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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. My family and I got home from Rochester, New York, yesterday evening. My mom, brother, sister and her family live there.

2. We were there for 5 days and had a great time. It's always a special time to hang out and fellowship with my family.

3. The kids had a great time on our trip to New York. They had fun in the airports and airplanes. While in New York we took them to an awesome children's museum, to the zoo and to the beach at Lake Ontario. Lake Ontario is one of the five Great Lakes.

4. I have to take a quick blogging break because my daughter has a poopy diaper. I'll continue in a minute. Hopefully I don't get any poop on my hands. :)

5. I'm back and I didn't get poop on my hands, but they smell like poop now. I don't understand why that happens! Oh well!

6. Case is the best little baby. He did so well on our trip. He is a very obedient baby for only being 10 months. He understands and obeys very well.

7. People on the airplane were pleasantly surprised with how a 5, 4, and 2-year old and a 10-month old kid acted on the plane. They are such good kids!

8. I missed People's Church on Sunday, and I can't wait to be back this Sunday. I can't wait to see and hear the new audio, lights and screens in the new building.

9. The renovation of our new kids/youth space is coming together nicely. We should have it wrapped up in the middle of June. I'm so excited about impacting many more kids and teenagers for Christ.

10. Two very important dates: June 21 is Dad Fest 2009! We are going to celebrate and honor dads on this special day in all 3 experiences. I will be teaching an encouraging and inspiring message to men. We will be giving away recliners and big screen TV’s to some lucky dads. We will also have some very cool muscle cars on campus for all the men to check out. It's going to be a great day!

11. July 19 is the Grand Opening of People's Church. This is going to be the BIGGEST day EVER at People's Church. We will be dedicating our new facility to the Lord. This is going to be a historic day as we celebrate God's goodness together. Mark your calendars now!

12. Chris Smith, our Student Ministries Director and College and 20 Somethings Director, preached on Sunday. Chris is a very good speaker and did a great job kicking off the series “God Is....”

13. This Sunday we are opening the Kids Playland before and after church. The kids will love this!

14. I have been working on our Wednesday night bible studies and Community Groups that will launch in August at the People's Church facility. I'm very excited to see many more people getting connected relationally and growing in God. More details coming soon!

15. I can't wait to see you on Sunday!