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Friday, August 1, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. This Sunday we are beginning a brand new series called The Perfect Storm. You can check out the 30 second promo video for this series below. Invite a friend or family to church this Sunday. JESUS CHANGES LIVES!

2. Beginning on Sunday our new experience times are 8:45AM, 10AM, 11:15AM & 12:30PM.

3. This week we began the NEW normal in the Cooper home. We now have four precious kiddos.

4. My wife is so graceful with four kids. She makes it look so easy. Tiffany, you are a great mom to our kids and a super wife to me. I LOVE YOU!

5. My friend and one of the key mentors who speaks into my life just released his fourth book called "IT". Craig Groeschel is one of the best leaders on the planet and is just a down right super great guy. You can order the book here.

6. On August 31, we are beginning a series called Roommates, Bad Dates & Great Mates. Going to be a HOT, HOT, I mean RED HOT SERIES!

7. Ignite, the new college & 20 somethings experience is beginning on August 24 @ 6 PM @ People's Church! GET READY FOLKS!

8. Somebody's life is going to be changed forever this Sunday, and I'm excited about it.

9. I love what I get to do! Sometimes, I can't believe that I'm living my dream. I absolutely love my calling to pastor and teach God's Word!