days.

12. Only 1 percent of the people complain about the church, and those same people complain all the time (at least once a quarter). Don't get distracted by the 1 percent. Focus on the 99 percent that are with you.

13. I have to continually grow and change. If I don't grow and change, the church won't either. I am the lid to the church. In the church, if I don't like what I see, I don't need to look any further than me.

14. Getting new Christians connected into community (small groups or whatever you call them) is ALWAYS tough work. IT JUST IS! Sometimes getting established Christians into community is even harder!

15. Enjoy the journey. In the early days, I didn't enjoy the journey like I am today. I'm going to enjoy God, my family, my friends and life. Life is too short not to have fun. I AM GOING TO HAVE A BLAST LIVING LIFE AND BEING A PASTOR!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Before I Started A Church, I Wish I Would Have Understood

1. That sticking to the vision God has called you to is key.

2. Be slow to give away power and leadership.

3. You need to lovingly ask some people to leave.

4. Everybody won't make the entire journey with you.

5. Your church government/bylaws can make you or break you.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Update

1. I didn't speak this weekend at People's Church. I took the weekend off and just spent time with my family. I spoke 11 weekends in a row and needed a break. 11 weekends equals 55 messages (5 services every weekend). That's a lot of speaking in a row. I don't plan on speaking that many times in a row again. It's not good on me mentally or physically.

2. Friday night I took my wife to a bed & breakfast. We had a great time hanging out without the kids! I LOVE MY WIFE.

3. Shelby, our Care Pastor, spoke this weekend on grace. I heard he did an awesome job! I thank God for a great team. They can run the church without me. I LOVE MY TEAM!

4. 11 people gave their hearts to Christ this weekend! GO GOD!

5. The Sooners won and still have a chance at a National Championship.

6. The Dallas Cowboys got whooped!

7. I'm exited to speak this weekend. We are going to look at the subject of Whinoplasty. This message is going to CHALLENGE ALL OF US TO BE MORE LIKE CHRIST!

8. Tiffany and I love you church family. We're so honored to be your pastors. Thanks for being such GREAT PEOPLE! I MEANT THAT!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I took my boys to Chuck E. Cheese this week. We had so much fun. I set the record at the basketball game, 65 points. No little kid is going to beat me shooting hoops :)

2. I am 3-2 in all three fantasy leagues. I still haven't had a week where I won in all three. This has to be the week. I want to end up 4-2 in all my leagues.

3. The Sooners better beat the Mizzo! The Dallas Cowboys better beat the Patriots!

4. Community Group University is this Sunday night. Come and eat Zio's, meet some new friends and get plugged into a Community Group. Don't just come to church, get plugged into church.

5. I had lunch with one of my mentors this week. I thank God for the people He has put into my life to speak into my life. My mentor helped me process a very important area of my life. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for mentors.

6. Wouldn't it be awesome if the next building we build was around 1500 to 1800 seats? Be praying because we are talking with architects and builders. God has awesome things in store at People's Church.

7. Don't miss this weekend. The message title is Grace Lift. WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT THE GRACE OF GOD? This message will be very inspirational!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Growing In Christ

At People's Church, we want to see people give their hearts to Christ and grow in Christ. The biggest way we help people grow in Christ is by getting everyone plugged into a Community Group. This coming up Sunday night is Community Group University. This event is designed for you to connect with our Community Group Leaders and get plugged into a group. If you're not plugged into a group, plan on attending this Sunday night.

1. People often say that it is difficult to get plugged in at a large church. The way you get plugged in at People's Church is to find a ministry to serve in and to get in a Community Group. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! You have to make the effort and not blame the church. We are providing the open door, but you have to walk thru it.

2. You will build relationships with other believers who attend People's Church.

3. You will have friendships with people who can care for you at your lowest points in life.

4. You will be able to care for others during their difficult seasons of life.

5. You will discuss God's Word together and grow spiritually by connecting with other believers in a small group setting. Life change happens best in a small group setting.

