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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's Download

1. Teenage Love is in full effect! This miniseries is crucial to the future of our church.

2. We must reach teenagers and partner with parents in helping them raise their students.

3. This Sunday, I am wrapping up Teenage Love with a powerful message. God has laid some things on my heart that I can't wait to share with you. Be there! You football fans, be sure you drive back home from Stillwater and Dallas after the football games so that you don't miss this critical message.

4. Parents, way to bring your teenagers to Epic! It is very important for the spiritual life of your teenager that you have them involved in the youth ministry. It can't be optional. They need to connect with God and other students in a worship experience. Positive peer pressure is a great thing. You can't ever go wrong exposing your teenager to Jesus!

5. Teenagers, way to bring your friends to Epic! I'm praying that all of your friends and your entire school would be on fire for Jesus! Keep inviting your friends to Epic and watch God change their lives.

6. I am very passionate about kids and youth ministry! PC will always put a great deal of attention, time, money and staff towards our kids and teenagers. They deserve the best.

7. We had over 300 people in Epic this week, and there were several students who made commitments to Christ!

8. Invite some teenagers and their parents to church this Sunday as I conclude Teenage Love!

9. For Sunday, October 25, we are moving the experience schedule around. I will be speaking very early in the experiences, and some of the worship will be after I speak. Please be on time to church so that you can hear this message and allow God to build your faith.

10. On Sunday, October 25, I am teaching a message on miracles, and we are going to pray for God to do a miracle in your life. I'm already praying for God to show up in a big way! Next week, our staff and church will be fasting at least one meal and praying and believing God to do great things in your life. Come expecting a miracle on October 25! It's going to be a day of miracles!

11. On Sunday, October 25, invite everybody you know who needs a miracle! God is a miracle-working God, and He still does the impossible!

12. On Sunday, November 1, we will be baptizing people in all three experiences! Get signed up on Sunday and be obedient to the command of Christ! God will richly bless you!