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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Green Peace

We are kicking off a new series this coming up Sunday called Green Peace: Peace For Your Finances. I’m so excited for God to help people experience financial peace during these difficult times! Check out this short promo video that our Media Team put together.

Green Peace from People's Church on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Today, I want to appreciate the pastors (directors) who serve on the People's Church staff. I want each of you to know that I greatly appreciate you. Your love for God and passion for the local church is unbelievable. Thank you so much for your hard work, faithfulness, friendship, loyalty and love. You all are so gifted, and I'm so grateful to serve alongside of you. I want you to know that you are appreciated! I love each of you and pray God's continued blessings upon your life and your family!

Senior pastors, be sure to let the pastors who serve with you know how much you appreciate them. A kind word of thanks or a small gift of appreciation is fuel for the soul!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Finding the Main Thing

Do you ever feel like you are putting in long hours, but seeing very little positive results? If your answer is yes, I can relate. Let me share with you something called the 80/20 principle.

80 percent of traffic jams occur on 20 percent of the roads.

80 percent of beer is consumed by 20 percent of drinkers.

80 percent of classroom participation comes from 20 percent of students.

80 percent of the time you wear 20 percent of your clothes.

80 percent of the profits come from only 20 percent of the customers.

80 percent of problems are generated by 20 percent of the employees.

80 percent of sales are generated by 20 percent of the salespeople.

80 percent of all decisions can be made on 20 percent of the information.

What this means is that the best 20 percent of your activities are sixteen times more productive than the remaining 80 percent. If you want to decrease the complexity of your life and increase your productivity, you need to focus on your top 20 percent. There is a good chance that you are (1) doing too many things, and (2) the things you are doing are often the wrong things. And this, my friend, is a recipe for an ineffective life! Find the main thing and invest your time there and watch your effectiveness increase. It is not enough to work hard! You have to work smart.

Thank you, www.tommysparger.com, for posting this on your blog last week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. There was a great move of God at People's Church!

2. I taught a message on miracles.

3. We switched up the order of service, and I taught after two songs of worship.

4. After I taught, we did two more worship songs, and our Prayer Team and staff prayed for the needs of people. It was a powerful time.

5. We sang the song Healer yesterday. That is a great song.

6. As I prayed with our people and heard their requests, I was reminded of how much people are going through. I had requests for cancer, job loss, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and much more. I was moved, broken and stirred as I prayed for the requests of our people.

7. I know God did many miracles!

8. Thank you, church family, for praying and fasting for our miracle experiences.

9. In our first experience, everything technically that could go wrong went wrong. Those moments are very frustrating for this pastor. AUGHHHHHHHHHH!

10. Things went much smoother in the second and third experiences.

11. I had a great time with my family this weekend. We went on a family date on Friday. My wife and I rented a Red Box movie and had a great time hanging out.

12. On Saturday, I had a nice, relaxing day.

13. My OU Sooners beat Kansas! Yea!

14. My Dallas Cowboys won again. Miles Austin might be the real deal!

15. The most important thing in my fantasy football leagues is I got a win in the league that I was 1-5. So now, I'm 2-5 and on my way to making the playoffs. There is no quit in the Coopster. I'm fighting till the very end, and I'm going to make the playoffs.

16. I'm very excited about our new series kicking off this Sunday called Green Peace: Peace For Your Finances!

17. I'm excited for our baptismal experience coming up Sunday. Get baptized in water if you haven't. God will bless you for it.

18. Be sure to turn your clock back one hour on Saturday night. The other option is you can get to church an hour early and pray!

19. Have a super Monday!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Be sure to get to church on time this Sunday (really every Sunday, because worship is always great). We are switching up the experience order, and I will be teaching towards the beginning of the experience.

2. After I teach a message on miracles, we will have more worship, and we will be praying for God to do miracles in people’s lives. It's going to be a Sunday of miracles!