6. You will get to do life together with other believers.

7. You will have a blast getting to know new people. It's fun!

8. No excuses, get plugged in on Sunday night.

9. Please don't use the excuse that you tried ONE group, and it didn't work for you. You may have to try two or three groups before you find the group that's right for you. GET TO COMMUNITY GROUP UNIVERSITY AND GET PLUGGED IN! THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN. WILL YOU WALK THRU IT?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What To Do When You Know What To Do

1. Don't allow fear to stop you.

2. Don't be controlled by what could go wrong.

3. Don't procrastinate. When the timing is right, DO IT!

4. Don't let friends or family talk you out of it.

5. If it's a God-size dream, start taking steps towards it.

6. You don't have to have everything figured out to start taking steps. The just live by FAITH!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

1. Pray like crazy

2. Devour God's Word

3. Fast so that you can draw near to God

4. Seek Godly counsel

5. Listen for God's voice

6. Operate in love

7. Make the wise choice

8. The decision will probably require faith (sounds like a God thing to me)

9. Don't regret the decision after it's made

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Update

1. In all five weekend services, there were tears across the building. I know God really did a work in hearts. God either brought emotional healing or began the healing process during each service. Thank you, God, for your healing power.

2. The song “It Is Well With My Soul” really touched me in all 5 services. Every service has a different feel, and for whatever reason, I just started to weep in the 4th service.

3. When you deal with pain, remember to: 1. Pour your heart out to God 2. Rise above the pain 3. Continue to worship God 4. Turn your setback into a comeback.

4. Several people gave their hearts to Christ this weekend.


6. USC lost to Stanford!!! College football has been crazy the last couple of weeks.

7. Check out the blog by Craig on being kingdom-minded: swerve.lifechurch.tv. We need more of this kind of attitude in the body of Christ!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I went on a hot date with my wife last night. We had a blast hanging out and talking.

2. I won two out of three games in my fantasy leagues. My records are now 3-1, 2-2 and 2-2. I'm on my way to winning all three leagues.

3. The sunrise is gorgeous this morning.

4. Josh, my Executive Pastor, is going to the next level in his leadership. It's so cool watching God stretch the leaders around me. WAY TO GO JOSH!

5. We are going on a family date today. This is the highlight of the week for our kids. Mom and dad love it too.

6. The Sooners better beat Texas. They better beat them bad.

7. All of our family is chilling in the living room this morning watching Clifford The Big Red Dog.

8. Don't miss this weekend. PAIN SUCTION is the topic of the message. God is going to minister to hurting people.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Little Things I love

1. I love seeing the sun rise in the morning.

2. I love the weather in the fall and the trees turning colors.

3. I love when my kids say, "I love you daddy. I love you big."

4. I love when my kids crawl in bed with Tiffany and I, and we all just lay in bed together.

5. I love date nights with my wife.

6. I love watching Criminal Minds with my wife. We both love that show.

7. I love going to Starbucks and drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper.

8. I love to cuddle with my wife. I also love to cuddle with my kids.

9. I love eating dinner around the dining room table with my family.

10. I love family date nights on Fridays.

11. I love renting a movie on Friday nights and watching it with my wife when the kids go to bed.

12. I love watching a good football game.

13. I love checking out blogs.

14. I love playing fantasy football.

15. I love the holidays and drinking eggnog, eggnog lattes and eggnog shakes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Creating An Inviting Environment Pt. 2

4. Make your teaching practical and relevant. The worst compliment that I could receive as a communicator is, "Herbert you are a DEEP teacher." Most of the time deep means it's not practical, relevant and it confused the fire out of the audience. That's not the goal of effective communicating. When you communicate for life-change and not to confuse everybody, people are more inclined to invite their friends and family to church.

5. When Jesus is being lifted up, lives will be changed and people will invite their friends and family to church. When denominational affiliation is being exalted, a personality is being exalted, tradition is being exalted, it will repel people from inviting their un-churched friends to church. People need to experience the life-changing power of Christ through Christ-centered worship and biblical preaching and teaching. Believe it or not, when an un-churched person shows up at your church the last thing they care about is your denomination or traditions. They care about encountering a risen Savior. THEY NEED THEIR LIVES CHANGED. If Jesus changes their lives, they will invite everybody they know to your church. THIS IS ALL ABOUT JESUS!

