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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. This Sunday, we are wrapping up our Sexual Revolution series with a message titled Great Sex! You will hear from both Tiffany and me.

2. March 7 is our 2-year anniversary of the CRAZY Campaign. Time flies by! Let's all pray about what God would have us give during the last year of CRAZY.

3. On March 14, we are kicking off a 3-week series called HUSH! This series is going to address our mouth and how important it is to our relationship with God and others. This is going to be a very impacting series.

4. I can't believe March 1st is Monday.

5. Whenever I speak out of state and still have to get ready for the weekend at People's Church, it makes for an unusually busy week.

6. I had a great time speaking at Southwestern University yesterday. It is located outside of Dallas, TX. I was impressed with some of their facilities.

7. Easter and the entire month of April are going to be awesome and have many creative elements.

8. Snow, cold, rain, sleet, ice: go away! Spring is almost here!

9. People's Church ministered to over 450 junior high & high school students this week. Great job to Chris, our Student Ministries Director, Juan, our Student Ministries Associate, and to all of the youth leaders. We must invest the Gospel into this great generation. Way to go, team! You are doing a super job!

10. Great Sex on Sunday! What does God have to say about this subject? Be there Sunday!

11. It is important to take your time to train and develop new employees on your church’s or company’s core values & DNA. This takes time and must be intentional.

12. Your church’s culture is different from other churches, and you need to make sure new hires understand the culture and the pace of your church.

13. God is putting together a great team at PC!

14. I'm so excited for the future!

15. Thanks again to Ed Young for the Sexual Revolution idea and to Ed Young & Chris Hodges for some of the content.

16. I can't wait for Sunday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craziest Wedding Vows Ever

This past Sunday, our church did a skit and a Beyonce song to show how many people view wedding vows and marriage. WARNING: This is the raw reality, so get ready! Thanks to New Spring Church in Anderson, SC for the idea.

Wedding Skit from People's Church on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Pastor, Sex & His Wife

This Sunday at People's Church we will be wrapping up the series Sexual Revolution. Tiffany and I will be teaching what God's Word has to say about having great sex in a marriage relationship. It's going to be a great Sunday talking about this sacred gift that God has given to married couples. Check out this video promo that my wife and I shot to promote this talk!

Sexual Revolution - Week 4 from People's Church on Vimeo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. We can't get good Sunday weather for anything. I miss Mr. Sun and am ready for the snow, ice, rain and cold to leave. This weather makes me long for springtime!

2. Had a great Sunday at PC! Tons of lives were changed!

3. Even on a cold and rainy day in OKC, we were over 1100 people bigger than last year on the same Sunday.

4. The wedding skit we did yesterday was great. The Beyonce song Irreplaceable at the end of the skit was super funny. We drove home the lies of the enemy with this skit. Great job, team.

5. We may put the skit on my blog this week. Stay tuned.

6. Yesterday’s message topic was heavy. In one service, you could hear a pin drop. Pastors, we are called by God to share the truth in love and with grace. God is working in a great way at PC!

7. Our Volunteer Banquet on Friday night was so fun! Thank you, volunteers, for all you do to advance God's Kingdom and to see more changed lives! We will show the video again this Sunday. If you missed it, be there Sunday and get ready to laugh and be appreciated by our staff.

8. It was a Red Box movie weekend for me and my wife.

9. I played Mario Cart on the Wii with my two oldest boys, and they embarrassed me. I hate to admit it, but those boys made their dad look very bad. :)

10. Follow me on twitter @herbertcooper.

11. This Sunday, my wife and I are going to be talking about how to have a great sex life.

12. We handed out CRAZY March Madness brochures at the end of the experiences. I can't believe our two-year anniversary is coming up on March 7. How time flies! PC, be praying about what God would have you to give over and above the Lord's tithe over the last year of the CRAZY Campaign. Also, be praying and come prepared to give your best offering over and above the Lord's tithe to the CRAZY Campaign on March 7. It's all about MORE CHANGED LIVES! Our future is so, so bright!