3. Invite everybody you know that needs a miracle. God does the impossible!

4. Don't forget to pray and fast this week for God to move in a powerful way on Sunday.

5. We had around 350 people in Epic this week! God is doing something awesome in our youth ministry! Teenagers, stay hungry for God and keep inviting your friends to experience the life-changing power of Christ!

6. This Sunday we are launching a second junior high experience. Our junior high experiences on Sunday are now at 10:30AM and 12PM.

7. We are kicking off a new series on November 1st called Green Peace: Peace For Your Finances. I will be teaching you very practical things to help bring peace to your finances during these difficult times. This is going to be a great series. Your friends and family will find these practical tools very helpful.

8. Our Christmas series is going to be unbelievable! In the seven year history of the church, we have never done anything like this. During the month of December, we are going to have an orchestra perform, a special Christmas choir comprised of our church people, a Nutcracker performance, snow falling in the auditorium, a light show with cool music, possibly a children's choir and much, much more. This will be a Christmas season to remember at People's Church! It all begins Thanksgiving Sunday!

9. I am still undefeated in one fantasy league.

10. I am excited about what God is doing at People's Church!

11. I took my wife on a date last night. I always enjoy alone time with my bride.

12. It's going to be a great Thursday and weekend! See you on Sunday!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Church Growth Lessons

I am humbled by the way the Lord is blessing People's Church. We are growing at a staggering rate. This is the fastest rate our church has ever grown. Lives are being changed. Here are some lessons I'm learning during this season.

1. There is a price that is paid before growth occurs.

2. Many people don't see the price that was paid; they just see the growth that follows.

3. Growth exposes all of the weaknesses of your church and your leadership.

4. There are some people who can get you to one level but can't take you to the next level.

5. Managers are plentiful, and leaders are few.

6. God is the one who makes the church grow. One plants, one waters, but God brings the increase.

7. The planting and watering season is a lot of work.

8. Even when we are experiencing phenomenal growth, I'm still not satisfied, but I've learned to enjoy the journey.

9. Taking time off is critical. I can't teach every Sunday and lead at a high level. Most of our church will never know the leadership energy I spend on our church because they only see me on Sundays when I'm in my teaching mode.

10. There are tough decisions that have to be made to sustain what God is doing. These decisions can be painful.

11. I can't do ministry alone. I need my team more than ever before. I'm very blessed with some gifted and godly leaders that believe in the vision of PC as much as I do.

12. The larger we get, the more specialized the hires. We used to hire generalists (they needed to be good at a few things), but now we hire specialists (they need to be great at one thing).

13. I am learning like never before. I have people speaking into my life constantly. I can't learn enough.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Get A Promotion

1. Get your work done in a timely fashion without your boss having to look over your shoulder.

2. Don't make your boss have to tell you to do something twice.

3. Don't make your supervisor have to follow up with you to make sure your assignments are getting done.

4. Don't just do what's expected of you; go the extra mile. Do more than is expected of you.

5. Be the person your supervisor can count on and depend on to produce high quality results.

6. Occasionally ask your boss how you can be a better asset to them and the company.

7. Work with a great attitude.

8. Get along with your boss and the other employees.

9. Lighten your supervisor’s load instead of increasing their load. Don't add extra stress to your supervisor by being an under-performer.

10. Make the company money with your great ideas and production.

11. Make yourself irreplaceable by making yourself replaceable. Train others to do your job well.

12. Make the goal more important than the role. Be willing to do whatever it takes to make the company a success.

13. Be a person of integrity. Be honest, humble, trustworthy and a team player.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Update

1. It was another fun weekend at the Cooper house.

2. Even though my Sooners lost, we had a blast watching the game.

3. We hung out with Josh Brown's family. Josh is our Director of Operations at PC. His father-in-law made some awesome ribs! They were cooked so well that the meat fell off the bone! Thanks, Blows and Browns, for a great time.

4. We had a great day at PC! Our church is fired up to impact the next generation!

5. We are going to fight for this generation! We are not going to let the enemy have this talented generation. If you missed Sunday, please listen to the message. I spent time casting vision, and I shared my heart about reaching this generation for Christ.