6. You have to be willing to change. Don't let your church get stuck in a rut. Ask the hard questions. Make the tough decisions so that your church can stay on the front lines of reaching hurting and lost people for Christ. If your church rarely has guests and you rarely see or hear about people giving their lives to Christ, YOU HAVE TO MAKE SOME CHANGES. If you are a board member or a church leader, don't be the road block to what God wants to do in your church. Don't fight against your pastor. Quit complaining about the music or style of ministry and support your pastor's dream of reaching your community. After all, church isn't just for church people.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Creating An Inviting Environment

This past weekend we had 54 first time guests (families/individuals) who actually filled out a card. One of the gauges we use to see if our evangelism temperature is hot at People's Church is the number of first time guests we have each weekend and the number of people who give their hearts to Christ. We always encourage our people to invite their friends and family who need to experience the life-changing power of Christ. One thing that I've learned is people normally invite their friends and family to an environment that they trust.

Over the next two days, I want to share with you some things we do to create an inviting environment for our people to invite their un-churched family and friends too.

1. We strive to do everything with excellence. I would highly encourage you not to put together a half-baked service every week. We give much thought and time to every weekend service. Every thing rises and falls on the weekend.

2. Don't let people lead worship who can't sing. It's one of the worst things in the world when you're in a church service and the person leading worship can't sing. You feel bad for the person singing, and you don't want to invite people to experience bad singing.

3. Have a great first impressions ministry. We work hard at having a friendly and loving church where all feel welcomed and loved. We have people in the parking lot helping to park cars. We have people at all doors greeting every person that comes in. We have people inside the auditorium helping people find seats. We try our very best to make a great first impression so that people feel welcomed and loved at our church. YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Update

1. We missed our goal but had a great weekend! We had 53 salvations. UNBELIEVABLE! There's nothing like seeing people receive God's forgiveness. I'll never forget the day when I crossed that line and made Jesus Lord of my life. My life has never been the same.

2. Way to invite your friends to experience the life-changing power of Christ! I can't wait to see what God is going to do this weekend.

3. I have a chance to win in all three fantasy leagues.

4. My kids and wife have had colds this past weekend. Thanks for praying for them.

5. What happened to the SOONERS?

6. The Dallas Cowboys are looking great!

7. I love being your pastor!

8. Have a great Monday!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. This weekend is Friend’s Day at People's Church. INVITE EVERYBODY YOU KNOW! God is going to change a lot of lives this weekend!

2. This weekend we need 200 people who normally attend the 10:30AM service to attend the 9:00AM service to free up as many seats as possible for all of our guests. Thank you so much.

3. I'm 3-0 in one of my fantasy football leagues and 1-2 in the other two leagues. I need to get to 500 this week in those two leagues. It's a big week for my teams.

4. OU Sooners should crush Colorado! Go Sooners!

5. Today, the family and I are going to get some work done around the house, and later today, we are going to go get something to eat and chill out. Tiff and I may rent a movie and just veg out.

6. October 1st is Monday. This year is flying by.

7. I LOVE MY LIFE! It's so awesome to wake up everyday and get to do what I love to do and have a great family to do it with.

8. My wife is not pregnant with twins :). Some of you fell for that last week. I know, I'm a funny guy!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What I'm Excited About

1. I'm excited that I'm forgiven of my sins. There are times when I'm working throughout the day, and I start to think about what my life would be like without Christ. It would be a complete mess. Christ has made all the difference in my life. Jesus has brought life-change, stability and wholeness to my life.

2. I'm excited about my wife and kids. I love them so much. They mean the world to me. It's such an honor to be in love with my best friend and to raise our kids together. Life doesn't get any better than this!

3. I'm excited about the staff I get to work with on a daily basis. Recently, we made the switch to working through an executive/management team. This team consists of three people, Josh, Brian and myself. Josh is my Senior Associate and runs the church and staff. Brian is my Programming Director and runs every aspect of our weekend services. Between the two of them, they are running People's Church. This has been such a great transition for me and for People's Church. I've also given more responsibility and power to my assistant, Erin. All three of these folks are doing a great job!

4. I'm excited about our church family. It's truly amazing to pastor a church that wants to reach and disciple as many people for Christ as possible. It's awesome to pastor people who are kingdom-minded instead of self-centered. It's phenomenal to see so many of you serve in a ministry every week. You make People's Church what it is today. It's so rewarding to see lives changed on a daily and weekly basis. Every week people give their hearts to Christ in 1 and often in all 5 weekend services. We constantly receive and hear testimonies about how God is changing people's lives. I'M EXCITED!

