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Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. There was a great move of God at People's Church!

2. I taught a message on miracles.

3. We switched up the order of service, and I taught after two songs of worship.

4. After I taught, we did two more worship songs, and our Prayer Team and staff prayed for the needs of people. It was a powerful time.

5. We sang the song Healer yesterday. That is a great song.

6. As I prayed with our people and heard their requests, I was reminded of how much people are going through. I had requests for cancer, job loss, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and much more. I was moved, broken and stirred as I prayed for the requests of our people.

7. I know God did many miracles!

8. Thank you, church family, for praying and fasting for our miracle experiences.

9. In our first experience, everything technically that could go wrong went wrong. Those moments are very frustrating for this pastor. AUGHHHHHHHHHH!

10. Things went much smoother in the second and third experiences.

11. I had a great time with my family this weekend. We went on a family date on Friday. My wife and I rented a Red Box movie and had a great time hanging out.

12. On Saturday, I had a nice, relaxing day.

13. My OU Sooners beat Kansas! Yea!

14. My Dallas Cowboys won again. Miles Austin might be the real deal!

15. The most important thing in my fantasy football leagues is I got a win in the league that I was 1-5. So now, I'm 2-5 and on my way to making the playoffs. There is no quit in the Coopster. I'm fighting till the very end, and I'm going to make the playoffs.

16. I'm very excited about our new series kicking off this Sunday called Green Peace: Peace For Your Finances!

17. I'm excited for our baptismal experience coming up Sunday. Get baptized in water if you haven't. God will bless you for it.

18. Be sure to turn your clock back one hour on Saturday night. The other option is you can get to church an hour early and pray!

19. Have a super Monday!