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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday Mind Download

1. The speaker at the pastor's meeting I attended yesterday afternoon was very good and inspiring.

2. The message that I'm preparing for Sunday on faithfulness is about 50 percent done.

3. One of my hardest jobs as a leader is building an all-star team around me.

4. One of my greatest payoffs is building an all-star team around me.

5. I'm reading a book called It's Ok To Be The Boss. It's a great book on how there is an epidemic of under management. I may blog some things that I have taken away from this book in a week or so.

6. One thing that I have disagreed with in this book is that you can't be friends with those you lead. It definitely is challenging, but I personally believe you can be a boss, pastor, mentor, coach and friend all at the same time.