5. I'm excited for Friend’s Day this weekend! IT'S GOING TO BE A RECORD SETTING DAY! INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW! We need 200 of you who attend the 10:30AM service to attend the 9:00AM service this weekend. WE NEED AS MUCH ROOM AS POSSIBLE TO REACH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

When Life is Busy.....

1. Stay focused on God

2. Maintain a great attitude

3. Stay focused on your priorities

4. Delegate things that others can do for you

5. Remember that 20 percent of what you do produces 80 percent of the results

6. Say no to good things so that you can do the great things

7. Make time to take a break


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Wife

1. Is a great mother to our children.

2. Is such a hard worker.

3. Is my best friend.

4. Is my lover.

5. Is incredibly sweet.

6. Is the best thing that ever happened to me outside of Christ.

7. Is so sexy.

8. Is God-fearing.

9. Is very intelligent.

10. Is a gift from God.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Update

1. We concluded God, Love and Sex with my wife and I talking to the church. We shot a video in our home and titled it Behind Closed Doors. Thanks, Cameron and Brian, for a job well done on the video.

2. My wife is really as sweet as she appeared on the video. Tiffany is the sweetest and kindest person I know. She has such a passion for Christ and a very tender heart. I THANK GOD FOR A GODLY WIFE. Thanks, Tiff, for doing the video with me. YOU'RE THE BEST!

3. 19 people gave their hearts to Christ! I love watching people surrender their lives to the Lordship of Christ!

4. The Oklahoma Sooners are looking mighty good and so are those Dallas Cowboys! By the way, my 0-2 fantasy team finally got a win!

5. This coming up weekend is going to be huge! It's our Friend’s Day weekend. Our goal is to have 2126 people in attendance. Our highest attendance so far is 2125. INVITE EVERYBODY YOU KNOW! I think we could beat our goal by a long shot. Lots of lives are going to be changed by the power of Christ because you made the effort to invite EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!

6. Nip/Tuck........Plastic Surgery For The Soul begins this weekend. The title is Stress Reduction. We all deal with stress, and we all need to know how to biblically deal with it. THIS MESSAGE COULD LITERALLY BE A LIFE SAVER FOR SOME OF YOU!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. For the first time in the 5 year existence of People's Church, MY WIFE and I will be sharing with you about what we have done to create a great marriage. You will really enjoy hearing my wife's perspectives and advice.

2. Last week I won in two of my fantasy football leagues and lost in one. In one league I'm 0-2. SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE IMMEDIATELY! I love football season!

3. My wife and I are going to watch the OU Sooners play Tulsa tonight. We are going to chill around the house and SHOUT GO SOONER A BUNCH!

4. Get plugged into a Community Group. You need some Christian friends! You need to be cared for! You need to care for others! You need Christ followers to do life with! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE BEEN MISSING OUT ON! Get plugged in THIS WEEKEND!

5. We are beginning a brand new series next weekend called Nip Tuck....Plastic Surgery For The Soul. This is going to be a great series. Don't forget Friend’s Day is next weekend as well. We are going to set a new attendance record at People's Church by having 2126 (our highest attendance so far is 2125). INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY! INVITE EVERYBODY YOU KNOW! God is going to change a lot of lives through Friend’s Day!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Organizational Communication

I am a strong believer in communication. I believe healthy organizations have great communication, so with our staff at People's Church, we practice the art of communication. You might be asking yourself, "What does communication look like at People's Church?"

1. We tell team members very clearly what we expect out of them and what their role on the team is. You don't work at People's Church and wonder what is expected of you. We communicate it loud and clear.

2. We tell you if you are meeting expectations. We have quarterly reviews, and we tell every team member if they are meeting expectations.

3. In every quarterly review, we tell team members what they need to improve on. They don't have to guess or wonder about what areas we are expecting growth in.

4. We are quick to tell team members that they are doing a great job. If someone is hitting the ball out of the park, we will tell them. I personally send emails and verbally tell team members who are flat out getting it done that they are doing a great job.

5. We have a very candid and confrontational environment. If we even sense an attitude problem, a confidentiality issue, a disloyalty issue or anything else that could be detrimental to the health of People's Church, we will pull you aside immediately and nip it in the bud or get to the bottom of it. We also have a zero tolerance policy if we find out a team member has been disloyal or broken confidentiality. One strike and they’re out with the quickness.

