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Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. My wife and I made a trip without the kids to Missouri on Thursday. We had a good time together. I had a church planting meeting I had to attend.

2. While we were on our trip, we ate at one of our favorite ice cream places called Andy's.

3. On Saturday, the crew finished putting up the EIFS/stucco on the outside of the building. It looks really good.

4. On Sunday, I taught a message titled The Young Fighter. I thought the message connected really well.

5. I want to see young people sold out and committed to God!

6. God desires to do great things through young people.

7. Almost every week, we have been rotating kids classrooms because we are renovating the old building into awesome kids space. It's going to be an awesome space for our kids and youth when we are finished in the middle of June.

8. On Sunday, May 24, all the kids rooms will stay the same.

9. I'm glad this is the last Sunday renting our audio and video. I'm really glad that it's the last Sunday to rent the audio. I didn't like the sound of the rented equipment in the middle and back of the auditorium.

10. All the speakers have been in the front of the auditorium the last three weeks so it sounded ok in the front and very lackluster as you moved further back.

11. This coming up Sunday, we are going live with our own audio. You will be able to tell a tremendous difference in the sound.

12. We are also going live with the rest of our lights and our video. Our video will blow you away! We have a huge screen that's something like sixteen feet tall and it covers almost the entire stage. We will be able to use the screen to change the entire look of the stage.

13. I've heard many testimonies about how God has changed lives through The Ultimate Fighter series. Thank you, God!

14. Many people gave their lives to Christ yesterday.

15. Tiffany's cousin Desiree, her husband Kirby and their two kids drove from Minnesota to visit us. They got here Sunday in time for church, and they are going to stay at our home for a couple of days. They are youth pastors in Minnesota and very fun to hang out with.

16. The God Is… series begins this Sunday!

17. The weather on Saturday afternoon and on Sunday was awesome. Matter of fact, the weather is going to be nice all week in OK.

18. We baptized many people on Sunday! It's great seeing people going public for God!