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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Assistant

Today, our new assistant begins her new role. Tiffany and I are very excited to have Jessica serving in the role of our assistant. Here are some reasons we are pumped to have Jessica on board:

1. Jessica and her husband are committed followers of Christ.

2. She and her husband are sold out to the vision of People's Church.

3. They are not just sold out with words but with actions. They serve in the kids’ ministry, lead a Community Group, tithe and give offerings to the Crazy Campaign. They are committed to advancing the vision of PC.

4. They have a great marriage.

5. Jessica is an extremely hard worker.

6. She is self-motivated.

7. She has great integrity.

8. She has a servant's heart and is eager to lighten our load.

9. She is teachable and eager to learn.

10. She has great people skills and communication skills.

11. She is very organized and administrative.

12. My wife really likes her, and that's big for me.

Jessica, welcome to the team and get ready for the ride of your life. PC is in an intense, fun and CRAZY season of ministry!