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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4 Things I Would Tell A Pastor Trying To Turn Around An Existing Church

1. Take your time: Don't get yourself in trouble by listening to us crazy church planters. Because we started our churches, we can move at the speed of light. We don't have years of tradition and power struggles to navigate through. Please be careful not to compare your situation to a church plant because it's not one. Take your time and.......

2. Gain influence: Figure out who has the influence and power in the church. Build a strong relationship with the influencers. Listen to their hearts, struggles, pain and learn the history of the church. As you're building a relationship with the influencers begin to share your vision with them. Help the influencers buy into the vision by allowing them to ask questions and give input. Once the influencers buy into the vision, begin to cast the vision to the entire congregation.

3. Love people: The people in the church need to know that you love them. They need to know that you have God's and their best interests in mind. Be a loving shepherd by feeding, loving and caring for the flock.

4. Lovingly and prayerfully deal with any troublemakers: As you take your time, build relationships with key influencers and love the fire out of people. Also, be sure to identify people who are troublemakers and just won't support any pastor. These people are “pastor eaters.” For every pastor that comes to the church, the “pastor eaters” have controlled them and ultimately ran off the pastor. Allow God to give you wisdom and a strategy to deal with the troublemakers.