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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If Your Church Is Drifting From It's Vision

1. The Senior Pastor needs to pray and fast like crazy for God to ignite/re-ignite the vision in his heart.

2. The Senior Pastor needs to pull the key leaders in and cast the vision to them and get them on board and fired up about the vision.

3. Do a series of messages on the vision that God has ignited in the pastor's heart and get the church jazzed up about the vision.

4. Have faith in God and start taking steps to see the vision come to pass.

5. Stop doing things that aren't accomplishing or moving the church towards seeing the vision fulfilled.

6. Reallocate the church budget to accomplish the vision.

7. Begin to staff the church around the vision.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Reinforcing The Vision With Your Staff

1. Reinforce the vision with your staff by doing regular teachings about the vision.

2. Reinforce the vision by publicly and privately rewarding those who are advancing the vision.

3. Reinforce the vision by quickly correcting and/or redirecting those who get off focus.

4. Reinforce the vision by having your entire staff gather together once a month (admin. included) to share testimonies of how they are advancing the vision.

5. Reinforce the vision by celebrating with your team when the organization makes huge strides in accomplishing the vision.

6. Reinforce the vision by dropping by a staff member’s office and just talk to them about life, vision and the direction of the organization.

7. Reinforce the vision by encouraging and equipping your top leaders to keep the rest of the team focused on the vision.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Update

1. I wasn't feeling well at all this weekend. I taught the message while sitting on a stool. That was the first time I've ever done that, but I think I could get use to it :).

2. I made a huge announcement this weekend. Beginning December 1st, we are discontinuing our Saturday night services, and on December 2nd, we are adding a fourth Sunday service. Our new service times beginning December 2nd are 8:30AM, 9:45AM, 11AM & 12:15PM.

3. All of you church leaders from across the country may be wondering why we are making the transition from Saturday to a fourth Sunday service. Our attendance on Saturday night has done really well. We have averaged around 350 people and, at times, have had 400 plus, but God is blessing our Sunday services in an incredible way. Here are the stats: Since beginning Saturday nights in January 2007, we have averaged 6 first time guests, and many of those are from other churches who are just checking out what we are doing. Since January of 2007, we have averaged 23 new guests/families every Sunday. A BIG DIFFERENCE! Since beginning Saturday nights, we have seen 162 people give their hearts to the Lord. PRAISE GOD! Since January of 2007, we have seen 1193 people give their hearts to Christ on Sundays. THAT’S A GIGANTIC DIFFERENCE! For whatever reason, God is blessing our Sundays in an incredible way, and we are going to roll with what God is doing. WE'RE EXCITED!

4. Thank you church family for your excitement about the service schedule change. To be honest, I'm not surprised at all. You folks are so kingdom-minded. You are so unselfish. You are so passionate about reaching people who are far away from God. Man, you guys are AWESOME! I love you church family.

5. Please be praying for me to feel 100 percent better!

6. We had 27 people give their hearts to the Lord this weekend. GOD LOVES HIS PRIZE CREATION!

7. The New England Patriots are no joke!

8. This coming up weekend’s message is titled $10,000 Holiday Giveaway. I'm excited to give away $10,000! It's truly more blessed to give than to receive! Don't miss this weekend for anything!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. There was a pastor from Ohio who came to check out People's Church this past Sunday. I got to hang out with him on Monday morning. He pastors a black church but feels like the Lord has called him to pastor a multicultural, diverse church. I spent time talking to him about how to make his church diverse. I LOVE POURING INTO HUNGRY AND HUMBLE LEADERS! I am where I am today because leaders took time to invest in me.

2. The new season of Criminal Minds started several weeks ago. My wife and I love that drama show.

3. My fantasy football teams need some serious help. I'm 5-2, 4-3, 3-4 in my 3 leagues. This has been the weirdest season with all of the injuries and players not performing well. I need Tom Brady on my teams :)


5. The title of the message is Unforgettable Experience. I'm very excited to share this message with you this weekend!

6. I am making a HUGE announcement about the direction of People's Church this weekend. You don't want to miss this!

7. My entire family is relaxing in the living room watching “Handy Manny” right now.

8. We are going on a family date today. It's always fun hanging out with my family.

9. Yesterday, I took my boys outside to play, and then, we grilled out some brats and hot dogs. Those brats were awesome.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

