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Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

1. Still no Cooper baby! We are anticipating the arrival of Case any day now! YEA!

2. My wife and I got to go on another date night before the new baby arrives.

3. I am growing closer to God through the Juicy Fruit series.

4. After church, I took my two boys to see Wall-E at the movies. We had a great time together!

5. Tons of people gave their hearts to Christ on Sunday!

6. I have some really bad news to announce to you. We only had 8 parking spaces available in our 11AM experience! This is not a good thing! We don't want our guests to have a hard time finding a parking space!

7. The positive side of this is we are growing in the summer time. We were over 20 percent bigger than the same Sunday last year.

8. Another positive thing is we are changing our experience times by 15 minutes on August 3rd. We need at least 50 of you who attend the 11AM experience to move to the 10AM experience August 3rd. Our new experience times beginning August 3rd are 8:45AM, 10AM, 11:15AM & 12:30PM.

9. The last positive thing is we are adding more parking very soon. We are also building our new 42,000 square foot facility so that we can continue to reach many more people with the good news of Jesus Christ! We are in the process of solving our space problem! THANK YOU, JESUS!

10. Don't miss this Sunday! I have a huge announcement! I mean really, really BIG! It's not quite as big and us adding 42,000 square feet, but it's ALMOST as big. Trust me, you don't want to miss this coming up Sunday. I'm going to let the cat out of the bag! It's big folks, I MEAN REALLY BIG!