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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Fundamental Flaw of Leadership

The Art Of Leadership is not something that comes natural for everyone, although some individuals are uniquely gifted to be more successful than others. The one thing that is certain for all leaders is the fact that in order to be successful they will have to over-come leadership flaws. Leadership flaws come in many shapes, forms and fashions. Just think of the leaders that you have worked for and imagine their flaws that caused you and your co-workers heartache. Imagine your own leadership flaws and the heartache that you might have caused others.

There are enough leadership flaws out there that we could fill up a book of flaws and fixes. In my opinion The Fundamental Flaw Of Leadership is not shooting straight with team members and not allowing them to know where they stand. Time and time again, leaders will talk about the ineptness of a team member or department, without talking to that team member or department head about those particular challenges. The even sadder fact is that when these employees are on the ropes and getting ready to be fired or moved to another department and don’t even see it coming.

Leaders have the responsibility of letting people know where they stand. If a person knows where they stand, they know what to fix. As a leader if you find yourself talking about the struggles a team member is having and they don’t know they are having those struggles… you need to look in the mirror, because you are not doing your job.

Again, if you are a leader and are not letting people know where they stand and not Keeping It Real… you are committing The Fundamental Flaw Of Leadership. Give your team member the one thing they need and that’s the right information. Information is not knowledge, however having the right information can lead to having the right knowledge.

What do you think? Is this The Fundamental Flaw Of Leadership? Have you seen this be problematic?

This was a great post by my good friend, Scott Williams at Big Is The New Small.