What I Love About My Wife

1. She is the sweetest person I know. Everybody loves my wife.

2. She is more beautiful on the inside than the outside. That's saying a lot because my wife is FINE!

3. She is not stuck up. My wife is very down to earth, and I love that about her.

4. She has always been my biggest fan. She is so supportive of me.

5. She has always made our marriage and family a top priority. I love her for that.

6. She really loves God with her whole heart. She is a godly woman, and that is very sexy to me.

7. She is so fun to be around. We laugh a lot together. We both love to laugh.

8. She is my best friend.

9. She enjoys the ministry. We are in this together. What a woman!

10. She is 100 percent committed to me and our marriage. There is no greater feeling than knowing that I am the only man in her life. I really love my wife. She means so much to me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Toughest Part Of Leadership

1. Having to let go of a bad employee.

2. It's even tougher to let go of a nice employee who's not a fit with the organization.

3. Dealing with criticism. The more your church grows, the bigger the target you are.

4. Being misunderstood but not having the opportunity to explain your heart and motives.

5. Being hurt by people you thought you could trust.

6. Keeping your DNA and core values throughout the entire organization as it rapidly grows.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Don't Quit...Why Not?

1. The darkest hour is right before the dawn.

2. You are closer than you think you are.

3. Success is failure turned inside out.

4. You will never achieve your dream if you quit.

5. You're better than that!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update

1. It never gets old watching people lift their hands and surrendering their lives to Christ. 22 people made Jesus the Lord of their lives this weekend.

2. This weekend I taught about what the Bible has to say about complaining. Man, I was convicted! I'm determined to be like the Apostle Paul, to have a great attitude no matter the situation.

3. The Sooners barely beat IOWA ST! At least we won.

4. Terry from Cushing, this is for you :). Oklahoma State won this weekend too :).

5. By the way, Terry and his wife Terri drive every weekend from Cushing to attend People's Church (I think it's around an hour drive). They don't just attend, but they serve in ministry and lead a Community Group in Cushing. YOU FOLKS ARE COMMITTED AND AMAZING.

6. The Dallas Cowboys got back on track with a win as well.

7. Friend’s Day is this weekend. LET'S PACK OUT THE PLACE AND watch God do only what God can do in people's lives. Invite everybody you know.

8. I am making a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT THIS WEEKEND, so don't miss church for anything!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I feel tired this morning, and I don't know why.

2. I love the fall weather.

3. I have a great family.

4. It's a gorgeous day.

5. The Sooners better win.

6. My fantasy football teams are 4-2, 4-2 and 3-3.

7. The message this weekend is going to help all of us.

8. Dallas Cowboys’ defense needs to play better.

9. I ate a bowl of cereal this morning.

10. I think we are going to grill out hamburgers tonight.

11. I'm living my dream! UNBELIEVABLE!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Keys To Greatness

1. Realize you can't be great at everything.

2. Refuse to be a jack of all trades. People don't pay for average.

3. Identify your dominate gift.

4. Develop and work on your dominate gift.

5. Learn to delegate areas where you are weak, so you can give most of your attention to your dominate gift.

6. Become great at what you are great at.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Before I Started A Church, I Wish I Would Have Understood

6. Casting the vision before the people is a CONSTANT job.

7. Hire slow and fire fast.

8. Not everybody is going to like you or the direction of the church no matter what you do. Get over it AND LEAD.

9. The team you put around you will determine your success.

10. Planting a church would reveal all of my insecurities and weaknesses.

11. Being a pastor is a marathon not a sprint. I pushed myself and my team way too hard in the early days.

12. Only 1 percent of the people complain about the church, and those same people complain all the time (at least once a quarter). Don't get distracted by the 1 percent. Focus on the 99 percent that are with you.

13. I have to continually grow and change. If I don't grow and change, the church won't either. I am the lid to the church. In the church, if I don't like what I see, I don't need to look any further than me.

14. Getting new Christians connected into community (small groups or whatever you call them) is ALWAYS tough work. IT JUST IS! Sometimes getting established Christians into community is even harder!

15. Enjoy the journey. In the early days, I didn't enjoy the journey like I am today. I'm going to enjoy God, my family, my friends and life. Life is too short not to have fun. I AM GOING TO HAVE A BLAST LIVING LIFE AND BEING A PASTOR!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Before I Started A Church, I Wish I Would Have Understood

1. That sticking to the vision God has called you to is key.

2. Be slow to give away power and leadership.

3. You need to lovingly ask some people to leave.

4. Everybody won't make the entire journey with you.

5. Your church government/bylaws can make you or break you.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Weekend Update

1. I didn't speak this weekend at People's Church. I took the weekend off and just spent time with my family. I spoke 11 weekends in a row and needed a break. 11 weekends equals 55 messages (5 services every weekend). That's a lot of speaking in a row. I don't plan on speaking that many times in a row again. It's not good on me mentally or physically.

