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Friday, August 31, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Don't miss this weekend. The title is Help, My Marriage Stinks. God is going to help a lot of marriages and future marriages this weekend. REMEMBER TO INVITE SOMEBODY TO PEOPLE'S CHURCH THIS WEEKEND!

2. We had our staff fantasy football draft on Tuesday. I know I'm a fantasy football junkie. In all three leagues that I play in, at least two of our staff members are in them. Our staff loves it because we all love, I mean really love, to talk trash to each other. This league only has eight teams so everybody has a pretty good team. I WON THIS LEAGUE LAST YEAR. I KNOW, I AM THE MAN :)!

My starting Line up

QB Carson Palmer
RB Stephen Jackson
RB Laurence Maroney
WR Marvin Harrison
WR Larry Fitzgerald
TE Vernon Davis
D Chargers
K Jeff Wilkins

3. Last night, we met my dad at a restaurant in a really small town near Shawnee and ate FROG LEGS! THEY WERE AWESOME! I say we ate frog legs, but that's not true. Tiffany ate a cheeseburger and the boys ate grilled cheese. Tiffany is not the adventurous type when it comes to food like I am. I WILL EAT ALMOST ANYTHING! FROG LEGS REALLY ARE GOOD, AND I'M STILL ALIVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT!

4. Today is our family day. Cale wants me to take him to the library. He just climbed in my lap and said, "Daddy take me to the library." So I guess one of the things we are doing as a family is going to the library. Actually, I may take the boys to the library and leave the ladies at home. It will be cool to have a little boy time, and I'm sure mom will love having girl time with Sissy.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Why do...

1. We complain so much?

2. We eat so much?

3. We pray so little?

4. We exercise so little?

5. We focus on us so much?

6. We give so little?

7. We focus on eternity so little?

8. We trust God so little?

9. We dream so small?


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Church IS FOR......

1. Everybody, so why do we only make it for church people?

2. All people, so why do we plan our services with only Christians in mind?

3. The saved and the unsaved, so why do we only think about what "we" like about church?

4. The connected to Christ and the disconnected from Christ, so why do we invite the disconnected to our church and do stupid stuff and expect them to just understand it OR ELSE?

5. Everyone, so why do we make it all about the insiders and never think about the outsiders?

6. The committed and the uncommitted, so why do we spend all of our money on the committed?

7. The sold out and the not sold out, so why do we use language that only the sold out understand?

8. The forgiven and the unforgiven, so why do we expect the unforgiven to act like the forgiven when they show up to our churches?

9. The clean and for the dirty, so why do we expect our churches to be these clean, problem free places?

10. If church is for EVERYBODY, shouldn't our churches be a MESS that we're excited about?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I AM Free

1. I'm getting free from the day to day stuff of the church so that I can give more of my time to studying, preaching & teaching, prayer and vision casting. I met yesterday with our Executive Team, which consists of our Programming Director, who is in charge of EVERYTHING that happens in the auditorium, and our Executive Pastor, who is in charge of the ENTIRE operations of the church. Of course, both are under my leadership and work closely with me, but I have turned them loose to be the leaders God has wired and called them to be. These two men share my vision and heart and are loyal men who are incredible leaders. You have to have leaders around you that you trust with YOUR LIFE, YOUR WIFE and with a KNIFE :)!

2. One of the best hires we made at People's Church was to bring on a full-time Care Pastor. Shelby Johnson does our pre-marital coaching and biblical coaching for people who are in need of it. Any real counseling Shelby refers our church people to a few Christian counselors who are trained and qualified. NONE OF OUR PASTORS ARE TRAINED AND QUALIFIED TO COUNSEL PEOPLE! Shelby also performs most of our weddings and funerals. Some of our other staff pastors perform weddings and funerals, but Shelby performs the bulk of them. Shelby also heads up our Hospital Ministry. He makes sure that any person, who attends our church that we are made aware of, is visited and cared for while they are in the hospital. Our Community Groups do the bulk of visiting their own group in times of need, but Shelby does have a team of people who visits people who are not involved in a CG. Frankly, the ABSOLUTE best way people are cared for at People's Church is by getting plugged into a CG. We hired Shelby when we were around 750 people in weekend attendance. This hire freed me up to focus on what God called me to do. I can't do it all, and I'm not going to pretend like I can! This hire was key in helping our church break the 1000 barrier.

