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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Experience The Summer Of A Lifetime At People’s Church

Somewhere between falling asleep as a child clutching a basketball with dreams of being an MVP, and actually playing in a championship game, preparation happens. Success in any career requires preparation. Effective leadership in ministry is no different. It doesn’t happen automatically, but requires preparation. The effective leader first takes the time to be a student….to learn, to be stretched and to grow. One of the greatest learning environments to cultivate leadership skills is a thriving ministry. When you are immersed into its life and culture, you will gain invaluable practical experience. This experience builds upon book knowledge and classroom theory. An internship can help to serve this purpose. People’s Church is offering a summer internship that can help prepare you to be a CHAMPION for the Kingdom of God!

Why a summer internship at People’s Church?

*You will learn and grow as a leader.

*You will be developed through spiritual gift inventories and personalized growth plans.

*You will receive weekly leadership and ministry training from the staff of People’s Church.

*You will receive hands-on and practical ministry experience.

*You will get personalized coaching from one of the members of our staff.

*You will be exposed first-hand to the ministry philosophy, values, and practices of one of the fastest growing churches in America.

*You will leave the internship with some tools and insights that will increase your effectiveness for the Kingdom of God.

Email anita@peopleschurch.tv for more information and to receive an application packet.

Today’s blog is from Troy Martin, our Executive Director of Ministries at People’s Church.