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Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. I am so in love with my wife. I am so blessed to have such a woman of God!

2. My wife taught Sunday at PC for the very first time. She did awesome! I am not saying this because she's my wife. She did a really good job.

3. Men, have your wife listen to Tiffany's message, and it will encourage her on how to fight for you at http://www.peopleschurch.tv/.

4. The Ultimate Fighter series has been so good for our church.

5. We celebrated our seven-year anniversary as a church. God has been so good to PC! Thank you, Lord, for your hand of blessing!

6. The kids and I took Tiffany out to eat on Sunday evening for Mother's Day.

7. At school, Cale made a nice Mother's Day card for Tiffany. What a precious kid!

8. Many people gave their lives to Christ on Sunday.

9. Since I didn't speak on Sunday, I spent a lot of time walking around the different areas and finding things that we must do better. I saw way too many things that need to be tightened up. Everything must run with excellence, and I don't ever want our church to settle for anything less than excellence.

10. I talked to my mother yesterday. She lives in Rochester, New York, so I wasn't able to spend the day with her. I love you, Mom!

11. Tiffany made a special Mother's Day cake for herself. Can you do that? LOL! The cake was really good!

12. Tiffany and I had some quality time together after we put the kids to bed.

13. We are on season five, disc five of 24. We are hooked on 24.

14. This is the third or fourth weekend in a row that we've had rain in Oklahoma City. I'm ready to see more sunshine, especially on Sundays!

15. Three of my four kids talked to my mom on the phone. They think they're big time when they are on the phone.

16. I am so excited about what God is doing at PC!