13. I have a busy week, but I am pumped about it! Have a super Monday!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. I can't wait for Sunday! We are doing an awesome illustrated message! I've titled Sunday's talk The Wedding Crashers! It's going to be a life-changing day!

2. In March, we are going to do a three-week series called HUSH! Our mouth plays such an important role in our walk with God and success in life.

3. Our Creative Team has been working hard on our April series. On Easter, we have tons of surprises and creative elements! At PC, you always have to expect the unexpected! Easter is going to be a great day at PC! All I'm saying is get to church early on Easter and GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!

4. Also during our April series titled Courageous...Living The Extraordinary Life, we are going to have a nationally recognized poet, a stomp group, incredible music and much more! Most importantly, we are going to be teaching God's Word, the Holy Spirit will be working in hearts and God is going to change a lot of lives! It's going to be exciting!

5. My Oklahoma Sooners basketball team isn’t very good this year. We’ve got to get better and get some good recruits into our program.

6. I'm very happy with my Oklahoma City Thunder. This team is looking good. I want us to make the playoffs! Go Thunder!

7. I really love the team that God is putting together at People's Church. I'm so grateful for these men and women who are on staff at PC. Those closest to you determine your success, and I have some super stars, who love God, love God's church and love reaching those who are far from God, working around me. I'm forever grateful to serve with such a unified and hard working team!

8. My kids are growing up so fast. They are so much fun! My youngest son, Case, is a handful. He is so different than the other two boys. Being a daddy is so much fun and is a huge responsibility. More than anything, I want my kids to love God with all of their hearts.

9. My wife is my best friend. I really fall more in love with her every day. We make such a great team. She understands me like no one else. She has such a passion for God and to make an impact in people’s lives for Christ. I'm so blessed with a Proverbs 31 woman. I love you, Sweet Pea!

10. Tiffany and I and the entire staff of PC are so looking forward to hanging out with all of the PC volunteers this Friday night at 7PM at the People's Church building. The Volunteer Banquet is going to be so much fun. With great food, enjoyable entertainment and great fellowship, it will be a night to remember!

11. God continues to work deeply in my heart. I want to be all that He wants me to be. Becoming is more important than doing!

12. My best prayer times are in the morning.

13. Sexual Revolution week 3 is this Sunday. If I were you, I wouldn't miss this Sunday for anything, and I would invite somebody to join me! It will be an unforgettable experience!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kirk Franklin Confesses Pornography Addiction

On Sunday, we showed this video of Kirk Franklin talking about how he got free from a long battle with a pornography addiction. Confessing our sins to another believer who can pray for us and hold us accountable is key to our healing and freedom (James 5:16).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Will Blow You Away

This Sunday, I am teaching an illustrated message that will blow you away. The Production Team at People's Church has been coordinating with me for the past month to pull off this powerful illustrated message. You better not miss this Sunday! Check out the short promo video we showed on Sunday. Sexual Revolution week 3.....Get READY!

Sexual Revolution Week 3 from People's Church on Vimeo.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It snowed again this weekend. This weather is something else.

2. My good friend, Terry Kelley, and his family were in Oklahoma City for a few days. Terry is the Worship Pastor of a church of 6000 in Fort Collins, CO.

3. Terry and I both used to travel full-time. Terry was a traveling worship leader, and I was a traveling speaker. We did a lot of events together.

4. Terry and I even shared an office and a secretary when we both lived in Springfield.

5. My wife and I love to hang out with Terry and his family. We ate several meals together, and they came to our home on Saturday and hung out for several hours.

6. I taught a message on LUST. God did a great work in the lives of people! I am confident that many people are taking the steps to live a life of freedom from the bondage of lust and pornography.

7. My wife and I went out on a date on Thursday night and ate sushi. It was good stuff.

8. This coming up Sunday, we are doing one of the most powerful and creative illustrative messages we’ve ever done. It's a first for People's Church, and you better not miss it.