6. We argue in executive meetings and staff meetings. I don't mean yell, but we do voice our opinions and thoughts very freely and sometimes strongly. We have created an environment where everyone in the meetings opinions matter, and we want to hear it. Getting all the opinions and ideas on the table is a good and healthy thing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Kids Continue To Change

1. Cale, my 3 year old who will turn 4 in December, is getting tall. He talks so good. His favorite thing to say to me is, "Daddy, will you play with me?" This morning when he woke up, we came out into the living room and he immediately asked me, "Daddy, will you lay by me?" VERY AWESOME!

2. Cade, my 2 year old, is starting to talk where you can understand some of what he's saying. His favorite thing to say is, "I luv yoou, daad." Cade is by far our most affectionate kid. He loves to hug and cuddle and say I love you. He's like his dad, he's a lover not a fighter :). Okay, maybe not!

3. Caris, my 1 year old, is really growing like crazy. She's not walking yet, but she is crawling everywhere and is pulling herself up. Walking is right around the corner. Caris has been the most challenging child thus far. She is very strong willed like her daddy. She is a very pretty baby, and she loves to smile. I love having a little girl. It makes daddy's heart melt.

4. This morning I'm watching cartoons with all three kids. This morning they are having some daddy time.

5. We just found out that Tiffany is pregnant with twins.

6. Just kidding. Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some Lessons Moses Has Taught Me

1. Waiting on God can be very difficult.

2. Waiting on God is always the best choice, unless you want to live on the back side of the desert for years.

3. God develops us while we are waiting on Him.

4. God is more interested in what's happening in us than through us. Your gifts can take you places that your spiritual and personal development can't keep you, so wait on the Lord.

5. When God wants to get our attention, he can. Do you remember that thing called a burning bush??

6. Even when you blow it, God still has a great plan for your life.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend Update

1. I have never seen our church laugh as hard and as long as they laughed this weekend. The message was on sex, and the churched loved it. Some people who have grown up in church all of their lives told me that they had never heard a message on sex. The church must talk about the subject of sex. The church can't just talk against it, we must also talk about it.

2. A huge thank you to some of you who had been attending the 10:30AM for moving to the 9:00AM and some of you to one of the Saturday night services. You're incredible! WE STILL NEED MORE OF YOU TO MAKE THE SWITCH to free up more seats. WE ARE GROWING! GO GOD!

3. There were 40 people who gave their hearts to the Lord this weekend! We have seen 152 people surrender their lives to Christ over the last month. THAT'S AWESOME! There is rejoicing in heaven when just one comes home!

4. People's lives are being changed constantly. We are not into growth just for growth sake but for life change sake. The more we grow means the more lives that are being impacted by the power of the Gospel. We are going to show a powerful life change video this weekend!

5. Tiffany will be joining me for this weekend’s message. The message is called Behind Closed Doors. Tiffany and I are going to open up and talk about what marriage is like in the Cooper home. The good, the bad and the ugly. God is going to use this talk to transform marriages and empower future marriages. Don't miss it!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. This week my family and I spent the week in Springfield, MO. I had the privilege of speaking at Evangel University for their spiritual emphasis week. Every semester the university sets one week aside to focus the students spiritually. It was a great week with the students. I actually graduated from Evangel so it was great to see some old friends, professors and coaches. It was also great to see one of my heroes, President Dr. Robert Spence. He was very instrumental in my early days of ministry. Thanks, Dr. Spence, for believing in a young college student!

2. This weekend is Bringing SEXy Back. Invite everybody you know. We're going to have a wonderful time learning about how to have great sex. You really don't want to miss this weekend.

3. We need many of you who attend the 10:30AM to free up seats by moving to the 9AM or to one of the Saturday night services. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

4. I lost in two of my fantasy football leagues. BUMMER! I'm going to win in all three leagues this week.

5. I'm tired! Whenever I speak out and still have to be prepared to speak on the weekend at PC, it wipes me out. I did this because it was my alma mater, but I won't do this very often.

6. I ate bad this week and slacked off from the gym, and I can feel it big time. I'm going to eat extremely healthy this next week and hit the gym hard. There's something about being away from home that causes me not to eat like I know I should.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


1. As Maxwell says, "One is too small of a number for greatness."

2. I am only as good as the team around me, and boy DO I HAVE A GREAT ONE! I MEAN THAT!

3. I get a lot of credit for the growth of People's Church, and of course God gets all of the Glory, but a lot of the credit belongs to the great team that God has assembled around me.

