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Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a fun, but whirlwind, week and weekend.

2. Let me begin by backing up to Tuesday. On Tuesday evening, I flew to Atlanta and spoke at the Catalyst Conference on Wednesday afternoon. I always enjoy the opportunity to invest the things that God has taught me with other pastors and leaders.

3. On Tuesday night, I got to eat a late dinner with one of my old college buddies. We are still good friends today. Thanks, Matt, for your great friendship throughout the years.

4. On Thursday morning, I got to hear Andy Stanley speak at Catalyst. I then headed to the Atlanta airport and took a flight to Springfield, MO.

5. My wife and kids drove up from Oklahoma City and met me in Springfield, MO so that we could spend the weekend together.

6. On Friday morning, I was given an award from Evangel University, the university I graduated from in 1997. I am humbled that the university chose me to be the Outstanding Young Alumnus for 2009. The award is given to one former graduate who is under the age of 35. I'm 34, so I still qualified! :). Thank you again, Evangel, for selecting me.

7. On Friday night, my wife and I went out to eat dinner with some of our very close friends.

8. On Saturday afternoon, my family and I went to the Homecoming football game to see Evangel University play some ball. I did the invocation (a fancy word for opening prayer).

9. On Saturday night, Tiffany and I went to the Evangel Homecoming Banquet. It was a great banquet. We had a lot of fun and connected with some old friends.

10. On Sunday morning around 7:40AM we headed home from Springfield, MO. We only had to make one restroom stop on the trip home. That's super good with four kids age 5 and under. We arrived home around 12PM.

11. I watched football the rest of the day Sunday.

12. In one fantasy league I'm 1-4. I have a very good team but can't put it together. Actually, every week I play a team and they have their best week ever against me. In all my other leagues I'm doing OK. I am still going to make the playoffs in the league I'm 1-4. I'm a fighter. There is no quit in the Coopster.

13. Chris, our Student Ministries Director, did an outstanding job speaking at People's Church yesterday. Parents, bring your teens to Epic Student Ministries on Wednesday night.

14. I will be concluding our miniseries Teenage Love this Sunday. Bring a bunch of teenagers and their parents with you to church on Sunday!

15. Go OU Sooners and Dallas Cowboys. Miles Austin may be our new go to receiver.