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Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Thoughts

1. The weeks seem to fly by.

2. College football started last night and the rest of the teams kick off on Saturday. GO SOONERS!

3. They got a lot of work done this week on our 42,000 square foot addition. YEA!

4. I'm really excited about the Room Mates, Bad Dates & Great Mates series kicking off this Sunday. This is going to be the hottest series of the year. Don't you dare miss it!

5. Our student ministry is starting a red hot series this coming up Wednesday night called Got Sex. If I had a teenage student, I would MAKE them attend all four weeks of this series. Our society is cramming sex down our student’s throats and they need to hear what the Bible says about the gift of sex. Seriously parents, make sure your student is at Epic the next four weeks.

6. College & 20 somethings, don't miss Ignite this Sunday night at 6pm. This experience is designed with you in mind.

7. College & 20 somethings, Sunday night September 7 is bIGNITE! Immediately following the Ignite worship experience we are feeding you FREE pizza and drinks. There is nothing like free food when you're in college. Invite tons of your friends and let's watch God rock student’s lives!

8. I love that our church is diversified and unified at the same time! Go God!

9. I had another fantasy football draft on Wednesday night. I drafted online from my home. I know, I'm a fantasy football junkie and I'm proud of it.

10. You've probably have figured out my hobbies by now: My family, Starbucks coffee, my family, working out, my family, fantasy football and my family!! That's it folks! Pretty simple guy!