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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Update

1. It was a nice long weekend with the family!

2. On Monday, the family and I went to I-HOP for breakfast! YUMMY! Then, we went to a store and let the kids look at toys. They loved that!

3. On Sunday, our Student Ministries/College & 20 Somethings Director kicked off our Room Mates, Bad Dates & Great Mates series. Chris did an outstanding job. Chris is a very good communicator! We were all challenged, and hopefully, we were all changed!

4. Our attendance was down because of the holiday. That's normal for us at PC.

5. 26 people gave their lives to Christ on Labor Day weekend! Thank you, Jesus!

6. I love looking at the stage during worship and seeing one of my closest friends in the world leading us in worship. I love Brian Rush like a brother. Brian and his wife Alicia have been on this church planting journey with Tiffany and me since day one. That's priceless!

7. Josh Brown, our Director of Operations, is hammering all of us with little details so that we can improve our weekend experiences. I'm so glad to have detailed people around me. We must have the best Sunday experiences possible because people's eternity is hanging in the balance EVERY Sunday!

8. I'm pumped to speak this coming up Sunday on the subject of Things You Should Consider Before You Say I Do. Invite every single person you know to church this Sunday. Parents, grandparents and future parents do not miss this message because I want to equip you to help your kids, grandkids and future kids. God is going to do a great work.

9. IGNITE, our College and 20 Somethings experience, is having a bIGNITE this coming Sunday at 6PM. FREE PIZZA and lots of fun will follow the experience.

10. Have a great Tuesday!