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Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday's Download

1. This is the last Sunday in our current facility.

2. There is still a lot of work to get done before our first experience in the new 44,000 square foot facility.

3. No, not everything will be done on May 3 when we have our first experience in the new auditorium.

4. Yes, we are going to celebrate God's goodness on May 3. God has been good to PC!

5. Yes, I am pumped up about this new tool!

6. This new addition is all about MORE life change!

7. This last Sunday in our current facility is a historic Sunday. Don't you dare miss it!

8. I am excited to see all of the great things God does through The Ultimate Fighter series.

9. We are making a huge announcement on Sunday! You don't want to miss it! It will be the FIRST time this has EVER happened in the history of the church. I mean this is BIG time stuff! I mean SUPER BIG time! Don't you miss this historic announcement!

10. My staff is working their flesh off their bones. Staff, this is an intense time, and I appreciate all of your hard work. It's going to be worth it all when we see thousands of lives transformed by the power of Christ! We are almost finished! Thanks team!

11. Our executive team made a very critical decision this week.

12. Today is my day off and I'm glad. I'm ready to veg out with the family.

13. Jessica, my new assistant, is learning quickly. She is going to be a superstar assistant. Tiffany and I are glad to have her on the team.

14. Josh and Brian, my top two leaders at PC, are Superstar leaders!

15. Our youth ministry is CRANKING! I can't wait to see all of the wonderful things God does in the youth of OKC!

16. Our Admin team is really clicking and sharp! Very proud of this team.

17. Tiffany and I finished season 4 of 24 last night. We love this show.

18. Next week is going to be a crazy busy week. I'm preparing myself mentally for it.