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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Leadership Lessons Pt. 5

15. Make your family a top priority. I refuse to put ministry ahead of my family. I've learned that some people say they want me to put my family before the church. In reality, they want me to do what they want more than they want my family to be healthy and a top priority in my life. I will not sacrifice my wife and kids for ministry or people. My number one calling after following Christ is to nurture and love my wife and then my kids. I'm thoroughly convinced that God will build His church, so I'm going to take care of my family and let God do His thing! You be sure to do the same thing!

16. Live a life of balance. I work hard, but I like to play hard and rest hard. There has to be balance in your life. Every year, I learn how much I can push myself without burning out. I realize I have to take a day off every week (actually that's God's idea). 90 percent of the time, I do just that. Friday is my day to relax and spend with my family. I realize I can't speak 5 services every weekend for 52 weekends out of the year. Well, I could, but I would have to retire after 2 or 3 years of that grueling schedule. So I only speak 38 to 44 times a year (this year, I think I'll speak or lead all 5 weekend services 44 times). That's still a lot of speaking. This year, I'll speak 220 times. So I've learned for me to be at my very best, I have to rest. I have to take weekends off. I don't want to speak because I have to; I want to speak because I have to (you'll figure that last sentence out after you think about it awhile). I want to encourage you to take breaks. Don't burnout; instead live a life of balance.

17. LOVE GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART. Don't let ministry and people pull you away from your relationship with Christ. Continue to fall in love with Jesus! Jesus is still the best thing that's ever happened to me! I Love God with my entire life. GOD, YOU'RE STILL MY ALL AND ALL! I LOVE YOU!