9. The OKC Thunder’s Kevin Durant had a good showing in his first All-Star game.

10. In my message yesterday, I did an illusion. The lights went completely dark while I was teaching, and I exited the back of the stage. Someone else walked on, and people thought it was still me on the stage. I kept talking in the mic, went down the hallway and came back into the auditorium through the back doors. As soon as I walked into the auditorium the lights all came back on, and people realized that it wasn't me on the stage. People were shocked to see me walking up the aisle as I continued to teach on darkness. I drove home the point that deceptive things happen in darkness. Lust gets out of control when you keep it a secret. One of the major keys to freedom is that you have to bring it to the light and confess it to somebody. It was a powerful illustration.

11. Have a super Monday! The weather is good in OKC! I like sunny days.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. I have a busy day today.

2. Today, I have to finish Sunday's message, get a haircut, attend Lynn Wheeler Ministries’ board lunch & meeting, work on next week’s message, have a phone appointment with a church planter, and do a run through with our Production Team for Sunday's message.

3. I don't like my schedule to be that full in a day, but sometimes that's how the ball rolls, and it will be fun seeing some of my friends today!

4. God is working in me. I have so far to go, and I love the fact that after all these years of serving God that He is still working deeply in my life. Oh Lord, have your way in me!

5. I'm very humbled by the staff that God has put together. The Executive Team is top notch. Our Directors are high caliber folks. Our Administrative Team is awesome. What makes me so humbled and blessed about these folks is that all of them love God and they love PC!

6. Last night at The Wednesday Connection, I saw Leiha, one of our admin staff leading a junior high small group. I saw Rachel, one of our admin staff, leading worship in the high school youth experience. I saw several staff wives teaching our kids and leading kid small groups. This team is sold out to seeing more changed lives, and I feel so blessed to have such a quality team! Thank you for your passion!

7. My wife is doing an awesome job leading the women's Bible study! I love that woman!

8. I'm super pumped for Sunday as we continue the series Sexual Revolution!

9. What does the People's Church team have planned for this Sunday? I can't tell you, but you better be there! Expect the unexpected at PC!

10. Invite someone to hear God's take on sex this Sunday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tony T Does It Again

I taught a message on Work Life during the last week of the series The Game Of Life! Listen to Tony T's advice on work, and get ready to laugh!

Tony T's Work Life Training from People's Church on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Single Ladies Performance

On Sunday our Production, Music and Worship Teams performed a version of Beyonce's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). I followed the performance by teaching a message with the same title! It was an unforgettable experience, and many lives were changed!

Single Ladies from People's Church on Vimeo.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. We had a great day at PC! Many people gave their lives to Christ!

2. We had a record attendance - right at 3300!

3. Many people were baptized in water! Way to go public for God, and way to be obedient to God!

4. Worship is awesome! The presence of God was so real!

5. I taught a message titled If You Want It Put A Ring On It. I know God used the message to change lives and to draw people closer to Him!

6. Right before I taught the message, our Production Team, musicians and singers performed a version of the Beyonce song, Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It). We had 3 lady dancers doing the dance routine with wedding dresses, white gloves and a wedding ring on. This helped to drive home the message that if you want it, then put a ring on it! Way to go, team! I'm so proud of you all!

7. During this series, we have a bed and fireplace on the stage. The stage set looks great.

8. Every week of this series is going to be great! We are just getting warmed up!

9. I barked like a dog several times during the message. You had to be there. Our church laughed like crazy, and I drove home the point with very true illustrations. Listen or watch on the website www.peopleschurch.tv. The message should be up later today or tomorrow for sure.

10. The Executive Team and their families came to my home for a great Super Bowl party. I love the team I serve with!

11. I ate really bad last night. It will take two days to wash all that junk out of my system. I feel nasty today. I don't know if it was worth it. :)

12. Congrats to the Saints! They played very well last night!

13. I do like the Colts. They have a great organization and one of the best quarterbacks ever, but I was pulling for the Saints.

