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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Preaching Is The Easy Part pt. 3

The Leadership Intensity

If you would have talked to me about the importance of leadership in the local church fifteen years ago, I would have said that it's not that big of a deal. I probably would have said, “Who cares about having good leadership, the key to an effective ministry is prayer, fasting, integrity, studying and preaching.” Although the list I just mentioned are the most important things for a ministry to be effective, there is a leadership side that is also required.

1. Leading a church

2. Leading people spiritually

3. Leading by example

4. Hiring staff

5. Letting go of staff

6. Developing staff

7. Recruiting and developing volunteers

8. Handling conflict

9. Making tough decisions

10. Taking calculated risks

11. Growing yourself

12. Dealing with difficult people

13. Criticism

14. Having vision for the future

Leadership is a vital part of what I do. I'm absolutely thrilled that God has called me to be a servant leader, but there are times the leadership is so intense that I feel like preaching is the easy part!