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Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Random Thoughts

1. On Monday, I went with a pastor friend of mine to the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles football game. To say the least, it was a great game. It was action-packed from start to finish. It was my first Dallas Cowboys game, but it won't be my last.

2. This Sunday, I'm teaching a message called How To Have An Affair. Don't you dare miss this message. Invite a friend to church.

3. They have poured almost all of the slab for our new facility. The STEEL starts going up next week! Exciting stuff!

4. If you want God to rock your marriage or future marriage in a good way, don't miss church this Sunday!

5. I did an interview for my friend Craig Groeschel yesterday for a DVD that he is going to be releasing about IT. If you haven't read the book, IT, you need to. It inspired me and our team to new heights. Craig is stinking funny in the book as well. I laughed out loud several times.

6. My fantasy football teams went 5-1 last week. The only problem is I lost in the same league again, so I'm 0-2 in one league and 2-0 in the other 5. I need a turn around.

7. I'm so excited about the future of PC. Our best days are definitely ahead of us! Get ready for a wild ride PC!

8. My Oklahoma Sooners have a bye week this Saturday. Get rested up boys!

9. I'm going to enjoy a great day with my family. Be sure you spend some quality time with your family. PEACE!