3. I'm free from allowing people to control me. I know very clearly what God has called us to accomplish at People's Church and I'm finally free of feeling like I should be catering to church people's wants or wishes. I love people, but God didn't call me to start a church that spent all of its time focusing on church people's wants (IT'S IMPOSSIBLE ANYWAYS, IT REALLY IS). Even though most of the time I haven't catered to church peoples wants, I felt guilty because I didn't. NO MORE GUILT FOR ME! I'm not trying to please people (nor am I out to offend them), but I'm trying with everything within me to please and honor my Heavenly Father. I want to complete the assignment He has called me too. I find myself very nicely but sometimes firmly telling people that this is not the church for you if you can't get on board and buy into the vision that God has called People's Church to accomplish. UNITY IS KEY TO ANY HEALTHY CHURCH! I WILL PROTECT THE UNITY OF OUR CHURCH! I AM FREE, and there's no better feeling!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Update

1. We had a great kick off to our series God, Love & Sex. I had several people come up to me and say they needed the message and were going to change some things in their lives. God is a life changing God!

2. We had 2016 people in attendance this weekend! School is back in full swing and People's Church is gearing up to reach Oklahoma City in a big way this fall.

3. 34 people committed their lives to Christ this weekend! It NEVER, NEVER, NEVER gets old seeing people give their hearts to Christ! Thank you God!

4. OK People's Church, here's the deal: We are going to be a church of 2000+ this fall, and we need your help. We need 300 to 400 people who attend the 10:30AM and the 12:00PM to begin attending the 9:00AM service and especially the SATURDAY NIGHT SERVICES! We need to free up seats to reach more people for Christ. Thank you for your passion to reach people who are far away from God and need to experience God's forgiveness! THIS WEEKEND MAKE THE SWITCH! YOU ARE AWESOME! THANKS AGAIN!

5. Invite as many people as you can this weekend to experience the love of God. The message this coming weekend is titled Help, My Marriage Stinks.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Invite a friend to experience God this weekend at People's Church.

2. God, Love & Sex begins this weekend!

3. THE BIGGEST Super Saturday ever this Saturday after the 6:30PM service. Pony rides, inflatables, petting zoo and a huge cook-out.

4. We are baptizing people in all five weekend services. If you have given your heart to Christ and haven't been baptized, bring some shorts and a shirt and get baptized.

5. Last Friday, I had my second fantasy football draft. This is a keeper league with a salary cap. My starting line up in this league is a killer!

QB Drew Breese
RB Larry Johnson
RB Brian Westbrook
RB Ronnie Brown or Marshawn Lynch
WR Terrel Owens
WR Larry Fitzgerald
TE Kellen Winslow
D Carolina
K Jeff Wilkins

6. I slept 8 hours last night. I don't do that very often, but my body is catching up. It was sure nice!

7. If you can't tell, I'm ready for football season to start.

8. Bring somebody to church with you this weekend. Quit making excuses and ask someone to join you. I have two ladies from Starbucks that I invited, and they said they were coming. Once again, most people will go to church if they're invited. DON'T COME ALONE THIS WEEKEND!

9. I love the staff I serve with.

10. I REALLY, REALLY LOVE MY WIFE AND KIDS! Thanks Tiff for being the best wife a man could ever have!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Invite A Friend This Weekend

We're kicking off the series God, Love & Sex this weekend. This is a must hear series for your friends and family. INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO DOESN'T ATTEND CHURCH!