4. God has helped me to surround myself with leaders instead of followers. Leaders help LEAD the organization. Leaders build teams around them. Leaders stay true to the vision and direction of the organization. Leaders can handle power and delegate authority. Leaders are secure, so they attract other leaders. Leaders strive to make the organization the best it can be. Leaders are loyal.

5. I don't know half of what goes on at People's Church because I've surrounded myself with great leaders who take care of business. I trust my leaders because they have earned my trust. Remember, trust is earned not automatically given. You can't act like a fool and expect the leader over you to trust you and empower you. If you're with a secure leader, when you prove yourself trustworthy and competent, they will empower you to lead.

6. As someone once said, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” If you're trying to accomplish your dreams without a team, you are fighting an uphill battle. You need to let God do a work in your heart because “one is too small of a number for greatness.” BUILD A TEAM, AND THEY WILL BUILD THE ORGANIZATION!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Would You Do...

1. If money wasn't an issue.

2. If you overcame your fear.

3. If you stopped procrastinating.

4. If you pursued your dream.

5. If you conquered laziness.

6. If you weren't paralyzed by rejection.

Hey blogging friends, you can do it. Go for it! Shoot for the stars! Live a life of no regrets!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If We Are Here To Win & Train The Lost, WHY....

1. Do churches argue over the color of the carpet?

2. Do churches argue over whether to sing hymns or choruses?

3. Do churches spend all their energy arguing over denominational dogma?

4. Do churches think their competition is other churches?

5. Do church people feel so uncomfortable hanging out with the un-churched?

6. Do church people invite their already churched friends to church?

7. Do pastors get so excited when the already churched attend a service?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekly Update

1. God is really changing lives and marriages through this series God, Love & Sex. There was an awesome presence of God in all five weekend services. I love to feel God's presence!

2. 44 people gave their hearts to Christ this weekend! That's awesome! That's incredible! God is a forgiving God!

3. Volunteers, you do a great job making guest and regular attenders feel welcomed, loved and cared for. A big thank you to all of you who are serving in a ministry. YOU ARE THE REAL HEROES!

4. A super big thank you for those of you who normally attend the 10:30AM service for switching to the 9AM service. We are already growing like crazy this fall, BUT THE BEST IS YET TO COME, so thanks for freeing up seats in the 10:30AM and even in the 12PM so more people can connect with God! I'm so grateful to pastor such an incredibly kingdom-minded church. WAY TO GO!

5. THIS WEEKEND, I'M TEACHING ON HOW TO HAVE A GREAT SEX LIFE! You don't want to miss this weekend for anything. My title is Bringing SEXy Back. INVITE EVERYBODY YOU KNOW TO HEAR THIS MESSAGE!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. New Orleans Saints got clobbered last night by the Colts.

2. I started Drew Brees in on fantasy league, and he was horrible.

3. WE ARE GROWING, so we need 200 people who attend the 10:30AM service to begin attending the 9:00AM or Saturday night services. Thank you church family.

4. Invite someone to attend church with you this weekend.

5. I'm excited about what God is going to do through the message this weekend titled Help My Marriage Stinks Pt. 2.

6. My wife and I went on a hot date last night. I love Tiff more and more everyday. I MARRIED WAY OUT OF MY LEAGUE!

7. I hit the gym hard this week. I want to be spiritually and physically in shape. BOTH TAKE DISCIPLINE AND EFFORT.

8. I'm hanging with my family today. Right now, Cale and Cade are laying in bed with me, and we are watching Handy Manny. I'm jealous of Manny because I'm not handy at all!

9. It's awesome waking up everyday and getting to do what I love to do. I love being the pastor of People's Church. Church family, I love you and pray for you constantly!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

What I Learned

I went to lunch with a pastor friend a couple of days ago. Here are some things I gleaned or was reminded of during our conversation.

1. The team you surround yourself with is very important.

2. The people closest to you will determine your success.

3. You must have a team you can trust.

4. You must always keep learning. We never arrive.

5. Don't get off focus.

6. Develop the team you surround yourself with.

7. Community is a major key to a healthy church.

8. You must hear from God for the church you lead. There is no formula to reach your community. Being led by the Holy Spirit is key to your success.

