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Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Update

1. The biggest thing that stuck out to me about yesterday's message was the statement that faithfulness is the great separator. Isn't that so true? Faithfulness separates the successful and those who fail, the responsible from the irresponsible, the mature from the immature, the commitment-driven from the emotion-driven and the spirit-led from the flesh led!

2. We are changing our experience times by 15 minutes. Our new experience times beginning August 3rd are 8:45AM, 10AM, 11:15AM & 12:30PM.

3. We changed the order of service this Sunday, and we are keeping it this way. We are now receiving God's tithe and our offerings after prayer time. From day one of the church, we have always worshipped God in our giving at the end of the experience. This little change really makes a big difference in the flow of the experience. I'm excited about it!

4. I watched the kids Saturday night, and my wife went out to eat with some girlfriends. I know my hardworking wife needs a break and needs to connect with other ladies without the kids.

5. I read lots of books to the kids, played with them on the floor, chased them around the house and played hide-n-seek with them. Love those precious kids!

6. I grilled out brats this weekend, and then, I ate the leftover brats for lunch on Sunday after church. Mighty tasty!

7. My take away from this Sunday's message was that I want to remain faithful to God, my family and my calling! Faithfulness is so key to a spirit-led life!

8. Folks, start the week off right by reading God's Word, praying, worshipping and allowing God to develop the fruit of the spirit in your life. It will make all the difference in your life!