Don't forget that this Saturday after the 6:30PM service we are having a cook-out, pony rides, petting zoo and inflatables for the kids. ALL OF THE FOOD AND ACTIVITIES ARE ABSOLUTELY, 100 PERCENT FREE! HAVE I SAID INVITE A FRIEND!

OK People's Church, here's the deal: Statistics say that most people who usually don't attend church would attend a service if they were ONLY invited. Get over your fear and invite that co-worker, neighbor, relative or friend who desperately needs to experience the love and forgiveness of our Heavenly Father. DON'T COME ALONE THIS WEEKEND! YOU HAVE TO INVITE SOMEONE TO CHURCH THIS WEEKEND!

Somebody's life is going to be changed for eternity because YOU INVITED THEM TO EXPERIENCE CHRIST AT PEOPLE'S CHURCH! Have I said invite someone to church with you this weekend! JUST DO IT!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pastor Friends

Me and three of my staff members spent yesterday in Corpus Christi, Texas, with Bil Cornelius and some of his Executive Team. Bil is the Senior Pastor of www.bayareafellowship.com. This church is tearing it up. Bil really stretched me. He is a man of faith. Bil will risk it all for the cause of Christ. I left inspired, challenged, motivated, pumped up and ready to lead People's Church to the next level. GET READY PEOPLE'S CHURCH, WE ARE GOING TO TEAR UP OKLAHOMA CITY FOR THE CAUSE OF CHRIST. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Weekend Update

1. The weather in Oklahoma was not good this weekend. The news was calling the weather an inland hurricane (whatever that is). Water was everywhere, tree branches snapped off big trees and they even shut down one of the interstates for awhile.

2. Of course, our crowd was down because of the weather, but we had really good services. We wrapped up Bling Bling with a bang! Be sure to check out the message online at www.peopleschurch.tv

3. Sixteen people gave their hearts to Christ this weekend. I really wondered if we would have guests because of the weather, but we did have some! I actually talked with several between services. Way to invite you friends to experience Christ!

4. I'm tired! It was a long weekend for the Cooper family. All three of our kids are a little under the weather. Thanks for praying for my little ones. They are so precious to me.

5. This coming up weekend we're beginning a brand new series called God, Love & Sex. Your friends, family and co-workers will dig this series! GET AS MANY PEOPLE TO CHURCH THIS WEEKEND!

6. Remember, we are having a cook-out after the 6:30PM Saturday night service. All of you who attend on Sunday come to the Saturday night service at 6:30PM, and let's have a blast eating together and letting the kids have fun with all the games and animals. PRAY THAT IT DOESN'T RAIN!


Friday, August 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I can't believe how fast the year is going.

2. We are doing some cleaning around the house today.

3. Bling Bling ends this weekend! We are receiving great testimonies from this series and from the Fix Your Finances Workshop.

4. God, Love & Sex begins next weekend. This is going to be a fun and enlightening series.

5. Friend’s Day is next weekend so invite a bunch of people you know who are not plugged into church.

6. Honor God and get baptized in water next weekend on Friend’s Day weekend.

7. I have another fantasy football draft this evening. It's another keeper league that I've been in for 3 or 4 years. I can't wait for football season to start.

8. My two sons came and laid in the bed with Tiffany and I first thing this morning as they normally do.

9. Don't miss this weekend! If you do, you are going to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


1. I studied for this weekends message. I got the message about 70 percent done. The illustrations in this message are really good. Don't miss this weekend's message titled Opportunity Of A Lifetime. I really believe this weekend is going to change your financial future forever.

