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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. My family and I got home from Rochester, New York, yesterday evening. My mom, brother, sister and her family live there.

2. We were there for 5 days and had a great time. It's always a special time to hang out and fellowship with my family.

3. The kids had a great time on our trip to New York. They had fun in the airports and airplanes. While in New York we took them to an awesome children's museum, to the zoo and to the beach at Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes.

4. I have to take a quick blogging break because my daughter has a poopy diaper. I'll continue in a minute. Hopefully I don't get any poop on my hands. :)

5. I'm back and I didn't get poop on my hands, but they smell like poop now. I don't understand why that happens! Oh well!

6. Case is the best little baby. He did so well on our trip. He is a very obedient baby for only being 10 months. He understands and obeys very well.

7. People on the airplane were pleasantly surprised with how a 5, 4, and 2-year old and a 10-month old kid acted on the plane. They are such good kids!

8. I missed People's Church on Sunday, and I can't wait to be back this Sunday. I can't wait to see and hear the new audio, lights and screens in the new building.

9. The renovation of our new kids/youth space is coming together nicely. We should have it wrapped up in the middle of June. I'm so excited about impacting many more kids and teenagers for Christ.

10. Two very important dates: June 21 is Dad Fest 2009! We are going to celebrate and honor dads on this special day in all 3 experiences. I will be teaching an encouraging and inspiring message to men. We will be giving away recliners and big screen TV’s to some lucky dads. We will also have some very cool muscle cars on campus for all the men to check out. It's going to be a great day!

11. July 19 is the Grand Opening of People's Church. This is going to be the BIGGEST day EVER at People's Church. We will be dedicating our new facility to the Lord. This is going to be a historic day as we celebrate God's goodness together. Mark your calendars now!

12. Chris Smith, our Student Ministries Director and College and 20 Somethings Director, preached on Sunday. Chris is a very good speaker and did a great job kicking off the series “God Is....”

13. This Sunday we are opening the Kids Playland before and after church. The kids will love this!

14. I have been working on our Wednesday night bible studies and Community Groups that will launch in August at the People's Church facility. I'm very excited to see many more people getting connected relationally and growing in God. More details coming soon!

15. I can't wait to see you on Sunday!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Below is the video that was shown on the screens while Exodus performed the rap I showed on yesterday's blog. The video is really awesome! Great job, Video Team! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Below is a rap that a group called Exodus performed before I preached on The Ultimate Fighter. Two of the rappers attend our church. This was on May 3 with rented audio, video and lights. Check it out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Another crazy busy week in the life of People's Church.

2. Our Leadership Team made a critical decision on Tuesday regarding the kids’ remodel of the old building. We made it right in the nick of time. This decision is going to help the flow of traffic and help us more effectively minister to our birth to 23-month old babies.

3. The sound this week in the new 1800 seat auditorium will be totally different and extremely better than what it's been the past three weeks. We have been renting the sound and video equipment the last three weeks, and we are going live with our own audio, video and lights this Sunday! I'm very excited about this.

4. On Father's Day, June 21, we are doing a special day for the dads called Dad Fest. You don't want to miss this special day in all three experiences at PC! We are going to celebrate dads like never before. There will be old, slick muscle cars all throughout the campus and probably on the stage. We may even have some brand new manly vehicles on the campus as well.

5. On Dad Fest Sunday, there will be at least ten comfortable La-Z-Boy recliners for some dads to relax in as they worship and hear the Word of God taught. We will be giving away all of the La-Z-Boy recliners and at least six big screen TV's. The best part of the day will be an encouraging and helping message. Dads often times hear a negative message on Father's Day, but we are going to inspire and encourage dads to be all God has designed them to be. Mark your calendars now and start inviting all of your friends!

6. The kids’ McDonald's like Playland is going up in the lobby. It should be finished today. It looks awesome! Kids are going to have a blast at church and learn about Jesus! That pumps me up!

7. On Tuesday, the company Planit Big starts implementing the kids’ design and 3D images to the walls of our kids’ area. Our kids’ area is going to look awesome! Our kids and teenagers deserve the best!

