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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Those Who Make Me Successful pt. 3

At People's Church, I have three people who directly report to me, and they are our Executive Directors. Our Executive Directors run the rest of the staff and the church. Today, I want you to hear from our Executive Director of Ministries, Troy Martin.

The past 15 years of ministry have been an amazing adventure. Over the years we have made a few transitions, and I have learned some very important lessons. I’d like to share a few nuggets on how to leave right and to start well.

Any transition should be a life-giving experience. The transitioning leader must keep a “big picture perspective.” The ministry of that church will continue, so it’s critical to not hinder it by making things difficult or working a personal agenda. You can control only one thing in the transition and that is YOUR attitude and actions. Leave right!

Arriving at a new place of leadership can be intimidating. If not careful, leaders can overcompensate by trying to force their influence by using a position or title to make things happen. Leaders have to remember that influence does not come overnight, but that it takes time. Here are a few insights to help you to gain influence and start well in a new place of ministry:

1. Get to know the key leaders in the church and/or in your specific area of leadership.

2. Learn the culture and core values. This doesn’t happen by reading it off the website. You must be intentional about observing the life of the church, asking a lot of questions and taking a lot of notes.

3. Don’t be a know-it-all! You have a lot of good ideas that you will be able to share in time, but for now, choose those moments wisely. Walk in humility!

4. Work hard!