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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday's Download

1. This Sunday, we are wrapping up our Sexual Revolution series with a message titled Great Sex! You will hear from both Tiffany and me.

2. March 7 is our 2-year anniversary of the CRAZY Campaign. Time flies by! Let's all pray about what God would have us give during the last year of CRAZY.

3. On March 14, we are kicking off a 3-week series called HUSH! This series is going to address our mouth and how important it is to our relationship with God and others. This is going to be a very impacting series.

4. I can't believe March 1st is Monday.

5. Whenever I speak out of state and still have to get ready for the weekend at People's Church, it makes for an unusually busy week.

6. I had a great time speaking at Southwestern University yesterday. It is located outside of Dallas, TX. I was impressed with some of their facilities.

7. Easter and the entire month of April are going to be awesome and have many creative elements.

8. Snow, cold, rain, sleet, ice: go away! Spring is almost here!

9. People's Church ministered to over 450 junior high & high school students this week. Great job to Chris, our Student Ministries Director, Juan, our Student Ministries Associate, and to all of the youth leaders. We must invest the Gospel into this great generation. Way to go, team! You are doing a super job!

10. Great Sex on Sunday! What does God have to say about this subject? Be there Sunday!

11. It is important to take your time to train and develop new employees on your church’s or company’s core values & DNA. This takes time and must be intentional.

12. Your church’s culture is different from other churches, and you need to make sure new hires understand the culture and the pace of your church.

13. God is putting together a great team at PC!

14. I'm so excited for the future!

15. Thanks again to Ed Young for the Sexual Revolution idea and to Ed Young & Chris Hodges for some of the content.

16. I can't wait for Sunday!