14. PC, start inviting people to church for this coming up Sunday. So many people need and want to hear God's take on sex.

15. Thanks to Ed Young for the Sexual Revolution idea.

16. The best is yet to come! Have a super Monday, folks!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday Big Day Download

1. Ok folks, BIG Day, this Sunday, is coming up quickly. It's going to be an unforgettable experience.

2. We have a special performance to set up Sunday's message, and it is awesome. I can't tell you what it is! I mean, you just have to be at PC and experience it. Ok, I will give you a hint, but even the hint is not enough to imagine what is going to happen. Here is your hint: Beyonce. All I'm saying is be there!

3. PC Peeps, I hope you are inviting everybody you know for Big Day! I'm praying that your friends & family will experience the life-changing power of Christ on Sunday.

4. I encourage you to plan on meeting your first-time guest friends at PC before the experience starts and show them the ropes. You can show them where everything is and how to check in their kids if needed. Help your guest have an unforgettable experience by connecting with them before everything kicks off.

5. I also want to encourage you to connect with your guest after the PC experience is over. Go to the lobby with them and hang out and ask them if they have any questions. Better yet, invite them out to brunch or lunch or to your home that evening for a Super Bowl party.

6. If your guest is seeking how to have a relationship with Christ, tell them to attend Starting Point or Next class. Details, dates and location are in the bulletin they will receive on Sunday.

7. If you were not able to connect with your friend immediately following church, be sure to give them a call later that day, or at least by Monday, to follow-up with them and answer questions they may have.

8. If your friend enjoyed the experience, be sure to invite them back for February 14 to experience the life-changing power of Christ.

9. Join me in praying for great attendance and lives to be changed!

10. Also, join me in praying for great weather on Sunday.

11. Go to the website www.peopleschurch.tv, click on invite and send an email invite to your friends.

12. Come to church on Sunday ready to worship and connect with God! It's going to be a BIG DAY! I can't wait to see all that God is going to do!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Day

This Sunday is Big Day! We are asking everyone who attends People's Church to be at church on Sunday and to invite or even better bring someone with you to church. Click here for a special e-vite to send to your friends and family. If you are a follower of Christ and haven't been baptized in water, email Anita@peopleschurch.tv today. We will be baptizing people this Sunday in all three experiences. Check out this short promo video for Big Day! Each one reach one!

Big Day from People's Church on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The media talks about sex. The movie stars talk about sex. The musicians & artists talk about sex. The world talks about sex. The Church must talk about sex. This Sunday we are kicking off a four week series called Sexual Revolution. We will be talking about God's take on sex. Check out this short promotional video of the new series and get a glimpse of the incredible performance that will be taking place on Sunday! Sunday will be an unforgettable experience! BIG DAY!

Sexual Revolution from People's Church on Vimeo.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. Ice & snow was the highlight of the weekend.

2. We got ice all day on Thursday & snow all day on Friday. On Sunday, we got drizzle and light snow. What is up with this weather?

3. We had to reschedule the Volunteer Banquet. The new date is February 19 at 7PM at People's Church.

4. Schools were canceled on Thursday and Friday.

5. Many churches canceled Sunday services.

6. We stayed open as usual, and our crowd was down some. But we had an unforgettable experience!

7. The Production Team and singers performed the Dolly Parton song 9 To 5 before I taught a message on Work Life.

8. People gave their lives to Christ in all three experiences.

9. We work for God, not for man.

10. We should work with integrity and a great attitude and go the extra mile.

11. God is the same God Monday morning that He is Sunday morning! Work with all your heart unto the Lord.

12. The ice knocked out our Direct TV Saturday evening, and it is still out. I rented some movies for the family, and we've enjoyed some quiet moments as well.

13. I'm super pumped about Big Day this coming up Sunday. Each one reach one! INVITE!

14. We are kicking off our new series Sexual Revolution on Sunday! We are going to find out God's take on sex!

15. We took the kids outside on Saturday to play in the snow. I had a mean snowball fight with my kids. I dominated them! :)