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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cooper Family Update

1. As all of you already know, my wife taught for the first time ever at PC on Sunday. I'm so proud of her. She is a very talented lady.

2. Cale only has two more days left of Pre-K. I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten in August. He really loves school.

3. Cade, my second oldest, turns 4 years old on Wednesday. He is such a sweet spirited kid.

4. Caris, my little daughter, is miss feisty. She is a bossy little 2-year old. I love her feisty little personality.

5. Case, my 9-month old, is a lazy little fellow. He has three other siblings to take care of him, and he is taking advantage of every minute of it.

6. This has been a stressful and busy season of ministry. Tiffany and I always come of out these seasons closer to one another. We let these seasons drive us closer together instead of further apart.

7. I took my kids to their favorite place on Friday......Chuck E. Cheese! I love watching my kids have a blast. I even got an extra $10 of coins when they ran out.

8. We have a really cool vacation planned this summer. I'm really excited about it!

9. In the near future, my wife and I have a couple of overnight getaway trips without the kids. Married couples, you have to put getaway trips without the kids in your budget. It's one of the best things you can do for your marriage.

10. I'm very grateful that my wife is patient and understanding with me during busy and stressful seasons.

11. I get a little edgy during busy and stressful seasons, and my wife loves me just the same.

12. My wife really helps me process difficult decisions regarding the church and just life in general. I always appreciate her insight.

13. My kids love to read before bedtime. Lately, Caris has been asking to read to us. Of course, she can't read at 2 years old, but she makes up stuff and turns the page, and Tiffany and I just smile at each other.

14. Cale and Cade pick out their own books every night, and usually, we read the book they pick out. Sometimes they pick out really long books, and then, we choose a shorter book.

15. The kids love for me to “get them.” They always want me to chase them around the house and tickle their bellies.

16. The other day the kids and I played hide and seek and the kids couldn't find me. I changed hiding spots while they were looking for me. I finally came out of my hiding spot, and the kids told me that it wasn't fair that I moved spots while they were looking for me. They all said, "No fair, Dad." I didn't know I had to stay in the same spot the whole time. LOL

17. My family is my number one ministry! I love them so much!