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Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. My message preparation was tough this week. I had a hard time focusing. I think some of my problem was the fact that I haven't had a great night of sleep this week. The kids have had a rough week at night, which means Tiffany and I have had a rough week as well.

2. I finally got the message hammered out and to the office on late Thursday afternoon. I usually have it to the office by noon on Thursdays but not yesterday! As usual, I was ministered to in a great way as I studied. This message is going to speak deeply to your heart and to your friends’, neighbors’, family’s and co-workers’ hearts.

3. Recently, some pastors that I know have made some very bad decisions and have had to resign from the church where they were serving. It's reminded me that there is no substitute for integrity. There are no short cuts when it comes to character. I'm highly motivated to love God and love my family with great intensity.

4. Some people think I'm a weird freak about protecting my walk with God, my integrity and my family, but without that, I don't have a ministry. ACTUALLY, I am a WEIRD FREAK! I don't want to be NORMAL! Normal in our society is JACKED UP!

5. We still don't have baby number 4. I can't wait to see what this little guy looks like.

6. Our Director of Operations, Josh Brown, had a baby boy born into the world on Thursday morning. His name is Emmitt David Brown. CONGRATS, BROWN FAMILY! I love you guys!

7. Doing ministry by yourself is for the birds. I thank God constantly for the team that I get to do ministry with!

8. Today is my off day, and I'm excited! I need to rest my brain and my body!

9. See you Sunday! It's going to be a great time in God's presence!