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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Haymon Alexander

Today is a sad and joyful day. Today is the funeral of Haymon Alexander. Last week, Haymon died after a battle with Leukemia. Haymon and his wife Lora have been at People's Church since the very beginning days. Haymon will always have a very special place in my heart. Let me share some things about Haymon that inspired me.

1. Haymon had been married to his wife Lora for over 40 years.

2. Haymon and Lora were with us seven years ago back in the AMC Movie Theaters when we were meeting in a theater that sat 120 people and were running 40 to 60 people in attendance.

3. Haymon was the best greeter our church has ever had. We have great greeters, but Haymon topped the cake. When our church was smaller, Haymon hugged and greeted everybody. As the church grew, he still greeted as many people as he could. He was truly a difference maker.

4. Haymon always took time to talk to people at church. He loved everybody.

5. Haymon went the extra mile. He was passionate about making a difference.

6. Haymon loved People's Church. He believed in the vision and mission of the church. As a pastor, this is priceless.

7. In this consumerist church world we live in, where people shop for a church like buying a car and then trade it in every two years, Haymon put down roots at PC to help make a God-given vision come to pass.

8. Haymon didn't always like the style of music and the rapid growth and change of People's Church, but he laid aside insignificant things to focus on what really mattered. Haymon was Kingdom-minded, passionate about reaching the un-churched and was super committed to one local church.

9. Haymon was always inviting people to church. There are many people who attend PC today because Haymon invited them. I'm sure that many people will be in heaven one day because of Haymon's enthusiasm to talk about what God was doing at PC.

10. Haymon, tears are in my eyes as I finish this post. Thank you for your commitment to God, your family and the local church. My prayer is that God would give PC more Haymons, and that we will continue to aggressively reach this city for Christ! We will all miss you, Haymon, and I can't wait to party with you in heaven one day!