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Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Highlights

1. I'm blown away by all of the lives Jesus is changing at People's Church!

2. Hearing the testimonies of how God is changing lives is so encouraging to me.

3. I shared with our church how we are focused on reaching people far from God.

4. I also shared how we are super focused on investing the Gospel into the lives of kids and teenagers.

5. I told PC that we will do anything short of sin to reach people who don't know Christ.

6. I told PC that we are not just called to minister to the already saved.

7. Less than 25 percent of the Oklahoma City metro area attends church. We must open our eyes because the field is ripe for harvest.

8. We are dreaming and preparing to launch more People's Churches across the state of Oklahoma.

9. We are dreaming about having a state-of-the-art youth facility to reach and train more teenagers to be warriors for God.

10. Thank you to all of you who committed to tithe for the first time in your lives. You are putting food in God's house.

11. Thank you to all of you who made a commitment to give over and above your tithe to the CRAZY Campaign. It's all about MORE changed lives.

12. When you put food in God's house, He will put food in your house.

13. I'm excited for our series HUSH. God is going to help us with our tongue. Our tongue is key to a successful and God-honoring life.

14. We had a nice, relaxing weekend at the Cooper home.

15. I miss football. Hurry up, August. :)

16. The OKC Thunder won their 38th game last night. GO Thunder!

17. We took the kids for a special treat at Braum's last night.

18. This is going to be a great week for you! Be positive and go for it!