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Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Update

1. I'm tired.

2. I say that a lot on Monday mornings.

3. I spoke in my friend’s church, Tommy Sparger, on Sunday. The church is called North Point Church and is located in Springfield, MO. It's a great church lead by an exceptional leader.

4. Shelby Johnson, our Care Director, spoke at People's Church on goodness. I know Shelby did a great job.

5. The NBA is coming to OKC this fall, and I'm pumped about it!

6. It's almost Fantasy Football time. Very excited!

7. My wife didn't have our fourth baby this weekend. I'm glad about that.

8. On Sunday, my little daughter started getting out of bed by herself. She has always called for mom or dad to come get her. She's becoming a big girl now.

9. Not only did she get out of bed by herself, she went to her brother’s room and screamed to wake them up. She was successful!

10. She got out of bed by herself this morning again! OH BOY!

11. I missed being at People's Church on Sunday.

12. I'm looking forward to speaking on the subject of faithfulness this coming up Sunday. JUICY FRUIT has been a great series!

13. I have a busy week ahead.

14. Make it a great Monday! It really is your choice.