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Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Highlights

1. We had a blast at church on Sunday!

2. If you missed church on Sunday, you missed all the fun! People laughed and laughed and laughed. Laughter is like medicine to the soul. It's awesome that we can laugh in church.

3. I didn't realize how funny the construction video would be. I thought it would be kind of funny, but people erupted in laughter about the men's bathroom.

4. Brian's video was so hilarious. I laughed when I saw it during the week. I laughed all four experiences. That was such a classic video. LOVED IT!

5. There were tons of people who signed up to get involved and serve in a ministry. Way to GO! I am so pumped that you are going to use your talents to advance the Kingdom of God! SUPER AWESOME!

6. Thank you to all of you who have been serving faithfully over the months and years at PC. Our church couldn't do all that we do without you wonderful people. THANK YOU!

7. I didn't leave the house even one time on Friday or Saturday. Let me tell you something that will really gross you out. I didn't brush my teeth all day until I got ready to go to bed. I know, GROSS! Our family picked up the sick junk from some of Tiffany's family in Nebraska. Case passed the cold to Tiffany, and I think Tiffany passed it on to me! I'm feeling much better now, and yes, my breath smells better.

8. I want to say thank you to some kind and caring people at PC. People have been concerned about me being so tired and fighting sickness lately.

9. This is one of those tiring seasons that I knew was coming. I have been without a personal assistant for the last four months. Also, I have pretty much been without one of my right hand executives, Josh Brown, who normally carries a huge load at PC. During this building season, Josh's main focus has been on the new 44,000 square foot addition. He is the general contractor and the superintendent. I'll be glad to have Josh back in a couple of months after the new building is finished and the existing building is remodeled.

10. On the sickness thing: Allergies have torn me up over the last month. Also, my family keeps getting and passing around the cold junk. Four little kids can make this a difficult chore. Thank you, Jesus, for touching my family with your healing power!

11. Thanks again for caring about me and for praying for my family and me. We appreciate the prayers!

12. Many people gave their lives to Christ yesterday and last week when Chris preached. Yea, GOD!

13. We are not going to move into our new auditorium on Easter. I will be announcing the new move in date this Sunday, April 5. I’m VERY EXITED about all that God is going to do through this new tool!

14. We are adding two experiences Easter weekend. Yes, we are having six experiences Easter weekend so that we can accommodate all the people who will be worshipping at PC. Experience times are: Saturday at 5PM (Easter only) and Sunday at 8:45AM, 10AM, 11:15AM, 12:30PM and 1:45PM (Easter only).

15. On Easter, we need as MANY regular attendees as possible to attend the Saturday 5PM experience. If you can't attend the Saturday experience, please attend the 1:45PM. If for some crazy reason you can't attend the Saturday 5PM or the Sunday 1:45PM, please attend the Sunday 8:45AM experience. We need to free up as many seats and kids' space as possible for all those seeking a relationship with Christ. EASTER IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

16. Invite, invite, invite, invite, invite everyone you know who doesn't attend church to PC this Sunday and on Easter!

17. The Ultimate Fighter is beginning EASTER WEEKEND! OH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

18. My Oklahoma Sooners got spanked by North Carolina! Bummer!

19. My wife and I watched three episodes of 24 last night. We are still in season 3.

20. God is GOOD!