8. Some of the landscaping is going in this week!

9. We haven't had rain in Oklahoma this week. I can't believe it.

10. This Sunday we begin a new series called God Is... This is going to be a great series!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Poopy Drama

My kids get mad at each other when they call each other “poopy.” Tiffany and I don't allow them to call each other poopy, but sometimes when we are not around, they do it. After somebody gets called poopy, they come complaining and sometimes crying to us. This is a big deal in our home right now! Life changing! LOL. My little two-year-old daughter, Caris, knows she can't call her brothers poopy, and she knows her brothers don't like it. Caris has decided to create her own hidden version of saying poopy...”CookyPOOPYOOOH.” She thinks she is being slick and not calling her brothers poopy, but of course, we all know what my little princess is doing! The boys hate it and are still complaining that sissy is calling them poopy, but sissy says she is saying CookyPOOPYOOOH! LOL! I had to introduce my blogging family to the poopy drama at my home.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Like

1. Things to be predictable

2. Routines

3. Time alone

4. A good leadership book

5. Starbucks coffee

6. Fridays because it's my day off

7. Having my devotional time in the mornings

8. The NFL and college football

9. Oklahoma City Thunder basketball

10. Learning from others

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. My wife and I made a trip without the kids to Missouri on Thursday. We had a good time together. I had a church planting meeting I had to attend.

2. While we were on our trip, we ate at one of our favorite ice cream places called Andy's.

3. On Saturday, the crew finished putting up the EIFS/stucco on the outside of the building. It looks really good.

4. On Sunday, I taught a message titled The Young Fighter. I thought the message connected really well.

5. I want to see young people sold out and committed to God!

6. God desires to do great things through young people.

7. Almost every week, we have been rotating kids classrooms because we are renovating the old building into awesome kids space. It's going to be an awesome space for our kids and youth when we are finished in the middle of June.

8. On Sunday, May 24, all the kids rooms will stay the same.

9. I'm glad this is the last Sunday renting our audio and video. I'm really glad that it's the last Sunday to rent the audio. I didn't like the sound of the rented equipment in the middle and back of the auditorium.

10. All the speakers have been in the front of the auditorium the last three weeks so it sounded ok in the front and very lackluster as you moved further back.

11. This coming up Sunday, we are going live with our own audio. You will be able to tell a tremendous difference in the sound.

12. We are also going live with the rest of our lights and our video. Our video will blow you away! We have a huge screen that's something like sixteen feet tall and it covers almost the entire stage. We will be able to use the screen to change the entire look of the stage.

13. I've heard many testimonies about how God has changed lives through The Ultimate Fighter series. Thank you, God!

14. Many people gave their lives to Christ yesterday.

15. Tiffany's cousin Desiree, her husband Kirby and their two kids drove from Minnesota to visit us. They got here Sunday in time for church, and they are going to stay at our home for a couple of days. They are youth pastors in Minnesota and very fun to hang out with.

16. The God Is… series begins this Sunday!

17. The weather on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday was awesome. Matter of fact, the weather is going to be nice all week in OK.

18. We baptized many people on Sunday! It's great seeing people going public for God!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. This Sunday we are baptizing people in all three experiences, 9AM, 10:30AM and 12PM. To sign up, call 775-9991 RIGHT NOW! This is your opportunity to go public about your relationship with Christ and to be obedient to God! CALL NOW!

2. The Ultimate Fighter series has been one of my all-time favorite series. I want to see men rise up and be the holy fighter God has called us to be.

3. Our summer series is going to be Hot, Hot, Hot! God Is.....begins May 24! Get ready for God to do some awesome things in your life.

4. We are planning a phenomenal Father's Day event at People's Church. Dad Fest is coming on June 19 in all three experiences with something super special immediately following the experiences. Dads and families, mark your calendars now and don't you dare miss Dad Fest!

5. I had an all staff meeting on Tuesday. This meeting included admin. and directors. I usually do this once a month, but during this busy season I have neglected this very important vision casting meeting.

6. On Tuesday during the all staff meeting, executive meeting and leadership meeting, I poured out my heart on how important it is that we operate with excellence. We will not become slothful and content.

7. Cade, my second oldest kid, turned four yesterday! He got to pick the restaurant, and I took the family out to eat.

8. There is a possibility that we will be able to go live with our own lights on Sunday.

9. We are still on schedule to go live with our own audio, video and lights on May 24. May 24 will be a special day at PC!