9. You must have mentors in your life who stretch you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Excuses People Make

1. If I had more money, I could accomplish my dreams.

2. If I had a different building, I could accomplish my dreams.

3. If I was older/younger, I could accomplish my dreams.

4. If I knew the right people, I could accomplish my dreams.

5. If I had more staff, I could accomplish my dreams.

6. If I lived in a different state, I could accomplish my dreams.

7. If I didn't have this one major problem, I could accomplish my dreams.

8. If I had the talents they had, I could accomplish my dreams.

The only thing that's stopping you from accomplishing your dreams is YOU! I'm not going to look back on life saying, “What if I would have,” and you shouldn't either! QUIT MAKING EXCUSES AND GO FOR IT!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Extended Weekend Update

1. We had a great Labor Day weekend! 34 people gave their hearts to Christ. That's two weeks in a row that 34 people gave their lives to Christ. I thought that was cool to have the same number two weeks in a row. THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!

2. God, Love and Sex is really making an impact. I can sense the Holy Spirit working in the lives of people and marriages. My prayer is, "God, have your way in marriages. Restore, heal and mend broken marriages. I praise you and thank you in advance for life change!"

3. The Sooners won this weekend! Go OU! NFL football starts on Thursday night! I'm so excited for football season. My wife and I may even go watch a high school football game this fall.

4. I spent Labor Day with my family. We hung out around the house during the morning. Then, we went to a pizza joint for lunch. Then, we came back home and relaxed. I snuck away for a Starbucks coffee and read the newspaper while the kids were napping. I couldn't believe it, but ALL the kids took a three hour nap. THAT NEVER HAPPENS! They must of known it was Labor Day. After naps, I took the boys to a playground, and we had a blast sliding, swinging and just hanging out together. WE CALL IT BOY TIME!

5. BEGINNING THIS WEEKEND, we need 100, really we need 200, people who attend the 10:30AM service to begin attending the 9:00AM or one of the Saturday night services. God is blessing us with a TREMENDOUS season of growth, and we need to make seats available for first time guests who need to connect with Christ. You guys are always so unselfish and willing to do whatever it takes so that we can continue to reach more people who are far away from God. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PASSION FOR PEOPLE! I LOVE YOU CHURCH FAMILY!

6. This coming weekend the title is Help, My Marriage Stinks Pt. 2. Don't miss it for any thing!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Don't miss this weekend. The title is Help, My Marriage Stinks. God is going to help a lot of marriages and future marriages this weekend. REMEMBER TO INVITE SOMEBODY TO PEOPLE'S CHURCH THIS WEEKEND!

2. We had our staff fantasy football draft on Tuesday. I know I'm a fantasy football junkie. In all three leagues that I play in, at least two of our staff members are in them. Our staff loves it because we all love, I mean really love, to talk trash to each other. This league only has eight teams so everybody has a pretty good team. I WON THIS LEAGUE LAST YEAR. I KNOW, I AM THE MAN :)!

My starting Line up

QB Carson Palmer
RB Stephen Jackson
RB Laurence Maroney
WR Marvin Harrison
WR Larry Fitzgerald
TE Vernon Davis
D Chargers
K Jeff Wilkins

3. Last night, we met my dad at a restaurant in a really small town near Shawnee and ate FROG LEGS! THEY WERE AWESOME! I say we ate frog legs, but that's not true. Tiffany ate a cheeseburger and the boys ate grilled cheese. Tiffany is not the adventurous type when it comes to food like I am. I WILL EAT ALMOST ANYTHING! FROG LEGS REALLY ARE GOOD, AND I'M STILL ALIVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT!

4. Today is our family day. Cale wants me to take him to the library. He just climbed in my lap and said, "Daddy take me to the library." So I guess one of the things we are doing as a family is going to the library. Actually, I may take the boys to the library and leave the ladies at home. It will be cool to have a little boy time, and I'm sure mom will love having girl time with Sissy.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why do...

1. We complain so much?

2. We eat so much?

3. We pray so little?

4. We exercise so little?

5. We focus on us so much?

6. We give so little?

7. We focus on eternity so little?

8. We trust God so little?

9. We dream so small?


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Church IS FOR......

