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Friday, August 10, 2007

Random Thoughts

1. Today is my off day, and I'm excited to chill out today. My family has some fun things planned today.

2. This morning I woke up and my wife and 3 kids were all on the living room floor playing together. It was a precious sight to see.

3. Almost everyday when I come home from work, my two boys meet me at the garage door. Lately, they've actually been coming into the garage and meeting me right at the car door. That's a very cool feeling to have your kids pumped up to see you everyday.

4. I'm ready for football season. I have two fantasy football drafts next week.

5. I went on a date with my wife last night. We ate Mexican food. I haven't had Mexican in awhile, and it was awesome to feel my stomach bloated by all the chips, salsa and the fried Chimichanga.

6. I can't imagine life without following Jesus. My life would be a total wreck without Christ.

7. Bling Bling is helping so many people. Don't miss this weekend as we continue to learn how to fix our finances.

8. On Wednesday night, the fix your finances workshop was so crowded they had to put people in an overflow room. Way to go church family!

9. See you this weekend!