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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Stop Begging People To Volunteer

There is nothing worse than a pastor begging like Keith Sweat. Some of you are saying, "Who in the world is Keith Sweat?" He was an R & B singer who was known for BEGGING! Pastors, we are not called to beg. We are called to cast a compelling vision. Begging people to volunteer in ministry never works (long-term). You may guilt trip someone into serving, but they won't be passionate about it because they signed up for all the wrong reasons. Their motivation was the fact that you begged and pleaded about a certain need in the church. If you brow beat, holler at, complain, nag and beg your congregation to volunteer, none of them will serve joyfully (long-term). It just doesn't work. We must teach God's people to have servants’ hearts. We have to help people see how their serving plays a huge roll in advancing the vision. We have to help them see how their serving is helping the church see more changed lives. Vision casting not begging is what causes people to volunteer! NO MORE KEITH SWEAT!