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Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's Okay To Be The Boss pt. 6

Solve Small Problems Before They Turn Into Big Problems

1. Solving a problem after it has already festered and grown large is so much more difficult than preventing that problem in the first place or solving it while it was still small.

2. After solving a performance problem that never had to become so urgent in the first place, the typical manager convinces himself that he definitely doesn't have any more time to do any more managing. The manager goes right back to his hands-off, under managing ways, awaiting the next unnecessary crisis, when he will spring into action once again.

3. In most cases, even long-standing problems will die away under the withering medicine of regular and consistent strong management.

4. It is never helpful to "name" a behavior if you are tying to get someone to change it. Instead, describe the behavior.

5. Always remind employees that rewards are not permanent but contingent on continued good performance.