2. I went to lunch with Scott Williams at Panera Bread. Scott is the campus pastor at Life Church's North West Campus. I've been able to connect with Scott a couple of times this year. I really love his spirit, forward thinking, passion for Christ and zeal for the church. Check out Scott's blog www.bigisthenewsmall.com

3. I went to the church office late in the afternoon to take care of a few details.

4. I came home and ate dinner with my family around our dining room table.

5. I'm living my dream everyday!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I am working hard at running People's Church through our Executive Team. Josh is over the operations and staff of People's Church, and Brian is over EVERYTHING that happens in the auditorium, and of course, that includes staff members that fall under that category (media, etc.). I meet once a week on Mondays with these two guys to keep a pulse on what I need to know and to make sure that we are headed in the right direction. I do not attend the weekly staff meeting on Tuesdays any more. I do not need to get bogged down in the day to day stuff. We have very capable and high quality leaders that do so many things better than I do them. I am simply getting out of the way and letting them lead. I will show up to our Tuesday staff meetings once a month and do a teaching to the ENTIRE staff for about an hour, and then I will leave staff meeting and let the executive guys do their thing.

God is doing a huge work in my heart. He's working in me so that He can work through me. We are making the right moves for People's Church to be a church of 4000 in the near future. I really do realize that I'm more effective and People's Church is much better off if I concentrate on doing a few things well and let the other leaders God has blessed this church with lead. I'm giving my attention to prayer, studying God's word, leadership and vision casting.

I'm so grateful to have such a great staff that I get to do ministry with on a daily basis. You guys and gals are really incredible. I MEAN THAT!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Michael Vick what were you thinking?

I had my first of three fantasy football drafts last night. I had a blast hanging out with some of our church folks and talking football. Fantasy football has become a fun outlet and source of fun for me. I love the strategy and competition involved in it. I also love to talk trash to our church people when I see them at church after a victory. When I lose, I AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE :)! This league is a 4 player keeper league, and it's our third year into the league. I've developed killer keepers over the last three years. My starting line up is one of the best I've ever had.

QB Matt Hasselback
RB Frank Gore
RB Shaun Alexander
WR Steve Smith
WR Terrell Owens
TE Kellen Winslow
K Neil Rackers
D Green Bay Packers

Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Update

1. My wife's mother was in town from Nebraska. Our kids love to see grandma.

2. I strained my voice a little during the 6:30PM Saturday night service. I got a little too excited :). My voice struggled a little during all three Sunday services but especially the 9:00 AM service.

3. Super Saturday went very well. The kids had at a blast at Super Saturday, and I saw parents connecting with one another. Those of you who attend on Sundays, be sure to check out Saturday night services the next couple of weeks, you'll love it. We had a lady who usually attends on Sundays come on Saturday night for the first time, and she told my wife that she really enjoyed it, and it sounds like she's going to start attending regularly on Saturdays. If you check out Saturday nights, I know you will feel the same way she did. Plus, we need 300 to 400 people who attend the 10:30AM and the 12:00PM service to make the switch to Saturday nights so that we can continue to reach more people for Christ this fall. Thanks church family for your passion to reach people who are far away from God. You guys are awesome!

4. 16 people gave their hearts to Christ! PRAISE GOD!

5. Bling Bling is going incredibly well! Don't miss the last teaching on how to fix your finances coming up this weekend. This teaching could change your financial future forever!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Today is my off day, and I'm excited to chill out today. My family has some fun things planned today.

2. This morning I woke up and my wife and 3 kids were all on the living room floor playing together. It was a precious sight to see.

3. Almost everyday when I come home from work, my two boys meet me at the garage door. Lately, they've actually been coming into the garage and meeting me right at the car door. That's a very cool feeling to have your kids pumped up to see you everyday.

4. I'm ready for football season. I have two fantasy football drafts next week.

5. I went on a date with my wife last night. We ate Mexican food. I haven't had Mexican in awhile, and it was awesome to feel my stomach bloated by all the chips, salsa and the fried Chimichanga.

6. I can't imagine life without following Jesus. My life would be a total wreck without Christ.

7. Bling Bling is helping so many people. Don't miss this weekend as we continue to learn how to fix our finances.

8. On Wednesday night, the fix your finances workshop was so crowded they had to put people in an overflow room. Way to go church family!

9. See you this weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Kids

1. Cale, who will turn 4 in December, is getting so big. It's amazing how quick kids grow. He talks so good and is full of energy. He loves trains and loves to play outside.

