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Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Two Sons

Yesterday when I got home from work, we ate dinner as a family around the dinner table. After dinner, I took my two sons, Cale and Cade, to the park. We had a blast. The boys enjoyed sliding down the slides. I can't believe how big Cale is getting. In the fall, when we would go to the park, he couldn't climb on most of the stuff. I would have to assist him. Now he's climbing on almost everything by himself. He's a big boy now. My kids are growing up way too fast. The boys also like me to push them in these big swings. They can actually lay in the swings, and I buckle them up and then push them high into the air. They just laugh and laugh and laugh. Cale said his favorite thing at the park was the swings. We also sat in a rock sand box and threw rocks. Cade even put the rocks on his head. I'm not sure what he was trying to build on his head, but for whatever reason he thought it was cool to put the rocks on his head.

As I was playing with my boys on a windy day at the park, I looked into the sky and thought, what a blessed man I am! I have an incredible wife who is my best friend on the planet. I fall more in love with her everyday. She amazes me. She takes my breath away. She's the best. I have three healthy kids who bring so much joy to my life. Being a father is better than I ever dreamed it could be. Words can't express how much I love my kids. I have the peace and joy of the Lord in my heart. There's no greater satisfaction than knowing that I know and live for the Creator of the entire universe. God knows me by name. WOW! I pastor the greatest church in the world. What the Lord has done at People's Church in 4 years is unbelievable. I have the most talented, loving and loyal staff that I have the privilege to work with everyday. I AM SO BLESSED! God has been so good to me. Honestly, God has been better to me than I deserve. I'm actually crying as I write this. I'm crying tears of joy, because I get to serve and enjoy the blessings of a loving God. All I can say to God is THANK YOU! THANK YOU for being so good to me! Thank you for all of your blessings!

Today, would you take a few moments to count your blessings? We all encounter trials, storms, and problems but God is so good! For the next 30 seconds, reflect on God's goodness to you and thank Him for his love and faithfulness to you. HE'S WORTHY!