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Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It snowed again this weekend. This weather is something else.

2. My good friend, Terry Kelley, and his family were in Oklahoma City for a few days. Terry is the Worship Pastor of a church of 6000 in Fort Collins, CO.

3. Terry and I both used to travel full-time. Terry was a traveling worship leader, and I was a traveling speaker. We did a lot of events together.

4. Terry and I even shared an office and a secretary when we both lived in Springfield.

5. My wife and I love to hang out with Terry and his family. We ate several meals together, and they came to our home on Saturday and hung out for several hours.

6. I taught a message on LUST. God did a great work in the lives of people! I am confident that many people are taking the steps to live a life of freedom from the bondage of lust and pornography.

7. My wife and I went out on a date on Thursday night and ate sushi. It was good stuff.

8. This coming up Sunday, we are doing one of the most powerful and creative illustrative messages we’ve ever done. It's a first for People's Church, and you better not miss it.

9. The OKC Thunder’s Kevin Durant had a good showing in his first All-Star game.

10. In my message yesterday, I did an illusion. The lights went completely dark while I was teaching, and I exited the back of the stage. Someone else walked on, and people thought it was still me on the stage. I kept talking in the mic, went down the hallway and came back into the auditorium through the back doors. As soon as I walked into the auditorium the lights all came back on, and people realized that it wasn't me on the stage. People were shocked to see me walking up the aisle as I continued to teach on darkness. I drove home the point that deceptive things happen in darkness. Lust gets out of control when you keep it a secret. One of the major keys to freedom is that you have to bring it to the light and confess it to somebody. It was a powerful illustration.

11. Have a super Monday! The weather is good in OKC! I like sunny days.