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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. I can't wait for Sunday! We are doing an awesome illustrated message! I've titled Sunday's talk The Wedding Crashers! It's going to be a life-changing day!

2. In March, we are going to do a three-week series called HUSH! Our mouth plays such an important role in our walk with God and success in life.

3. Our Creative Team has been working hard on our April series. On Easter, we have tons of surprises and creative elements! At PC, you always have to expect the unexpected! Easter is going to be a great day at PC! All I'm saying is get to church early on Easter and GET READY, GET READY, GET READY!

4. Also during our April series titled Courageous...Living The Extraordinary Life, we are going to have a nationally recognized poet, a stomp group, incredible music and much more! Most importantly, we are going to be teaching God's Word, the Holy Spirit will be working in hearts and God is going to change a lot of lives! It's going to be exciting!

5. My Oklahoma Sooners basketball team isn’t very good this year. We’ve got to get better and get some good recruits into our program.

6. I'm very happy with my Oklahoma City Thunder. This team is looking good. I want us to make the playoffs! Go Thunder!

7. I really love the team that God is putting together at People's Church. I'm so grateful for these men and women who are on staff at PC. Those closest to you determine your success, and I have some super stars, who love God, love God's church and love reaching those who are far from God, working around me. I'm forever grateful to serve with such a unified and hard working team!

8. My kids are growing up so fast. They are so much fun! My youngest son, Case, is a handful. He is so different than the other two boys. Being a daddy is so much fun and is a huge responsibility. More than anything, I want my kids to love God with all of their hearts.

9. My wife is my best friend. I really fall more in love with her every day. We make such a great team. She understands me like no one else. She has such a passion for God and to make an impact in people’s lives for Christ. I'm so blessed with a Proverbs 31 woman. I love you, Sweet Pea!

10. Tiffany and I and the entire staff of PC are so looking forward to hanging out with all of the PC volunteers this Friday night at 7PM at the People's Church building. The Volunteer Banquet is going to be so much fun. With great food, enjoyable entertainment and great fellowship, it will be a night to remember!

11. God continues to work deeply in my heart. I want to be all that He wants me to be. Becoming is more important than doing!

12. My best prayer times are in the morning.

13. Sexual Revolution week 3 is this Sunday. If I were you, I wouldn't miss this Sunday for anything, and I would invite somebody to join me! It will be an unforgettable experience!