10. Many on our staff need a vacation! I love my team and appreciate their dedication to God and His church.

11. The Crazy Campaign is all about more changed lives.

12. Our new 44,000 square foot facility is all about more changed lives.

13. At People's Church, diversity is celebrated and not just tolerated.

14. This Sunday, Eric, the newest member to our staff, will be leading worship. Eric is Puerto Rican and can lead worship in English and Spanish. We will have him lead a song in Spanish on a Sunday in the very near future! I'm pumped up about this!

15. I've been saying this line a lot recently, "You get what you inspect not what you expect!"

16. What counts is faith expressing itself through love!

17. Jesus is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me! Seriously!

18. Don't miss Sunday and invite all the young men you know to hear the message that God has laid on my heart!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Say No So You Can Say Yes

The above quote was one of the points in my wife's message on Sunday. It's such a true statement. If you are going to say yes to what's best, you have to say no to what's good. There are so many good things that can keep you from the best things. Here are some things I say no to so that I can say yes.

1. I say no to almost all evening appointments so that I can say yes to my family.

2. I say no to many breakfasts, lunches and other appointments so that I can say yes to studying, prayer and investing in my staff.

3. I say no to working on my off day so that I can say yes to resting and spending time with my family.

4. I say no to many speaking engagements so that I can say yes to investing in my small kids (plus, I hate being away from my wife).

5. I say no to sleeping in so that I can say yes to spending quality time with God.

6. I say no to eating whatever I want whenever I want so that I can say yes to a healthy body.

7. I say no to laziness so that I can say yes to working out at the gym.

8. I say no to mission trips during this season of my life (4 kids, five and under) so that I can say yes to being a great daddy and husband.

9. I say no to keeping up with the Jones' so that I can say yes to financial freedom.

10. I say no to being average at a lot of things so that I can say yes to being good at a few things.

11. I say no to being a pastor who does everything for the church so that I can say yes to empowering others to use their gifts to make a difference.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cooper Family Update

1. As all of you already know, my wife taught for the first time ever at PC on Sunday. I'm so proud of her. She is a very talented lady.

2. Cale only has two more days left of Pre-K. I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten in August. He really loves school.

3. Cade, my second oldest, turns 4 years old on Wednesday. He is such a sweet spirited kid.

4. Caris, my little daughter, is miss feisty. She is a bossy little 2-year old. I love her feisty little personality.

5. Case, my 9-month old, is a lazy little fellow. He has three other siblings to take care of him, and he is taking advantage of every minute of it.

6. This has been a stressful and busy season of ministry. Tiffany and I always come of out these seasons closer to one another. We let these seasons drive us closer together instead of further apart.

7. I took my kids to their favorite place on Friday......Chuck E. Cheese! I love watching my kids have a blast. I even got an extra $10 of coins when they ran out.

8. We have a really cool vacation planned this summer. I'm really excited about it!

9. In the near future, my wife and I have a couple of overnight getaway trips without the kids. Married couples, you have to put getaway trips without the kids in your budget. It's one of the best things you can do for your marriage.

10. I'm very grateful that my wife is patient and understanding with me during busy and stressful seasons.

11. I get a little edgy during busy and stressful seasons, and my wife loves me just the same.

12. My wife really helps me process difficult decisions regarding the church and just life in general. I always appreciate her insight.

13. My kids love to read before bedtime. Lately, Caris has been asking to read to us. Of course, she can't read at 2 years old, but she makes up stuff and turns the page, and Tiffany and I just smile at each other.

14. Cale and Cade pick out their own books every night, and usually, we read the book they pick out. Sometimes they pick out really long books, and then, we choose a shorter book.

15. The kids love for me to “get them.” They always want me to chase them around the house and tickle their bellies.

16. The other day the kids and I played hide and seek and the kids couldn't find me. I changed hiding spots while they were looking for me. I finally came out of my hiding spot, and the kids told me that it wasn't fair that I moved spots while they were looking for me. They all said, "No fair, Dad." I didn't know I had to stay in the same spot the whole time. LOL

17. My family is my number one ministry! I love them so much!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. I am so in love with my wife. I am so blessed to have such a woman of God!

2. My wife taught Sunday at PC for the very first time. She did awesome! I am not saying this because she's my wife. She did a really good job.

3. Men, have your wife listen to Tiffany's message, and it will encourage her on how to fight for you at http://www.peopleschurch.tv/.

