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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Get A Promotion

1. Get your work done in a timely fashion without your boss having to look over your shoulder.

2. Don't make your boss have to tell you to do something twice.

3. Don't make your supervisor have to follow up with you to make sure your assignments are getting done.

4. Don't just do what's expected of you; go the extra mile. Do more than is expected of you.

5. Be the person your supervisor can count on and depend on to produce high quality results.

6. Occasionally ask your boss how you can be a better asset to them and the company.

7. Work with a great attitude.

8. Get along with your boss and the other employees.

9. Lighten your supervisor’s load instead of increasing their load. Don't add extra stress to your supervisor by being an under-performer.

10. Make the company money with your great ideas and production.

11. Make yourself irreplaceable by making yourself replaceable. Train others to do your job well.

12. Make the goal more important than the role. Be willing to do whatever it takes to make the company a success.

13. Be a person of integrity. Be honest, humble, trustworthy and a team player.