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Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday's Download

1. It has been a great week!

2. I went on a date with my wife last night. I fall more in love with her every day. She understands me so well. She loves me unconditionally. She is my best friend.

3. Tiffany and I hired a very sharp personal assistant this week. We are very excited to get a load taken off our plate.

4. We moved our offices to the new building this week. It's great for our staff to have so much more room. I'm so honored to have such a dedicated team who works along side me. Enjoy all the space team!

5. THE DATE WE ARE MOVING INTO THE NEW AUDITORIUM IS...................Be at church on Sunday to find out!! I'm PUMPED!

6. Josh Brown, one of the executives at PC, is doing a fabulous job on building the new facility. Church, be sure to let him know how much you appreciate him. He is such a blessing to us!

7. The Ultimate Fighter series is kicking off on EASTER! I'm really excited about this series!

8. On Easter weekend, we need as many of you as possible to attend the Saturday 5PM experience! We are going to have a ton of guests on Easter Sunday! God is going to do a great work!

9. This Sunday, we need as many of you as possible to attend the 8:45AM experience. Thank you, church!

10. This Sunday, I'm preaching a message titled IMAGINE A Church For Everybody. Don't miss Sunday!

11. This Sunday, we are receiving a special CRAZY Campaign offering. God has CRAZY things in store for PC!

12. Invite, invite, invite your un-churched friends and family to church. I'm praying for many people to come to Christ during this Easter season!

13. Cale, my oldest son, is out of school today. We are hanging out as a family. I love my off day, and I love to hang out with my family.