6. Many people gave their hearts to Christ! GO GOD! Thank you, Jesus, for paying the price for our sins!

7. Many people signed up to invest, mentor and serve this generation! Thank you, PC, for your passion to impact this generation. We aren't going to just talk about it, we are going to do something about it.

8. This generation needs us! It's on!

9. This coming up Sunday I am teaching about miracles, and we are going to have a special time of prayer. It's going to be a day of miracles!

10. PC, don't forget to fast and pray extra for God to do miracles this Sunday, October 25. It's going to be a day of miracles!

11. My wife is an all-star follower of Christ, wife, mother and PC Kids teacher. Every Sunday, she teaches our 3 and 4 year-old kids. She is passionate about investing in this generation. I love that woman!

12. I love to hear my wife's stories about the kids she teaches every week. They are too funny.

13. Bring your teenager and all of their friends to PC on Wednesday night. Epic Student Ministries is going to rock! God is doing something special in Epic, and you don't want your teen to miss it!

14. Next Wednesday night, October 28, is Cram Night at Epic! You better not miss it for anything!

15. Teenage Love was a great miniseries for our church. I am passionate about this God-given vision!

16. We have to wake up, toughen up, dream up and sign up! They need us! Listen to the message!

17. One of my fantasy teams needs prayer. I'm 1-5. I started Hasselbeck over Schaub, and it lost me another game. I have a good team and can't get a win. I will win this week in all my other 5 leagues. I'm having a good season in all my other leagues. I will make the playoffs in the league I'm 1-5. I'm determined. There is no quit in me!

18. God is good, and life is a gift! I'm going to live this thing to the fullest for Christ!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Teenage Love is in full effect! This miniseries is crucial to the future of our church.

2. We must reach teenagers and partner with parents in helping them raise their students.

3. This Sunday, I am wrapping up Teenage Love with a powerful message. God has laid some things on my heart that I can't wait to share with you. Be there! You football fans, be sure you drive back home from Stillwater and Dallas after the football games so that you don't miss this critical message.

4. Parents, way to bring your teenagers to Epic! It is very important for the spiritual life of your teenager that you have them involved in the youth ministry. It can't be optional. They need to connect with God and other students in a worship experience. Positive peer pressure is a great thing. You can't ever go wrong exposing your teenager to Jesus!

5. Teenagers, way to bring your friends to Epic! I'm praying that all of your friends and your entire school would be on fire for Jesus! Keep inviting your friends to Epic and watch God change their lives.

6. I am very passionate about kids and youth ministry! PC will always put a great deal of attention, time, money and staff towards our kids and teenagers. They deserve the best.

7. We had over 300 people in Epic this week, and there were several students who made commitments to Christ!

8. Invite some teenagers and their parents to church this Sunday as I conclude Teenage Love!

9. For Sunday, October 25, we are moving the experience schedule around. I will be speaking very early in the experiences, and some of the worship will be after I speak. Please be on time to church so that you can hear this message and allow God to build your faith.

10. On Sunday, October 25, I am teaching a message on miracles, and we are going to pray for God to do a miracle in your life. I'm already praying for God to show up in a big way! Next week, our staff and church will be fasting at least one meal and praying and believing God to do great things in your life. Come expecting a miracle on October 25! It's going to be a day of miracles!

11. On Sunday, October 25, invite everybody you know who needs a miracle! God is a miracle-working God, and He still does the impossible!

12. On Sunday, November 1, we will be baptizing people in all three experiences! Get signed up on Sunday and be obedient to the command of Christ! God will richly bless you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haymon Alexander

Today is a sad and joyful day. Today is the funeral of Haymon Alexander. Last week, Haymon died after a battle with Leukemia. Haymon and his wife Lora have been at People's Church since the very beginning days. Haymon will always have a very special place in my heart. Let me share some things about Haymon that inspired me.