2. Cade, who turned 2 in May, is starting to talk where you can understand him. He is a small little fellow but full of energy like his brother. The two boys are best buddies. Cade constantly follows Cale around the house and imitates him.

3. Caris, who turns one this month, is so adorable. She is a pretty little baby. She is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen. She is always smiling. She's not walking or crawling yet. She is just content to have her brothers get stuff for her and to scoot across the floor on her belly.

4. I'm a proud daddy! I love my family!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Leadership Conference

I spoke at a leadership conference last night to around 1500 to 2000 pastors. My assignment was to share the story of People's Church and give some leadership insights to encourage pastors. It was fun remembering where God has brought us from.

Highlights from my talk last night:

A. I started People's Church in May 2002 when I was 26 years old (I turned 27 the next month). I really didn't have a clue what I was doing (I'M SERIOUS). I had never worked on a church staff before or been a senior pastor before. I was inadequate, inexperienced, scared and insecure.

B. After Tiffany and I started People's Church, we were exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally from the wear and tear of church planting. I had to travel and speak out to provide for my family for two years. The demanding schedule of trying to get a new church off the ground with no financial support or people support and having to travel to make ends meet and to help underwrite the church was a VERY TAXING season for Tiffany and I.

C. After we started People's Church, I was extremely discouraged. I thought the church would take off and run 400 to 500 in three to six months. The first three months of the church our Sunday attendance was between 40 and 60 people. How many of you know that's a long way from 500 people? I was discouraged and wondered if I had missed God's will for my life and ministry.

D. After we started People's Church, I felt like a failure. I hired a staff member in the first three or four months of the church and had to let them go in the first six weeks of their arrival to Oklahoma City because they were not a fit with our vision. In the first year of the church, I had a secretary quit and leave me a nasty note. I felt like a failure in more ways than one.

3 Things I've Learned So Far While Being A Senior Pastor (I've learned a lot more, but I only had time to share three)

1. You have to seek God and get His vision for your city and church and STICK WITH IT!

A. Don't let people sway you from the vision God has given you. God's not going to bless their ideas or complaints, he's going to bless the vision he's laid on your heart.

B. Don't allow a church bully to sway you from the vision God has given you. Every church will have someone or some people show up and try to bully and control the pastor and the direction of the church. Don't give in! Hold your ground and do what God has called you to do. How you handle the church bullies will be defining moments in your leadership.

2. We overestimate what God can do in the short run, and we underestimate what God can do in the long run. One of my mentors told me this two or three years ago, and boy, it's sure true.

3. People give up too quickly.

A. Too many pastors leave when the going gets tough instead of sticking to what God called them to do!

B. Galatians 6:9

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Exciting Things Happening

1. Tomorrow night our Business Administrator is starting a four week Fix Your Finances Workshop. He will be dealing with subjects like getting out of debt, establishing a budget, improving your credit score, etc. The workshop will be held at People's Church at 7PM and is ABSOLUTELY free. If you need help in your finances, don't miss this workshop.

2. The next three Saturday nights are Super Saturdays at People's Church. This coming Saturday after the 6:30PM service, we are having inflatable games for the kids. I WANT TO ENCOURAGE MANY OF YOU WHO ATTEND ON SUNDAYS TO CHECK OUT OUR SATURDAY NIGHT SERVICES AND LET YOUR KIDS HAVE A BLAST!

3. Friend’s Day weekend is August 25 & 26. We are expecting a record crowd on this weekend! School will be back in full swing the week leading up to Friends Day weekend, so everybody will be back in the saddle. We will be beginning a new 5 week series titled God, Love & Sex. START PRAYING AND INVITING YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WHO NEED CHRIST. THE FALL IS GOING TO BE OFF THE CHARTS! Also, after Saturday night services on Friend’s Day weekend, we are having a cookout, pony rides, a petting zoo and inflatable games. YOUR KIDS ARE GOING TO HAVE A SUPER FUN TIME, and you will have fun eating and hanging out with some new and old friends. START NOW INVITING AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN!!

