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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When I Was A Teenager I Wish....

1. I would have paid attention to my relationship with God from 13 to 16 years of age

2. I would not have been sexually active

3. I would have had spiritual mentors when I was 13 to 16

4. I would have been consumed with God as much as I was with sports

5. I would have known that making the varsity team wasn't near as important in life as making good grades

6. I would have had more nurturing relationships with some of the adults in my life

7. I would have learned how to handle money. I can't believe I graduated high school and nobody taught me how to balance a checkbook or about how credit cards work

8. I would have known that trying to be cool and in the “in” crowd is goofy and a waste of time

9. I would have known that many of the decisions I made in high school would affect my future (some good and some bad)

I did this post in honor of our new series kicking off this Sunday called Teenage Love! This is going to be a very helpful and eye-opening series. Invite all the teens you know and their parents to People's Church this Sunday.