1. Haymon had been married to his wife Lora for over 40 years.

2. Haymon and Lora were with us seven years ago back in the AMC Movie Theaters when we were meeting in a theater that sat 120 people and were running 40 to 60 people in attendance.

3. Haymon was the best greeter our church has ever had. We have great greeters, but Haymon topped the cake. When our church was smaller, Haymon hugged and greeted everybody. As the church grew, he still greeted as many people as he could. He was truly a difference maker.

4. Haymon always took time to talk to people at church. He loved everybody.

5. Haymon went the extra mile. He was passionate about making a difference.

6. Haymon loved People's Church. He believed in the vision and mission of the church. As a pastor, this is priceless.

7. In this consumerist church world we live in, where people shop for a church like buying a car and then trade it in every two years, Haymon put down roots at PC to help make a God-given vision come to pass.

8. Haymon didn't always like the style of music and the rapid growth and change of People's Church, but he laid aside insignificant things to focus on what really mattered. Haymon was Kingdom-minded, passionate about reaching the un-churched and was super committed to one local church.

9. Haymon was always inviting people to church. There are many people who attend PC today because Haymon invited them. I'm sure that many people will be in heaven one day because of Haymon's enthusiasm to talk about what God was doing at PC.

10. Haymon, tears are in my eyes as I finish this post. Thank you for your commitment to God, your family and the local church. My prayer is that God would give PC more Haymons, and that we will continue to aggressively reach this city for Christ! We will all miss you, Haymon, and I can't wait to party with you in heaven one day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Funny Teenage Love

Our Media Team did it again! They did a second version of teenage love, and it was super funny. We showed part two this past Sunday. Check out this short and funny video our team put together.

Teenage Love Pt. 2 from People's Church on Vimeo.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a fun, but whirlwind, week and weekend.

2. Let me begin by backing up to Tuesday. On Tuesday evening, I flew to Atlanta and spoke at the Catalyst Conference on Wednesday afternoon. I always enjoy the opportunity to invest the things that God has taught me with other pastors and leaders.

3. On Tuesday night, I got to eat a late dinner with one of my old college buddies. We are still good friends today. Thanks, Matt, for your great friendship throughout the years.

4. On Thursday morning, I got to hear Andy Stanley speak at Catalyst. I then headed to the Atlanta airport and took a flight to Springfield, MO.

5. My wife and kids drove up from Oklahoma City and met me in Springfield, MO so that we could spend the weekend together.

6. On Friday morning, I was given an award from Evangel University, the university I graduated from in 1997. I am humbled that the university chose me to be the Outstanding Young Alumnus for 2009. The award is given to one former graduate who is under the age of 35. I'm 34, so I still qualified! :). Thank you again, Evangel, for selecting me.

7. On Friday night, my wife and I went out to eat dinner with some of our very close friends.

8. On Saturday afternoon, my family and I went to the Homecoming football game to see Evangel University play some ball. I did the invocation (a fancy word for opening prayer).

9. On Saturday night, Tiffany and I went to the Evangel Homecoming Banquet. It was a great banquet. We had a lot of fun and connected with some old friends.

10. On Sunday morning around 7:40AM we headed home from Springfield, MO. We only had to make one restroom stop on the trip home. That's super good with four kids age 5 and under. We arrived home around 12PM.

11. I watched football the rest of the day Sunday.

12. In one fantasy league I'm 1-4. I have a very good team but can't put it together. Actually, every week I play a team and they have their best week ever against me. In all my other leagues I'm doing OK. I am still going to make the playoffs in the league I'm 1-4. I'm a fighter. There is no quit in the Coopster.

13. Chris, our Student Ministries Director, did an outstanding job speaking at People's Church yesterday. Parents, bring your teens to Epic Student Ministries on Wednesday night.

14. I will be concluding our miniseries Teenage Love this Sunday. Bring a bunch of teenagers and their parents with you to church on Sunday!

