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Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. The first Sunday in our new facility was incredible! I mean absolutely incredible!

2. Exodus performed a rap before my message, and it was unbelievable! Way to go, guys.

3. We had our 3rd largest attendance ever (1st was Easter 2009, 2nd Easter 2008).

4. Worship was awesome.

5. We are renting the audio, lights and video for the first 3 Sundays in our new facility.

6. We should be going live with our own audio, lights and video (AVL) on May 24.

7. Our AVL is going to be first-class! If you thought this Sunday was awesome, just wait until we go live with our own equipment!

8. The old building is under major renovation. I'm very excited that we are going to have a TOP NOTCH area for our kids and youth.

9. Our people loved the new building. It's not even done, and they loved it. Folks, just wait until it's all done! You will really love it!

10. It was so cool to have leather couches, leather chairs, bistro tables and chairs for our people to sit, drink coffee and fellowship. It's our goal to create an atmosphere where people can build strong relationships. Relationships are the glue to any church.

11. To my staff: Thank you for all of your hard work to pull off Sunday. You are awesome! Josh, you are STINKIN' INCREDIBLE! These folks worked their off days and nights to get the new building ready for worship.

12. Volunteers, you are flat out getting it done. Thanks for all of your hard work during the day, at night and all day Saturday. You folks played a huge role in getting us into this new facility.

13. Thank you for tithing and giving aggressively to the CRAZY Campaign! Let's continue to give like CRAZY! More lives are going to be changed because of our faithfulness.

14. My dad drove from Bowlegs, Oklahoma, to check out the new building! Always good to see my dad.

15. Andy and the video team did a great job on the Stronger video.

16. I preached for my good friend, Craig Groeschel, at www.lifechurch.tv on Saturday night. They played the video of my Saturday message to the Sunday crowd so that I could speak at PC on Sunday. You gotta love technology. Tiffany and I love Craig and Amy. They are friends and mentors.

17. There were a lot of kinks that we need to work out. When you move from 17,500 sq feet to over 61,000 sq feet, there are bound to be kinks and issues that you discover on the first day. We discovered them and now our team will work on fixing all the kinks and issues.

18. My wife is speaking this coming up Sunday. I'm excited to hear her talk about How To Fight For Your Man! Fight for me baby!! I love that lady!

19. This coming up Sunday, PC celebrates our 7-year anniversary! Time has flown by!

20. This coming up Sunday is also Mother's Day. Be sure to bring your mom to church. Moms, bring your entire family to PC!

21. 69 people gave their lives to Christ!

22. Buckle up for the ride of your life because the best is yet to come!