1. Everybody, so why do we only make it for church people?

2. All people, so why do we plan our services with only Christians in mind?

3. The saved and the unsaved, so why do we only think about what "we" like about church?

4. The connected to Christ and the disconnected from Christ, so why do we invite the disconnected to our church and do stupid stuff and expect them to just understand it OR ELSE?

5. Everyone, so why do we make it all about the insiders and never think about the outsiders?

6. The committed and the uncommitted, so why do we spend all of our money on the committed?

7. The sold out and the not sold out, so why do we use language that only the sold out understand?

8. The forgiven and the unforgiven, so why do we expect the unforgiven to act like the forgiven when they show up to our churches?

9. The clean and for the dirty, so why do we expect our churches to be these clean, problem free places?

10. If church is for EVERYBODY, shouldn't our churches be a MESS that we're excited about?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I AM Free

1. I'm getting free from the day to day stuff of the church so that I can give more of my time to studying, preaching & teaching, prayer and vision casting. I met yesterday with our Executive Team, which consists of our Programming Director, who is in charge of EVERYTHING that happens in the auditorium, and our Executive Pastor, who is in charge of the ENTIRE operations of the church. Of course, both are under my leadership and work closely with me, but I have turned them loose to be the leaders God has wired and called them to be. These two men share my vision and heart and are loyal men who are incredible leaders. You have to have leaders around you that you trust with YOUR LIFE, YOUR WIFE and with a KNIFE :)!

2. One of the best hires we made at People's Church was to bring on a full-time Care Pastor. Shelby Johnson does our pre-marital coaching and biblical coaching for people who are in need of it. Any real counseling Shelby refers our church people to a few Christian counselors who are trained and qualified. NONE OF OUR PASTORS ARE TRAINED AND QUALIFIED TO COUNSEL PEOPLE! Shelby also performs most of our weddings and funerals. Some of our other staff pastors perform weddings and funerals, but Shelby performs the bulk of them. Shelby also heads up our Hospital Ministry. He makes sure that any person, who attends our church that we are made aware of, is visited and cared for while they are in the hospital. Our Community Groups do the bulk of visiting their own group in times of need, but Shelby does have a team of people who visits people who are not involved in a CG. Frankly, the ABSOLUTE best way people are cared for at People's Church is by getting plugged into a CG. We hired Shelby when we were around 750 people in weekend attendance. This hire freed me up to focus on what God called me to do. I can't do it all, and I'm not going to pretend like I can! This hire was key in helping our church break the 1000 barrier.

3. I'm free from allowing people to control me. I know very clearly what God has called us to accomplish at People's Church and I'm finally free of feeling like I should be catering to church people's wants or wishes. I love people, but God didn't call me to start a church that spent all of its time focusing on church people's wants (IT'S IMPOSSIBLE ANYWAYS, IT REALLY IS). Even though most of the time I haven't catered to church peoples wants, I felt guilty because I didn't. NO MORE GUILT FOR ME! I'm not trying to please people (nor am I out to offend them), but I'm trying with everything within me to please and honor my Heavenly Father. I want to complete the assignment He has called me too. I find myself very nicely but sometimes firmly telling people that this is not the church for you if you can't get on board and buy into the vision that God has called People's Church to accomplish. UNITY IS KEY TO ANY HEALTHY CHURCH! I WILL PROTECT THE UNITY OF OUR CHURCH! I AM FREE, and there's no better feeling!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Update

1. We had a great kick off to our series God, Love & Sex. I had several people come up to me and say they needed the message and were going to change some things in their lives. God is a life changing God!

2. We had 2016 people in attendance this weekend! School is back in full swing and People's Church is gearing up to reach Oklahoma City in a big way this fall.

3. 34 people committed their lives to Christ this weekend! It NEVER, NEVER, NEVER gets old seeing people give their hearts to Christ! Thank you God!

4. OK People's Church, here's the deal: We are going to be a church of 2000+ this fall, and we need your help. We need 300 to 400 people who attend the 10:30AM and the 12:00PM to begin attending the 9:00AM service and especially the SATURDAY NIGHT SERVICES! We need to free up seats to reach more people for Christ. Thank you for your passion to reach people who are far away from God and need to experience God's forgiveness! THIS WEEKEND MAKE THE SWITCH! YOU ARE AWESOME! THANKS AGAIN!

5. Invite as many people as you can this weekend to experience the love of God. The message this coming weekend is titled Help, My Marriage Stinks.