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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Effective Altar Calls

When I was a full-time evangelist, I always gave an altar call. On Easter Sunday, I will give an altar call. As a matter of fact, every Sunday at PC I give an altar call. I love seeing men and woman surrender their lives to Christ. Let me share some things I've learned about giving an effective altar call.

1. Be clear and specific. Be sure that you explain to the audience what you are asking them to do. It's easy for us preachers to forget that some people in the audience may not know what we are talking about. If you say, "Is there anybody here that wants to be saved," there may be some who don't have any idea what you're talking about. They may be thinking, "Saved from what?" "Do you mean saved from the recession?" We must take time to explain to people that we are asking them to give their lives to Christ. They must understand that we are asking them to place their faith and trust in what Christ did for us on Calvary. We have to be clear and specific.

More tomorrow!