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Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. I am now on Facebook. Go to www.facebook.com, search for Herbert Cooper and sign up to be my friend.

2. On Friday, we had a great family day. We took the kids to the indoor play place. The kids played on the play land, painted and did some other fun stuff. They had a blast.

3. We went on a family date night afterwards. We had a good meal together.

4. On Saturday, I took Cale and Cade to a football camp. They didn't participate in the camp, but they did enjoy throwing the football with dad and watching the kids and professional athletes.

5. Several NFL players were at the camp working with the students. Some of the athletes present were Mark Clayton, Reggie Smith, Larry Foote, Cato Jones and there were several others.

6. On Saturday night, Tiffany and I went to the Desmond Mason art show. Desmond plays basketball for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is a great artist. I was very impressed with his work.

7. After the art show, I took my wife out for some dessert. We had a fun night.

8. Sunday was a very good day at church.

9. The song Moving Forward was really good. This was our second time singing it, and I thought it really connected with the church. The words to the song are very powerful.

10. I thought the message went really well. I believe God used the Imagine series to prepare many hearts for all the great things God has in store for PC as we move into the new building.

11. It was different not having our old office space. I usually go get hot tea for my voice in between experiences. I had to go to a different room due to the fact that we moved our offices to the new facility last week.

12. During the song Falling In Love With Jesus, Andre tore it up on the Hammond B 3 organ. Awesome!

13. I made the BIG announcement! We will be moving into our new auditorium on May 3. Exciting stuff! We are trying to get into our new auditorium ASAP because we still have to remodel the existing building. Of course, we can't really start remodeling a great portion of the existing building until we move into the new building. My guess is that when we move into the new auditorium on May 3 it will be around 90 to 95 percent complete. It's going to be a wild, fun and off-the-hook summer for PC!

14. We are kicking off a phenomenal series on Easter called The Ultimate Fighter!

15. We need many of the PC family to attend the Saturday 5PM experience on Sunday! If you can't attend the Saturday experience, please attend the 1:45PM experience or the 8:45AM experience on Sunday. Thank you, PC, for freeing up seats and kids’ space for all the guests who will be attending church with us on EASTER weekend!

16. Invite, invite, invite everybody you know to church for Easter! Go to www.peopleschurch.tv and send an Email Invite Card to your friends and family who live in the Oklahoma City metro area.

17. Pray and fast for God to do a mighty work in the lives of people on Easter!