4. On August 25 & 26, we will be baptizing people in all 5 weekend services. GET SIGNED AND GET DUNKED FOR JESUS! There's nothing like going public for Christ. I'm excited to see and celebrate with many of you as you get baptized in water! JUST DO IT!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Weekend Update

1. I'm really tired today. I didn't sleep well last night or on Saturday night. I hate when I don't sleep well. Oh well, God is good, and life goes on. I'm going to sleep like a champ tonight.

2. We had great services this weekend. Bling Bling is going really well. Let me give you a quick recap on this weekend’s message.

A. People are busting the bank financially. They are out of control in their financial
life. 5 Reasons why people bust the bank:

1. They are lost financially. Many people don't have a clue where they are or why they
are when it comes to their financial life.

2. They don't have any margin financially. Most people spend their entire pay check
every month (many even spend more than their pay check every month).

3. They don't track their spending. Most come to the end of the month and don't know
where all the money went because they don't track their spending.

4. They don't plan their spending. You have to pre-plan where you are going to send
your dollars.

5. People don't realize money is a spiritual issue. How you handle your finances is a
reflection of what's going on in your heart.

3. Over 30 people gave their heart to Christ!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I am already hearing great things about what God is doing through the series Bling Bling. God is going to really help people in the area of finances through this teaching. I'm so excited!

2. We had a huge number of people sign up for the Fixing Your Finances workshop beginning this Wednesday night at 7PM at People's Church. Our Business Administrator, who is a financial whiz, is teaching for four straight weeks to help you get out of debt, get on a budget, improve your credit score, etc. Be sure to sign up this weekend to assure you get a seat. There is a limited number of seats for this workshop.

3. I'm hanging out with my family today. I'm always excited to spend the day with my family. We are going to do a little shopping today and grab a bite to eat. It will be a fun and eventful day for the Cooper crew.

4. Football season is right around the corner. I'm ready for the season to start and to get the fantasy football action rolling!

5. I have a great team that I get to work with everyday. I'm very thankful for the high quality people the Lord has assembled to carry the vision of People's Church. Thanks team for all of your hard work, loyalty, friendship and passion to see lives transformed by the power of Christ! THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

6. I enjoy living life. I honestly believe there's no better life than whole heartedly following Christ! Life is a blast!

7. I can't believe it's already August. 2007 is flying by.

8. I'm excited about the future of People's Church. We are going to tear Oklahoma City up for the glory of God!

9. Invite everybody you can to attend this weekend's services!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007


I'm very exited for my Community Group to start meeting again on Monday. Our group took some time off during the summer, and I miss hanging out with the fellows. We have a great group that I really connect with. We are going to be studying the book Today Matters by John Maxwell.

I want to encourage everyone to get involved in one of our Community Groups. We are launching several new groups at Community Group University on Sunday night at 6PM at People's Church. Community Group University is an event where you can come and meet new friends and fellowship, eat great food from Zio's Italian Restaurant and get plugged into a Community Group. This is really a fun event, so don't miss out! You will have several different groups to choose from.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bling Bling...Fixing Your Finances

1. How would your life change if you were debt free (or at least debt free except for your home)?

2. How would your life change if you didn't spend as much as you earned in a year?

3. How would your life change if you knew to the penny how much you actually spend every month?

4. How would your life change if you actually knew WHERE all the money went to at the end of the month?

5. How would your life change if you didn't live with financial pressure?

6. How would your life change if you didn't live with worry and stress about your finances?

7. How would your life change if you knew you were investing properly for retirement?

8. How would your life change if financially you paid the price now to be financially free and played later instead of playing now and knowing you're going to pay later (never be financially free)?

9. How would your life change if you and your spouse didn't argue and have tension over finances?

Herbert, is it really possible for me to experience the above questions? ABSOLUTELY YES! Don't miss this weekend at People's Church and invite as many people as you can to get to People's Church. God is going to set so many people free this weekend! I'm EXCITED!