4. The Ultimate Fighter series has been so good for our church.

5. We celebrated our seven-year anniversary as a church. God has been so good to PC! Thank you, Lord, for your hand of blessing!

6. The kids and I took Tiffany out to eat on Sunday evening for Mother's Day.

7. At school, Cale made a nice Mother's Day card for Tiffany. What a precious kid!

8. Many people gave their lives to Christ on Sunday.

9. Since I didn't speak on Sunday, I spent a lot of time walking around the different areas and finding things that we must do better. I saw way too many things that need to be tightened up. Everything must run with excellence, and I don't ever want our church to settle for anything less than excellence.

10. I talked to my mother yesterday. She lives in Rochester, New York, so I wasn't able to spend the day with her. I love you, Mom!

11. Tiffany made a special Mother's Day cake for herself. Can you do that? LOL! The cake was really good!

12. Tiffany and I had some quality time together after we put the kids to bed.

13. We are on season five, disc five of 24. We are hooked on 24.

14. This is the third or fourth weekend in a row that we've had rain in Oklahoma City. I'm ready to see more sunshine, especially on Sundays!

15. Three of my four kids talked to my mom on the phone. They think they're big time when they are on the phone.

16. I am so excited about what God is doing at PC!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. It's been nice not to have to spend a great deal of my week studying for a message.

2. On weeks that I don't have to study, I spend time leading our staff and church in a greater and more intense way.

3. This week I have been making some more organizational tweaks to our church.

4. To be an effective leader, you have to be willing to make the tough decisions.

5. To obey God and lead the church where God is calling you to lead it, you must make the tough decisions.

6. I am going to stop blogging on Fridays because it's my day off.

7. I enjoy blogging, but it is a lot of work. So, you will now get 4 days of blogging, and then my mind will rest for 3 days.

8. For this season, I am going to give my assistant Fridays off and have her work on Sundays. Sundays are so important that I like to have as many hands on deck as possible.

9. On Sunday, we will be able to use two of our three screens in the auditorium. We will be renting the projectors, but at least we will be able to use two out of three screens. The third screen will blow you away when it gets installed in the next two weeks.

10. We may be able to go live with our lights on Sunday, May 17.

11. We are scheduled to go live with the audio, video and lights on Sunday, May 24.

12. Having an assistant has already revolutionized my life. Tiffany and I have so much going on, and we needed somebody who can help us with the load.

13. My wife is speaking on Sunday! I'm so excited to hear her teach on How To Fight For Your Man! Bring the heat baby!

14. My staff is amazing.

15. I'm ready for football season. Hurry up August!

16. I miss fantasy football. I'm a junkie and need deliverance.

17. If your church hasn't signed up for www.oneprayer.com, then sign up today.

18. The details at the end of a building project are so important.

19. God is doing some really cool stuff at PC!

20. The way God is blessing PC is supernatural, and I don't take it for granted.

21. PC’s seven-year anniversary is this Sunday, so don't miss it.

22. Our experience times are at 9AM, 10:30AM and 12PM. See you Sunday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Volunteer Movement pt. 2

The success of any church can be found in the army of the committed, God loving and Holy Spirit ignited volunteers.

8. Volunteers need confidence, so tell them how much you believe in them.

9. Volunteers need to see their potential, so tell them what they can become.

10. Volunteers need to see life change, so tell stories often.

11. Volunteers need to be inspired, so teach on volunteering frequently.

12. Volunteers need to know that they are the greatest in the Kingdom of God, so tell them what Jesus said about serving others.

13. Volunteers need to be committed, so hold them accountable to what God has called them to do.

14. Volunteers need to know that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, so dream big dreams for God.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Volunteer Movement

The success of any church can be found in the army of the committed, God-loving and Holy Spirit ignited volunteers.

1. Volunteers need to be motivated, so cast a compelling vision.

2. Volunteers need to be appreciated, so say thank you often.

3. Volunteers need to see progress, so put up or shut up.

4. Volunteers need to be equipped, so take time to train them.

5. Volunteers need to be empowered, so give ministry away to them.

6. Volunteers need to be loved, so take time to care for them.

7. Volunteers need to be challenged, so give them something that will stretch them.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. The first Sunday in our new facility was incredible! I mean absolutely incredible!