15. Go OU Sooners and Dallas Cowboys. Miles Austin may be our new go to receiver.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bring A Teen

This Sunday, be sure to bring a teen and their family to People’s Church as we begin our series Teenage Love.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Teenage Love Begins This Sunday

This is one of the funniest promo videos our church has ever done. The star of the video is our Student Ministries Director, Chris Smith. His co-star is Andy Wynn, our Media Director. The guy you see at the very end is our Director of Operations, Josh Brown. Get ready to laugh your head off!

Teenage Love Promo from People's Church on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When I Was A Teenager I Wish....

1. I would have paid attention to my relationship with God from 13 to 16 years of age

2. I would not have been sexually active

3. I would have had spiritual mentors when I was 13 to 16

4. I would have been consumed with God as much as I was with sports

5. I would have known that making the varsity team wasn't near as important in life as making good grades

6. I would have had more nurturing relationships with some of the adults in my life

7. I would have learned how to handle money. I can't believe I graduated high school and nobody taught me how to balance a checkbook or about how credit cards work

8. I would have known that trying to be cool and in the “in” crowd is goofy and a waste of time

9. I would have known that many of the decisions I made in high school would affect my future (some good and some bad)

I did this post in honor of our new series kicking off this Sunday called Teenage Love! This is going to be a very helpful and eye-opening series. Invite all the teens you know and their parents to People's Church this Sunday.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. On Sunday I preached an illustrative message titled Highway Out Of Hell.

2. This was one of the most moving and thought-provoking messages I've ever preached.

3. The beginning of my message was a funeral service. We had a casket, pallbearers and I wore a bishop’s robe. The auditorium was completely dark except for a spotlight on the pallbearers who walked the casket down the center aisle, and there was also a spotlight on me as I was standing on the stage.

4. As the pallbearers walked the casket from the back of the auditorium all the way to the front of the building, the Boys II Men song It's So Hard To Say Good-Bye To Yesterday was pumping throughout the auditorium.

5. We also had funeral flowers on the stage and pulpit.

6. I read an obituary, and the way that our Creative Team wrote it, made it seem like it was YOUR personal funeral. Instead of a name, it said YOU, and it made the obituary very personal. There were people crying uncontrollably as I read the obituary! It was a very moving and reflecting moment!

7. I wept uncontrollably because my Oklahoma Sooners lost again! Ok, not really, but I was mad!

8. I took 3 of my kids to Chuck-E-Cheese on Friday. My kids had a blast, and I had a fun time watching them have a blast.

9. Sunday morning was really rainy in Oklahoma City.

10. I love coming home after church and watching football. I ate a grilled cheese sandwich and chips and enjoyed some good football.

11. What's the deal with the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo!??

12. Brian, Andy, Hilary, Jessica and the entire Production Team, way to go! Because of your ideas, sermon research, stage set designs, videos, camera shots, lighting and hard work we are creating unforgettable experiences for people in the OKC metro area. I am very grateful for all of your talents and hard work. Jesus is changing lives through you all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Sunday I am teaching an illustrated message to wrap up the Wicked series.

2. You better not miss Sunday. We have a surprise planned that will catch you off guard, and it will be thought-provoking and moving all at the same time.

3. All I'm going to tell you is the illustrated message involves the casket we used last week. We surprised you last week, and you better get ready for another surprise.

4. This is going to be a very evangelistic message, so invite all of your friends and family to church to experience the life-changing power of Christ.

5. Some weeks, blogging is a lot of work, and this is one of those weeks.

6. My fantasy football teams are doing average. In two leagues I'm 3-0. In two other leagues I'm 2-1, and in my last two leagues I'm 1-2.

7. BOOMER SOONER! Oklahoma, please spank Miami on Saturday.

8. I'm still not very impressed with my Dallas Cowboys even though we beat Carolina on Monday night.

9. I can't believe today is October 1st. Where has the year gone?

10. I had some great times of dreaming about the future of People's Church this week. Exciting days are ahead of us!

11. I'm going to spend a lot of time with my family on Friday and Saturday.

12. This Sunday is an illustrated message titled Highway Out Of Hell! Don't you dare miss it or come by yourself.