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Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. Another super good Sunday at People's Church.

2. God's presence was so evident during worship.

3. Our Worship Team is so gifted and anointed.

4. The volunteer appreciation video was very funny and very heartfelt.

5. Thank you, volunteers, for serving God and impacting lives!

6. The parking lot video is hilarious. I will show this on my blog sometime soon.

7. Tiffany and I watched last week’s American Idol on Saturday night, so we are all caught up.

8. Sunday's message went well. I really enjoy teaching on relationships. My wife means the world to me and so do my kids.

9. I've heard many testimonies from the Sexual Revolution series.

10. I said GET NAKED in my message yesterday. This is biblical, and if you missed the message you need to watch or listen to it at www.peopleschurch.tv

11. Be sure you plan out some date nights with your spouse. Don't hope to connect with your spouse; plan to connect with your spouse. Make it a priority.

12. Thank you, Tiffany, for shooting a video and sharing your thoughts about sex and marriage with PC. You are an incredible partner! I love doing life with you.

13. I told the church that I'm excited to share vision and what God is putting on my heart for People's Church on March 7. This is a must attend Sunday to get the inside scoop on what God has in store for PC.

14. Tiffany and I are addicted to baked potatoes. We had one on Friday.

15. It's such a privilege and honor to be the pastor of PC! It's unreal that I get to do this full-time! Thank you, Jesus!