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Friday, August 8, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. Brett Favre traded to the Jets! WHAT were the Packers thinking! HELLO!

2. I think Oklahoma City's new NBA team name will be Thunder.

3. I will be having several drafts for my fantasy football leagues. Yes, that's right, I play in several leagues. Love it!

4. We are going on a family date today!

5. Today is my off day. YEA!

6. Tonight at 7 PM is the married couple's connect at the church. Don't miss out on meeting some other couples at PC!

7. The construction crew was working like CRAZY on our new 42,000 square foot facility. They will have drilled 90 piers this week.

8. The foundation will be poured soon and right after that the steel will be coming up. More lives will be changed forever!

9. On Sunday, I will be continuing our series called The Perfect Storm. Don't you dare miss this teaching. God is going to help us navigate the storms!

10. Tiffany is catching up on sleep this morning, and I'm watching the kiddos!

11. God is good, and life is awesome! Make it a GREAT weekend!