2. Exodus performed a rap before my message, and it was unbelievable! Way to go, guys.

3. We had our 3rd largest attendance ever (1st was Easter 2009, 2nd Easter 2008).

4. Worship was awesome.

5. We are renting the audio, lights and video for the first 3 Sundays in our new facility.

6. We should be going live with our own audio, lights and video (AVL) on May 24.

7. Our AVL is going to be first-class! If you thought this Sunday was awesome, just wait until we go live with our own equipment!

8. The old building is under major renovation. I'm very excited that we are going to have a TOP NOTCH area for our kids and youth.

9. Our people loved the new building. It's not even done, and they loved it. Folks, just wait until it's all done! You will really love it!

10. It was so cool to have leather couches, leather chairs, bistro tables and chairs for our people to sit, drink coffee and fellowship. It's our goal to create an atmosphere where people can build strong relationships. Relationships are the glue to any church.

11. To my staff: Thank you for all of your hard work to pull off Sunday. You are awesome! Josh, you are STINKIN' INCREDIBLE! These folks worked their off days and nights to get the new building ready for worship.

12. Volunteers, you are flat out getting it done. Thanks for all of your hard work during the day, at night and all day Saturday. You folks played a huge role in getting us into this new facility.

13. Thank you for tithing and giving aggressively to the CRAZY Campaign! Let's continue to give like CRAZY! More lives are going to be changed because of our faithfulness.

14. My dad drove from Bowlegs, Oklahoma, to check out the new building! Always good to see my dad.

15. Andy and the video team did a great job on the Stronger video.

16. I preached for my good friend, Craig Groeschel, at www.lifechurch.tv on Saturday night. They played the video of my Saturday message to the Sunday crowd so that I could speak at PC on Sunday. You gotta love technology. Tiffany and I love Craig and Amy. They are friends and mentors.

17. There were a lot of kinks that we need to work out. When you move from 17,500 sq feet to over 61,000 sq feet, there are bound to be kinks and issues that you discover on the first day. We discovered them and now our team will work on fixing all the kinks and issues.

18. My wife is speaking this coming up Sunday. I'm excited to hear her talk about How To Fight For Your Man! Fight for me baby!! I love that lady!

19. This coming up Sunday, PC celebrates our 7-year anniversary! Time has flown by!

20. This coming up Sunday is also Mother's Day. Be sure to bring your mom to church. Moms, bring your entire family to PC!

21. 69 people gave their lives to Christ!

22. Buckle up for the ride of your life because the best is yet to come!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday's Download

1. What a week!

2. A lot of work has been done on the building the last two weeks.

3. Everything won't be finished in the new building, but it is far enough along to rock the house for Christ on Sunday.

4. Thank you, Josh and the rest of the staff, for all of your hard work to get the building far enough along to have church on Sunday.

5. Thank you, volunteers, for all of your hard work in helping to get the building ready for church on Sunday.

6. Contractors, thank you for all of your hard work.

7. Be praying for God to do incredible things on Sunday.

8. Today is my normal off day, but I will not be off today. There are many things that we have to get taken care of at the new building to be ready for Sunday.

9. Parents, the kids check-in area is now in the old lobby area next to the glass.

10. If you are bringing a first-time guest who has kids, the first-time guest check-in is in the old lobby next to the old auditorium doors.

11. Let all of your non computer savvy church friends know about the new location of the kids check-in screens.

12. Parents, your 7 to 12 year-old kids will be worshipping in the old auditorium. After checking in your kids, take your 7 to 12 year-old kid down the west hallway through the double glass doors and the entrance to the old auditorium is on the left.

13. Parents, your 4 year-old kids will be worshipping in the old PCA (7 to 12 year-old) room. After checking in your kids, take your 4 year-old kid down the west hallway, and it's the second door on the right side of the hallway.

14. Don't worry or be intimidated, there will be lots of friendly volunteers to assist you. PC has wonderful volunteers!

15. We have something really special planned for Sunday! It's going to be really cool!

16. Remember the new Sunday experience times are now 9AM, 10:30AM and 12PM.

17. These are busy but exciting days for PC!

18. We are receiving a special CRAZY Campaign offering on Sunday! Let's pray and give like CRAZY!

19. This new building is all about MORE LIFE CHANGE! Bottom line, Jesus changes lives! ‘Nough SAID!