2. Friday night I took my wife to a bed & breakfast. We had a great time hanging out without the kids! I LOVE MY WIFE.

3. Shelby, our Care Pastor, spoke this weekend on grace. I heard he did an awesome job! I thank God for a great team. They can run the church without me. I LOVE MY TEAM!

4. 11 people gave their hearts to Christ this weekend! GO GOD!

5. The Sooners won and still have a chance at a National Championship.

6. The Dallas Cowboys got whooped!

7. I'm exited to speak this weekend. We are going to look at the subject of Whinoplasty. This message is going to CHALLENGE ALL OF US TO BE MORE LIKE CHRIST!

8. Tiffany and I love you church family. We're so honored to be your pastors. Thanks for being such GREAT PEOPLE! I MEANT THAT!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I took my boys to Chuck E. Cheese this week. We had so much fun. I set the record at the basketball game, 65 points. No little kid is going to beat me shooting hoops :)

2. I am 3-2 in all three fantasy leagues. I still haven't had a week where I won in all three. This has to be the week. I want to end up 4-2 in all my leagues.

3. The Sooners better beat the Mizzo! The Dallas Cowboys better beat the Patriots!

4. Community Group University is this Sunday night. Come and eat Zio's, meet some new friends and get plugged into a Community Group. Don't just come to church, get plugged into church.

5. I had lunch with one of my mentors this week. I thank God for the people He has put into my life to speak into my life. My mentor helped me process a very important area of my life. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for mentors.

6. Wouldn't it be awesome if the next building we build was around 1500 to 1800 seats? Be praying because we are talking with architects and builders. God has awesome things in store at People's Church.

7. Don't miss this weekend. The message title is Grace Lift. WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT THE GRACE OF GOD? This message will be very inspirational!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Growing In Christ

At People's Church, we want to see people give their hearts to Christ and grow in Christ. The biggest way we help people grow in Christ is by getting everyone plugged into a Community Group. This coming up Sunday night is Community Group University. This event is designed for you to connect with our Community Group Leaders and get plugged into a group. If you're not plugged into a group, plan on attending this Sunday night.

1. People often say that it is difficult to get plugged in at a large church. The way you get plugged in at People's Church is to find a ministry to serve in and to get in a Community Group. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! You have to make the effort and not blame the church. We are providing the open door, but you have to walk thru it.

2. You will build relationships with other believers who attend People's Church.

3. You will have friendships with people who can care for you at your lowest points in life.

4. You will be able to care for others during their difficult seasons of life.

5. You will discuss God's Word together and grow spiritually by connecting with other believers in a small group setting. Life change happens best in a small group setting.

6. You will get to do life together with other believers.

7. You will have a blast getting to know new people. It's fun!

8. No excuses, get plugged in on Sunday night.

9. Please don't use the excuse that you tried ONE group, and it didn't work for you. You may have to try two or three groups before you find the group that's right for you. GET TO COMMUNITY GROUP UNIVERSITY AND GET PLUGGED IN! THE DOOR IS WIDE OPEN. WILL YOU WALK THRU IT?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What To Do When You Know What To Do

1. Don't allow fear to stop you.

2. Don't be controlled by what could go wrong.

3. Don't procrastinate. When the timing is right, DO IT!

4. Don't let friends or family talk you out of it.

5. If it's a God-size dream, start taking steps towards it.

6. You don't have to have everything figured out to start taking steps. The just live by FAITH!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

1. Pray like crazy

2. Devour God's Word

3. Fast so that you can draw near to God

4. Seek Godly counsel

5. Listen for God's voice

6. Operate in love

7. Make the wise choice

8. The decision will probably require faith (sounds like a God thing to me)

9. Don't regret the decision after it's made

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend Update

1. In all five weekend services, there were tears across the building. I know God really did a work in hearts. God either brought emotional healing or began the healing process during each service. Thank you, God, for your healing power.

2. The song “It Is Well With My Soul” really touched me in all 5 services. Every service has a different feel, and for whatever reason, I just started to weep in the 4th service.

3. When you deal with pain, remember to: 1. Pour your heart out to God 2. Rise above the pain 3. Continue to worship God 4. Turn your setback into a comeback.

4. Several people gave their hearts to Christ this weekend.


6. USC lost to Stanford!!! College football has been crazy the last couple of weeks.

7. Check out the blog by Craig on being kingdom-minded: swerve.lifechurch.tv. We need more of this kind of attitude in the body of Christ!!!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. I went on a hot date with my wife last night. We had a blast hanging out and talking.

2. I won two out of three games in my fantasy leagues. My records are now 3-1, 2-2 and 2-2. I'm on my way to winning all three leagues.

