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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busy Week For Me

This morning, I am attending a pastors meeting with pastors from around the area. I know I will enjoy connecting with other pastors and sharpening one another. This afternoon, I have a meeting with our Executive Team and then a meeting with our Leadership Team.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I will be studying like crazy. I have lots of preparation to do this week. I am speaking to some of our leaders at PC on Friday night. We are going to eat dessert together, fellowship and I will be casting vision. I love these times with our leaders. On Saturday, I'm speaking two times at a friend’s church who lives in the state of Oklahoma. This friend has been very instrumental in my leadership development, and I'm really excited to speak for him. On Sunday, I am speaking at PC four times. On Sunday afternoon, I'm going to PASS out in my recliner and watch football!

Going to be a busy but GREAT week!