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Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. It was a fun day teaching at People's Church. It's an honor to teach God's Word.

2. Whenever I take two Sundays off from teaching, my voice gets tired quicker when I return to teaching. By third experience, my voice was getting a little weary, but I made it through with no problem.

3. I taught about Complaining. This is a message that hit everyone at some level. Lord, help us not to whine but shine!

4. When I start finding fault with all I see, it's time to start looking for what's wrong with me. Complaining is a heart issue.

5. Lives were changed at People's Church.

6. This Sunday is the Super Bowl for churches. It's the most attended Sunday of the year. It's also the Sunday that many people will go to church if they are asked.

7. We pray for a missionary or strategic partner every week at People's Church, but yesterday, I told our church they are missionaries, and I'm praying for them to share their faith and invite their friends to People's Church for Easter.

8. Remember to be at church a little early for Easter so you don't miss the opening performance!

9. I need as many people as possible who attend the 10:30AM & 12PM experiences to attend the 9AM or 1:30PM experience on Easter! Let's make room for those who need to experience God's forgiveness!

10. My dad, little brother & sister drove up from Bowlegs, OK and attended the 12PM experience. They came to my family’s home for lunch, and Tiffany made us a superb lunch!

11. Two of my sons, my dad, my little brother and I went to see the OKC Thunder play the Trail Blazers. It was a good game, but my Thunder lost.

12. The Oklahoma Sooners women’s basketball team is doing well. Final Four bound!

13. The men's NCCA tourney is all messed up. I didn't get one team into the Final Four in my bracket! Now I know why they call it "Madness".

14. Who are you inviting to Easter? You can go to www.peopleschurch.tv and send an email invite to your friends and family. Also, follow me on Facebook, and we will be sending out invite cards as well.

15. I'm so pumped up for this week! It's a huge week!

16. We are praying and fasting today through Wednesday for lives to be changed on Easter. The church building is open for prayer on Monday thru Wednesday from 12PM to 1:30PM. Let's seek the Lord together for an incredible Easter!