3. The sunrise is gorgeous this morning.

4. Josh, my Executive Pastor, is going to the next level in his leadership. It's so cool watching God stretch the leaders around me. WAY TO GO JOSH!

5. We are going on a family date today. This is the highlight of the week for our kids. Mom and dad love it too.

6. The Sooners better beat Texas. They better beat them bad.

7. All of our family is chilling in the living room this morning watching Clifford The Big Red Dog.

8. Don't miss this weekend. PAIN SUCTION is the topic of the message. God is going to minister to hurting people.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Little Things I love

1. I love seeing the sun rise in the morning.

2. I love the weather in the fall and the trees turning colors.

3. I love when my kids say, "I love you daddy. I love you big."

4. I love when my kids crawl in bed with Tiffany and I, and we all just lay in bed together.

5. I love date nights with my wife.

6. I love watching Criminal Minds with my wife. We both love that show.

7. I love going to Starbucks and drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper.

8. I love to cuddle with my wife. I also love to cuddle with my kids.

9. I love eating dinner around the dining room table with my family.

10. I love family date nights on Fridays.

11. I love renting a movie on Friday nights and watching it with my wife when the kids go to bed.

12. I love watching a good football game.

13. I love checking out blogs.

14. I love playing fantasy football.

15. I love the holidays and drinking eggnog, eggnog lattes and eggnog shakes.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Creating An Inviting Environment Pt. 2

4. Make your teaching practical and relevant. The worst compliment that I could receive as a communicator is, "Herbert you are a DEEP teacher." Most of the time deep means it's not practical, relevant and it confused the fire out of the audience. That's not the goal of effective communicating. When you communicate for life-change and not to confuse everybody, people are more inclined to invite their friends and family to church.

5. When Jesus is being lifted up, lives will be changed and people will invite their friends and family to church. When denominational affiliation is being exalted, a personality is being exalted, tradition is being exalted, it will repel people from inviting their un-churched friends to church. People need to experience the life-changing power of Christ through Christ-centered worship and biblical preaching and teaching. Believe it or not, when an un-churched person shows up at your church the last thing they care about is your denomination or traditions. They care about encountering a risen Savior. THEY NEED THEIR LIVES CHANGED. If Jesus changes their lives, they will invite everybody they know to your church. THIS IS ALL ABOUT JESUS!

6. You have to be willing to change. Don't let your church get stuck in a rut. Ask the hard questions. Make the tough decisions so that your church can stay on the front lines of reaching hurting and lost people for Christ. If your church rarely has guests and you rarely see or hear about people giving their lives to Christ, YOU HAVE TO MAKE SOME CHANGES. If you are a board member or a church leader, don't be the road block to what God wants to do in your church. Don't fight against your pastor. Quit complaining about the music or style of ministry and support your pastor's dream of reaching your community. After all, church isn't just for church people.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Creating An Inviting Environment

This past weekend we had 54 first time guests (families/individuals) who actually filled out a card. One of the gauges we use to see if our evangelism temperature is hot at People's Church is the number of first time guests we have each weekend and the number of people who give their hearts to Christ. We always encourage our people to invite their friends and family who need to experience the life-changing power of Christ. One thing that I've learned is people normally invite their friends and family to an environment that they trust.

Over the next two days, I want to share with you some things we do to create an inviting environment for our people to invite their un-churched family and friends too.

1. We strive to do everything with excellence. I would highly encourage you not to put together a half-baked service every week. We give much thought and time to every weekend service. Every thing rises and falls on the weekend.

2. Don't let people lead worship who can't sing. It's one of the worst things in the world when you're in a church service and the person leading worship can't sing. You feel bad for the person singing, and you don't want to invite people to experience bad singing.

3. Have a great first impressions ministry. We work hard at having a friendly and loving church where all feel welcomed and loved. We have people in the parking lot helping to park cars. We have people at all doors greeting every person that comes in. We have people inside the auditorium helping people find seats. We try our very best to make a great first impression so that people feel welcomed and loved at our church. YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend Update

1. We missed our goal but had a great weekend! We had 53 salvations. UNBELIEVABLE! There's nothing like seeing people receive God's forgiveness. I'll never forget the day when I crossed that line and made Jesus Lord of my life. My life has never been the same.

2. Way to invite your friends to experience the life-changing power of Christ! I can't wait to see what God is going to do this weekend.

3. I have a chance to win in all three fantasy leagues.

4. My kids and wife have had colds this past weekend. Thanks for praying for them.

5. What happened to the SOONERS?

6. The Dallas Cowboys are looking great!

7. I love being your pastor!

8. Have a great Monday!